PRS304 – Public Relations & Media Techniques

PRS304 – Public Relations & Media Techniques

Individual Report – Media Campaign

Weighting – 25%

Due  - Week 10 – Friday 11.59pm

Submissions – Online via Turnitin

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Assignment Task

Select a client and a topic for your Campaign via website, major newspapers and magazines etc. (Your client can be chosen from retail, transportation, banking or telecommunication industry).

For this assignment you need to create a campaign to attract media coverage for your client’s products and services. The campaign should be presented as a written report, in a format suitable to provide directly to the client. The campaign report must include the following specific task requirements:


Title page (including name of campaign and student details)
  1. Background of campaign

  • General background

  • Aims and objective of the campaign

  • Statement of communication problems

  • Stakeholder Analysis & Target Market

  • Key messages

  • Campaign Strategies – NOTE: Each strategy should have an evaluation statement ( how is this strategy going to be evaluated) and justification statement (why and how this strategy will attract media coverage)

  • Campaign Tactics

  • Campaign limitations

  • Conclusions

The focus of this assignment is on media coverage aspects of a campaign, because this is particularly challenging in today’s media environment.   The focus of your efforts in this assignment should be on appropriate strategies and ideas to attract media coverage.

Assessment Criteria

Students will be assessed on the following:-
  • Background

  • Communication Problem

  • Campaign Goal, Strategies, Tactics

  • Publics

  • Key Messages

  • Campaign Limitations/Issue

  • Media

  • Media Releases

  • Writing Standards

  • Report Structure

  • Referencing

  • Attention to requirement of tasks

 Marking Guide

PRS304 – Public Relations & Media Techniques

Individual Assignment (25%)

 Criterion DescriptionPoor            Excellent
2.2.1Executive Summary: Concisely sums up report contents12345
2.2.2Contents  - Table of Contents12345
2.2.3Introduction: Provides good introductory background of client and need for campaign12345
2.2.4Research and Development: Extensive & credible research conducted and reported12345
2.2.5Situational Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of SWOT (PESTLE: optional)12345
2.2.6Goals and Objectives: Realistic goals and SMART objectives12345
2.2.7Key Target Publics: Appropriate choice and full description of each audience group12345
2.2.8Campaign Strategy:     
 Suitable choice of themes/messages/broad channels of communication123410
 Linked to achieve your goals and objectives12345
        * This may or may not include message strategy     
2.2.9Campaign Tactics:     
 Highlight the major PR tasks/activities123410
 Demonstrated understanding of PR tactics, differentiated from marketing12345
 Linked to each strategy12345
2.2.10Timeline: Professional depiction of implementation schedule using GANNT or PERT12345
2.2.12Evaluation: Excellent description of how SMART objectives are to be measured12345
 Evidence of learning outcomes:     
 Demonstrated application of PR theories and concepts throughout12345
 Appropriate choice of PR strategy and tactics12345
 Professionalism: Spelling and grammar exceptional12345
 Presentation: Reader-friendly &  appealing layout/format & correct page numbering12345
 Column Totals




Total /100


Convert to Final Mark (total divided by 5) =  x / 25%



Constructive Feedback 




Date Marked 
Name of Marker 
Signature of Marker