Curriculum of Accounting and Financial Management

Curriculum of Accounting and Financial Management


Describe about the Curriculum of Accounting and Financial Management.


Executive Summary:

This article is to emphasize on the curriculum of accounting and financial management with the sample of Domino’s Pizza to enable us forecasting of future revenue and profit of the company. . The company is spreading over globally with its state of the art technology and distribution network. The company is emerging as a substantial profit making concern to justify its existence in the retail chain market of food industries in the segment of fast food. The trend analysis of this company is showing good rate of revenue generation with profit making.  The considered financial positions are of the financial statements of 2014 to 2016. By making the analysis of those figures through the instruments of vertical and horizontal analysis along with ratio analysis for income statement and balance sheet, the latest trend of the company can be derived with an eye to the future prospect of the company (Prnewswire, 2015). 
The analysis showed the positive impact on all items for the period except reserves with negative impact for 2014-15.Revenue trend in on increased note with 0.2 at 2014 and reached the level of 0.5 in 2016. The respective analysis is being helpful for understanding the trend of the business of this company so far its future prospect is concerned.


DPE Ltd or Domino’s Pizza Ltd is maintaining its dominancy in the retail food business in New Zealand and Australia through the brand name of Domino’s Pizza. This company has adopted the diversified strategy of distribution through company owned outlets and franchised outlets. The domain in which the company operates is called Quick Service Restaurant or QSR (Ibisworld, 2016).
In this analytical article, main importance had been given on accounting and financial management. The main objective of this article is to reach a position from where the projection of future business prospect of DPE Ltd can be made. For this purpose historical data are considered related to financial reports. The financial reports normally considerable for the purpose are income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements of the company for last three years. There are financial tools which can clearly indicate the way to derive the accomplishment of coveted objective. They are known as horizontal analysis, vertical analysis and ratio analysis with comparative analysis over historical periods. Horizontal analysis is giving direction to derive the trend of individual items of financial statements by comparing historical figures. Vertical analysis is done with comparison to fixed parameter of total assets incase of balance sheet and total revenue of income statement for other elements. The ratio analysis is mainly helpful for investors. All these analyses fall under management accounting which is mainly depending upon the figures of financial statements with derivation of trend and future prospect of the business of the company (chung, 2015).

As these instruments are applicable in practical field of finance and accounts, the students should have a clear idea of the same to be successful in their professional life. Trend analysis is derived from the analyses of vertical, horizontal and ratio analysis and the same can guide for the objective of finding the future prospect of the company (Fox, 2013).


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