Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration
Financial Decision Making
Group Assignment Semester 1, 2016

Due date: 10TH May,2016
Weight: 10%

This Assignment is worth 10% of the marks for the course This assignment is a research project and is be completed in estimated time .

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Choose an organisation listed on the stock exchange from one of the organisations listed below or another with the approval of the lecturer;
BHP Billiton
Woolworths Ltd
Harvey Norman
Coles/Myer Ltd
Flight Centre Ltd
Research the financial and non-financial information available for the organisation.
1. Develop and excel spread sheet to analyse the operations of the business you have chosen over a three year period, use ratio analysis, trend analysis and other qualitative information to undertake the analysis. Using actual data to the 30 June 2015. Also use the comparative information from the previous year..
2. Prepare a report in Word to shareholders and management to explain the performance of the organisation.
a. Note the information provided to management may be more in depth than that provided to shareholders, do not just copy the notes in the annual report.
b. Utilise all information that is available

Unit 4 – Personal  and professional development in health and social care

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3. Prepare a presentation of the key issues identified in you analysis to be undertaken in week 11 maximum of 5 minutes.
4. Explain the concept of funding mix for an organisation. What are the main sources of funding for the organisation you have chosen, what do you think is the effect of this funding mix on the organisation?
Marks will be awarded as follows
1. Appropriate application of analysis and ratios on an excel spreadsheet 10 marks
2. Appropriate Report format, including contents page and executive summary. 10 marks
3. Analysis and word document addresses issues raised by analysis 20 marks
4. Presentation , precise and quality of slides 6 maximum 10 marks

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