Requirements Document

Requirements Document
Listing of social sites for news and trending topics
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The Faadoo group is considering the addition of a news section on its website. A study is required to better understand how news is shared on social media platforms and how hash tags (#tag) and similar trending notification mediums are used in social media practices.
There is a clear trend that shows people are consuming news from social media sides, and then sharing these feeds of particular news genres with others in their social networks. People associated with the tech world follow news on gadgets, technology news, Innovation, apps and startups. For instance, people are able to follow politics; local city news; track their investments and so forth. People working in the finance world fare inclined to follow news specific to stocks, IPO, companies, business changes etc.
The client wishes to conduct a study on the role social sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn play in sharing news items which are tagged with a #tag or other such mediums in order to determine trending patterns within these networks.
The project scope includes the following:
• Conduct market research on all leading social networks and the various methods of tags to determine trending patterns
• Analyze which networks rank higher than competing sources in sharing news items or using #tags or similar methods
• List leading social networks and their APIs for checking #tags
• Identify popular social networks in various geographical locations and local languages
This is an ES business project for a group of enterprise systems professionals to be completed within a 12-week time frame. The client will assign a project supervisor, to whom the group will liaise on a regular fortnightly basis, informing the supervisor of the progress in achieving the project milestones. The following is a detailed description of what will be required from the project team.
The project group will create a listing of all the social networks and appropriate functionalities available to determine trending patterns. These could be: feeds, API or subscriptions. The Social networks to consider include: Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, MySpace, Bebo, Xing, Renren, Disqus, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest etc.
Listing -
• List the major social networks, sources and websites available globally
• List of trends’ feeds available for networks such as Twitter in the USA or Canada
• Sort these listings into the following headings: popularity, geographies and languages
• List social networks and providing API feeds to track tags or trending patterns
• Identify Social networks, API descriptions, API like feeds, for example, author etc.
• Identify terms and conditions for commercial use in Social Networks specific APIs
• Identify the process to pick up non tagged popular keywords
Analysis -
• Analysis of the #tagging and the key trends if any
• Analysis of usage of some of the non-tagged keywords
At the end of the project, the group should provide the following:
• Produce a consolidated business report covering all aspects of the listing and analysis undertaken
• Produce a detailed listing either on an excel spread sheet or a similar medium where the data can be evaluated comprehensively
• Produce a PowerPoint presentation detailing the analysis undertaken and the subsequent recommendations
Constrains if any

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Time constraints: Should be completed within the time frame
Participants: A maximum team size of 3 people should work on the project
Work Experience: Prior work experience in any business project is welcome, but not compulsory
Communication plan
• The provision of a weekly project update to the project manager is required.
End user Documentation
• There is no end user documentation outside of the project report and presentation.
• The project group needs to provide a listing of the references used while developing the project.

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