Assessment Task 1:
• Individual Essay - Analysis of personal and organizational styles and assessment of strategies for creative thinking and innovation
• Due Date Class 7 (Day 4 Block Mode)
• Weight 30%
• Length 2000-2500 words
1) Assessment Details
Each student is to submit a written assignment, based on an exploration of the nature of creativity and innovation, how these are defined, what academics and others say about them, and what their own experiences are. The topic will relate to the theory and practice of creativity and innovation in an organisational setting and will require participants to research the current body of knowledge in the area, assess how this might impact their role in an organization, and present a case based on their research.

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To help you focus this, you may choose to identify examples of people and/or organisations whose success was/is based on innovation, and what they did to achieve their success with innovation. Look to identify the key ingredients to successful innovation – Leadership, Focus, Creativity, Invention, and Entrepreneurship.
The assignment report should be a document of 2000-2500 words plus an Executive Summary and Attachments as needed. Please also include a personal reflection on what you learnt by doing this assignment, and how you might apply the insights gained.
2) Criteria used to grade this task
• See marking guide for the criteria that will be used in assessing this learning task.
3) Task Assessor
• Lecturer, with moderation by Course Coordinator where required.
4) Suggested time to devote to this task
• This assignment will entail considerable scanning and reading of material prior to classes, and as research for developing your thinking on the subject matter. Expect to spend 20-30 hours on this task.
5) Submission details
• Due class 9, 2000-2500 words plus Executive Summary and Appendices
• Written reports are to be professionally laid out, using at least 11-point Arial Font, with 1.5 line spacing, and relevant referencing as required.
• Assignments are to be BOTH submitted via Turnitin AND handed in as a hardcopy in class when due.
• Reports must include a signed Federation University Cover Sheet.
6) Feedback and return of work.
• Students will receive both individual and collective feedback.
• Individual assignments will be returned to students.
• Note: Where Moderation of assessment task is being done, grades are not final until moderation is completed by the Course Coordinator.

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