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Assignment 2: Innovation Management. 2500 wards


Deadline 16 March. 2016


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Academic Year 2015/16 for full-time students

ASSIGNMENT 2: Innovation Management

A global consumer electronics company, (Logitech for example) is planning on expanding their business by entering a new market. They have identified security systems for commercial properties (shopping centres, office block airports etc.) as a possibility.

Such systems may offer (amongst other things):
prevention of access to unauthorised areas; intruder detection; fire and carbon monoxide detection; protection of valuable assets; remote access and monitoring.

This assignment considers the issues that the company would face if they acquired a small high technology firm with expertise in this new area.

Address the following:

Part 1. Value Creation (25% of assignment marks) To confirm that markets exist, the following must be done:
a survey and analysis of currently available systems;
an assessment of the level of competition the company will be likely to face;

an analysis of the needs of potential customers.
Examine building security applications and assess competitors’ offerings (via the Internet). Examine the needs of different potential customer segments.

Part 2. Managerial Planning and Goals (25% of assignment marks) Conduct a PEST analysis of the potential business environment – this is to be in the form of a large table followed by a short synthesis of the key points.
The company now has the information it needs to make decisions about the way ahead. Discuss managerial decision making approaches the company might use. Select one to enhance company competitiveness and discuss/illustrate.

Part 3. Innovation Management (25% of assignment marks) Consider the management implications of integrating the existing company staff and those from the newly acquired company. Utilise the literature in the field of innovation management to make proposals to integrate and motivate staff based on the course materials and wider reading.

Part 4. Strategic Leadership (25% of assignment marks) To ensure that the takeover goes smoothly and that key staff remain with the company, strong leadership is needed. Utilise the literature in the field of strategic leadership to discuss leadership styles (including contingency approaches) to influence cultural and organisational changes.

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Academic Year 2015/16 for full-time students

Some tips:

Write formally (do not use ‘I’ or ‘we’) utilising the Organisational Behaviour (OB) theory and demonstrate “Critical Thinking Skills” (see text book of this title by Stella Cottrell) and evaluate the situation against appropriate frameworks. Start each of the four parts on a new page (this is to aid the marking process). For this assignment you are expected to undertake research using the Internet. Clearly state your sources.

You must demonstrate the application of the appropriate theoretical frameworks from the course materials and wider reading to support your proposals including organisational culture and other aspects that impact performance and motivation in organisations. To cite a source (only give the page number if it’s from a text book):

Hnd- vs –hnc degree

Hnd vs hnc degree

For a source by one author use: Author, Year, page number
For a source by two authors use: Author and Author, Year, page number For a source by three or more authors use: Author et al, Year, page number i.e. cite it by using the first named author followed by “et al” (“and others”)

For example:
Locke’s theory on goal-setting (Mullins, 2005, p498) identifies X, Y and Z

<then go on to apply this to the situation>
Learning organisations have three main characteristics A, B and C (Daft

and Marcic, 2009, p26) <then go on to apply this to the situation>

For higher grades: discussion giving insights into the firm’s situation; the management implications and making sector comparisons is expected as well as appropriate use of business/management terms and evidence of wider reading.

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Module code:


Assessment title:

Assignment 2: Innovation Management

Module tutor:

Main objectives of the assessment:

To enable students to exhibit their appreciation of the module material concerning innovation management relevant to the operation of engineering related businesses.

Brief Description of the assessment:

The scenario is a high technology business expansion. Students should develop a systemic approach to managerial decision making based on evaluation against most aspects of the taught module and further research. The report is in four parts worth 25% each part.

Learning outcomes for the assessment (refer to the appropriate module learning outcomes)

Managing innovation and knowledge in view of the behavioural aspects of employee motivation and high performing teams. Specifically:

1. Explain the rationale behind the proposed initiatives in terms of value provision andorganisational performance

2. Appreciate the behavioural aspects of high performing operations during business growth

3. Designing organisations that support creativity and innovation

Assessment criteria:

The students will be required to:

Prepare an individual assignment (no shared work).

Full references and sources of all materials must be stated.

Guidance on the required critique and evaluation is given on the following pages.

Assessment method by which a student can demonstrate the learning outcomes:

Business performance planning for a new high technology business operation in a single report that is marked by module tutor.


50% of module marks

Format of the assessment/coursework: (Guidelines on the expected format and length of submission):

Format is a formal written report of 2500 words maximum (word count to be stated on the front cover) including diagrams and tables. Report should comprise Title Page and Parts 1 – 4. Also (not in word count): References (essential: see library guide on Harvard Referencing) and Appendices (if needed).

Assessment date/submission deadline:
Please submit by 4pm Thusday 18th Febuary 2016, to the Taught Programmes Office (MSCT 055).

Indicative reading list:

The module Course Notes (available online) including Recommended Reading.

Management: The New Workplace 8th edition by Richard L. Daft and Dorothy Marcic. Published by Cengage, 2012, ISBN: 978-1111822637

References are expected of which 80% should be academic (text books/ journal articles.) Students are expected to access and utilise academic articles which are accessible via the Brunel library homepage (e.g. using the “Summon” search engine or the “Emerald database”).

Other information

Use your student ids for anonymity (i.e. no student names on the assignment itself).