Samsung Galaxy Retail Supply Chain Management

Samsung Galaxy Retail Supply Chain Management


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Samsung Galaxy 7 is a brand of mobile phones that has a range of features that are admirable by the market today. While there are many companies producing the cell phones, Samsung Galaxy 7 stands out with a competitive advantage given the commitment to satisfy its customers. (Ellmeier, 2009, p. 90). The company has devised strategies that have worked in its favor in order to access a large market share around the globe. The first principle is the product. The company offers various kinds of phones which come into the market in the form of a series. The implication of this is that the advancement in technology is divided into phases and the company incorporates the changes by releasing a higher series to the customers. For instance, Samsung Galaxy 7 phones have a reliable battery to sustain the many applications that are embedded in the devices. (Autore, 2015, p. 55) Due the complexity of the features, the company stakeholders have developed support centers to assist users I operation. More so, the variety of the models in the company gives a range of customers the ability to own the phones because they are offered at different prices. One of the features that Samsung Galaxy 7 uses to cut out an edge is the curved screen which was launched in the recent past. Samsung products are water proof and they can resist the effects of dust. The smart phones are user friendly because the market today has embraced the use of android specifications. (Ashby, 2014, p. 84)
The next principle is the price. This factor is quite competitive in relation to the quality that the mobile phones carry. The issue of price is what determines whether consumers will acquire the product or will ignore it. Despite offering a high degree of product quality, the company has an affordable price tag that does not oppress the consumers. The most vital tool in the pricing strategy is the ability to lower the prices after launching them. As the year advances, the prices gradually get low as the product gets absorbed into the market. The skimming strategy works best for the Samsung Galaxy 7 Company especially for the top most gadgets. This is normally undertaken by selling the products at very high prices before other pirates can emulate them. Once the maximum revenue has been achieved, the company can reduce the prices to eliminate the pirates. (Autore, 2007, p. 223)
The principle of place comes in as the third strategy. This refers to the distribution of the product to the consumers. The channels and movement logistics of the product constitute this principle. The dynamics of the world today gives a wide range of the channels owing to the technological inventions. In this case, Samsung Galaxy 7 utilizes both the internet and the manual distribution channels. As a matter of fact, the online market has really grown owing to the invention of several social media platforms. The company also has different agents who supply the mobile phones to the dealers. Just like many companies are doing, Samsung Galaxy 7 has its own Website whereby they advertise and sell products at reduced costs. The company website can be accessed when customers log into their portal to study the products specifications. Lastly, some agents avail the Samsung Galaxy 7 products to other companies that practice e-commerce. (Das, 2009, p. 45)

The last principle is promotion which entirely refers to the efforts by the company to make the products known to the customers. The efforts include advertisements which are carried out in the media and also on the internet. This principle is dubbed as the most interesting among the four. For instance, the company intends to make a ground breaking launch of a new phone whose intensity can only be compared to that of Apple. (Agrawal, 2015, p. 9) Samsung Galaxy 7 employs print majorly, where they communicate the phone specifications in magazines and newspapers.  In addition, the company subscribes to Youtube and it has thousands of followers on the site. Youtube streams the demonstrations that consumers need in the operation of the new appliances. Apparently, Samsung Galaxy 7and Apple are in a stiff competition for highest market share. Consequently, Samsung Galaxy 7 reserves a lot of money in its budget on advertisements. (Butler, 2011, p. 67). The company’s objective in promotion is to meet a large customer base through the use of instruments such as websites and the coupon codes. Another objective is to empower customers through the internet and the print media by giving information that is vital in the use of the phones.
The table below shows the objectives to be achieved in marketing of the Samsung Galaxy 7 mobiles:
Meet the largest customer base across the world in order to make large sales volumes
Phone applications, coupon codes, creation of company websites
$20,000 (Phone application and coupon code)
$30,000Company Websites
Provision of information to the consumers as a tool to empower them on the usage of the mobile phones.
The internet, print media e.g. magazines and youtube

$TOTAL: $70,000


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