: Marketing Strategy Report

Major Assignment: Marketing Strategy Report – Individual/Paired task (30%)
NB:This assignment can be completed individually or as a pair if you wish
Word limit: 3000 words maximum - Word count does not include executive summary, table of contents, any appropriately used figures or tables, or references.
Due Date: Week 11 – Monday 9th May 2016 – by 5pm
Assessment rationale
This assignment has been designed in order to:
• assist you to develop your learning about marketing concepts covered in this unit and allow you to demonstrate your level of understanding of those principles;
• analyse the link between marketing practice and marketing theory;
• help you to apply appropriate business report writing skills;
• guide you to use the appropriate citation of references and a reference list in your written work
Your client Dorothy Oz is concerned about the growing obesity rates in Australia and the impact that consumption of fast food has on it.
Dorothy would like to explore establishing a new fast food chain in Australia, but one that focuses on providing ONLY healthy, natural and chemical free food. She would also like her business to be social responsible, and is interested in any opportunities that you see in this area for her to take up. She wants her chain to be seen as a viable alternative to ‘unhealthy’ KFC, McDonalds and similar chains that have multiple outlets.HND Assignment Help
As Dorothy’s Marketing consultant you will be writing a Marketing Report in which you address the following:
1. Discuss the buyer behavior associated with fast food consumption.
2. Analyse the Microenvironment. Who are relevant publics? Who are suppliers? Identify who the competitors would be – Briefly summarise the likely competitors, what they offer and who they seem to target.
3. Analyse the Macroenvironment. What are the society-wide influences on fast food? Are there demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, or cultural trends that have, or will, affect fast food consumption?
Hint: The three topics above need you to do some market analysis, using secondary sources. Take the time to find good sources.
4. Suggest a possible marketing strategy – The aspects of marketing strategy that you should cover include:
• Your recommended target market. Don’t forget to describe how you segmented the market and how you selected the target market
• How the new business should be positioned – give an overview of positioning theory briefly and then explain one or more specific positioning approach that you think the shop should follow.
Fundamentals of Marketing MKT10007 – OUA SP1, 2016 Page 1
5. Outline the following three elements of the Marketing mix
• Ideas for the products and services that could be offered and how they can be offered. Explain the different levels of product and how you think Dorothy should apply them.
• Pricing - Describe the pricing strategy that you recommend and justify your choice.
• Distribution – Briefly outline the distribution strategies you would recommend. For example, Where would you locate outlets? Would you own retail outlets, or offer franchise options?
Fundamentals of Marketing MKT10007 – OUA SP1, 2016 Page 2

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