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Research the many leadership styles. Select one style and write a report that describes the positive and negative attributes of the leadership style and how you identify with it. Upload your report for assessment.
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You are the manager of a casino and you have been advised that the organisation is bringing in 20 new gaming machines, of which one is a new game that hasn’t been launched or played in any casinos before. You have been sent a trial version of the new game but there are no training materials available yet.
Your team comprises:
o three internal staff trainers (one full-time and two part-time)
o three senior gaming attendants
o one gaming assistant
o one gaming manager
Your challenge is to get your team ready for the launch of the new game in six months. In order to do this you need to prepare a learning and development strategy that includes all these aspects.
o 3. Explain how you can provide feedback and suitable incentives to staff.
4. Explain how you can recognise and resolve performance problems in the workplace.
• 3 Identify three key results areas relating to an organisation’s diversity strategy and explain how the organisation might establish whether the result is being achieved.
Section 3 Promote the benefits of diversity
2. Use the internet to research an organisation’s workplace diversity plan or strategy. Identify how that organisation plans to promote its workforce diversity in internal and external forums to enhance the organisation’s image and reputation.
• 4 Use the internet to research training providers specialising in diversity training. Select one provider and prepare an overview of their areas of expertise, training methodologies, etc.
• 1 Research the culture of Indigenous Australians. What possible areas of tension or conflict might occur in the workplace due to cultural misunderstandings and how can these be avoided?
Project 1_2
1. Identify the learning needs of:
a. The organisation.
b. The team as a whole.
c. Each of the individuals who will be involved.
2. Explain how you will encourage team members to assess their own competencies and identify their own learning and development needs. How will this be documented?
3. Provide a description of the activities you will utilise/ organise in order to achieve the learning needs.
4. Give an example of how you will document this learning in:
a. Team performance plans.
b. Individual performance plans.
5. Describe how you will accommodate the diversity of needs of participants and maximise participation in the learning opportunities you propose.

Understanding specific need in health and social care

Unit 6 Research project
6. Which experts within your organisation, and external to your organisation, can you ask to help you? What will you ask for assistance with?
7. What changes to organisational procedures need to be made as a result of the learning that is being planned?
8. How will you monitor the learning activities whilst they are in progress?
9. What will you do to encourage team members to share their skills and knowledge:
a. During the six months lead up time?
b. Once the game has been launched?
10. How will you recognise achievements of your team?
11. As you undertake the learning in order to manage the new game, how will you:
a. Monitor each individual in your team and how well they are prepared?
b. Monitor the overall team performance?
c. Determine if additional work-based support is required?
12. Choose a specific learning activity to focus on and describe how you will gather feedback on the training activity from:
a. The individuals involved.
b. The team as a whole.
13. How will you use this information to make improvements in future learning arrangements?
14. What records of this learning and development need to be kept?
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