HRM at Tesco

HRM at Tesco

Table of Contents

Task-1. 2

P1.1 As new internship HR Assistant at Tesco, your new manager wants you to distinguish between personnel management in organisation such as NHS UK and human resource management at Tesco. 2

P1.2 Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to Tesco’s purposes. 2

P 1.3 Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of line managers in the human resource management department at Tesco. See and www. 3

P1.4 Analyse the impact of legal and regulatory framework in Tesco human resource management. 4

Task-2. 4

P2.1 Analyse the reasons for human resource planning at Tesco. Outline the stages Tesco can adapt in planning human resource Requirements. 5

P2.2 Compare the recruitment and selection process of Tesco with another organisation such as M&S or Sainsbury etc. 5

P2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in Tesco and another organisation such as Sainsbury. 6

Task-3. 7

P3.1 Assess the employee motivation theory and its reward structure at Tesco’s. 7

P3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay. 7

P3.3 Assess the effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts in Tesco. 8

P3.4 Examine the methods at Tesco that is using to monitor employee performance. 9

Task-4. 9

P4.1 Identify the reasons for cessation of employment with an organisation in General 9

P4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures by research in general 10

P4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements by research in general 10

References. 12


P1.1 As new internship HR Assistant at Tesco, your new manager wants you to distinguish between personnel management in organisation such as NHS UK and human resource management at Tesco.

Role of personnel management in NHS, UK was to focus mainly upon the administration functions and support function with lack of assignment in roles & responsibilities for the stakeholders involved in the personnel management process. It was given name of personnel management instead of human resource management as it mainly deals with issues pertaining to terms & condition for employment, staffing, hiring & firing and payment & holiday options. The major issue with the personnel management policy of the organization was lack of focus towards the organizational goals and alignment of the human resource requirement as per the organizational objectives. Aligning the two factors i.e. organizational goals & objectives with the human resource requirement would allow assigning clear roles & responsibility for each stakeholder in the organization. Personnel management policies prevailing in NHS were not focused towards generation of value for money and labour productivity so that efficient operations can be carried out in the organization (Reader, 1998).

Human resource functions in Tesco emphasis to have right number of people on right job on right time so that organizational objectives are achieved in coordination with human resources requirement of the organization. Human resource function in Tesco is not only related with the administration work or payroll system unlike NHS but it aims to provide a complete career for the employees in organization where in focus of the organization is to motivate internal employees of the organization to progress within the organization. Recruitment in the organization is being done through internal vacancy system so that employees within the organization can grow (Reid and Barrington, 1997). Roles & responsibilities for the employees working in Tesco have been clearly defined unlike NHS where in role for the employees were not clear so that employees know their role in the organization and work towards achieving organizational objectives.

P1.2 Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to Tesco’s purposes.

Tesco’s human resource function has a key role in order to achieve organizational goal by aligning the objectives of organization with the personal goals of the employees working in the organization. Alignment in the goals of organization with employees is being attained through proper planning where in employees are being directed towards the path of personal growth and good career (Mullins, 2005). It is important for the organization to motivate its employee in order to attain the organizational goals and Tesco do this by motivating internal employees of the organization to attain higher jobs and get growth in their career. Human resource function is responsible for the careers planning of the employees in the organization where in opportunities are being given to the internal employees so that they can apply for higher jobs. Human resource function in the organization assess the future need and potential of the employees and training is imparted to the employees so that they can manage their future role in organization properly by attaining the required skillset and knowledge level.

P 1.3 Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of line managers in the human resource management department at Tesco. See and www.

Line managers in Tesco play a vital role for not only selection & recruitment but also to manage their overall performance while working within the organization. Some of the key functions assigned to the line managers in human resource department at Tesco can be given as below:
  • Planning & organizing: HR line managers in Tesco are having the responsibility to plan & organize the work areas for the human resource employed in the organization.

  • Recruitment of suitable candidates: Line HR manages are responsible in order to ensure that candidates which are being hired by the organization fits the requirement of job by taking part in the interview process. After assessment centre candidates are being invited to carry interview with the line managers where in focus of the line managers is to find out whether particular candidate fulfil the job requirement or not (Marchington & Wilkinson, 1996).

  • Promote diversity & equality: Line managers in Tesco are being given the responsibility to develop an inclusive culture where in all the staff members are being treated fairly. Further equality also means providing equal opportunities for all the employees working in the organization.

  • Managing employee performance: Line HR manager would be responsible in order to assess the employee performance and in case particular employee is not working as per management expectation, line HR manage would help the employee to improve his/her performance within given timeframe.

  • Training & development: As per the organizational objective set by Tesco, line HR would be responsible in order to assess the need for future job and according line HR would impart training to the employees so that they possesses required knowledge and skill.

P1.4 Analyse the impact of legal and regulatory framework in Tesco human resource management.

Human resource management process followed at Tesco is subjected to the particular legal and regulatory framework which needs to be considered while making human resource decisions in the organization. Each and every function for human resource such as recruitment & selection, performance appraisal, career planning and pay & bonus needs to be executed as per the related legal & regulatory processes by human resource department of the organization. The major focus of the human resource department while executing these functions would be on deploying non discriminating policies and equality among all the employees working in the organization. Further legal & regulatory framework in Tesco also gives due importance towards various ethical issues confronted in the organization. There can be heavy penalties which can be imposed on the organization in case it is found to be guilty of not abiding legal & regulatory frameworks (Keep, 1989). One of the important laws for bringing equality and non-discriminating policies is “Equality Act 2010”. This act brings together all acts of equality which can be informed of sex, race, religion, disability and orientation for the workforce employed in the organization. Further rules & regulations which govern ethics, intellectual property rights and privacy are under special consideration while considering the legal & regulatory impacts of the human resource department in Tesco.



P2.1 Analyse the reasons for human resource planning at Tesco. Outline the stages Tesco can adapt in planning human resource Requirements. 

HR planning process can be defined as the analysis process so that prediction regarding requirement of adequate number of people with desired skill set can be attained. Planning is a vital process which an organization needs to undertake in order to attain the organizational goals (Reid and Barrington, 1997). Further human resource function in the organization should be treated with utmost care where in requirement for human resource should be predicted in advance and proper planning should be developed so that requirement for human resource can be fulfilled within stipulated time period. Tesco has the major agenda for hiring right number of people in right job and at right time.

Major reason for the HRM planning process is to ensure availability of people with right skill set because finding people with matching knowledge & skill as per job profile would not be possible for the organization. Forecasting is an integral part of the HRM planning process as it provides detail regarding requirement of number of people and timeframe within which these people would be required. HRM planning process is also important in the organizational context so that looking into the organizational objectives, human resource function of the organization can be aligned. For example at the time of expansion in Tesco, company planned their requirement for the human resource as there was requirement for large number of store manager and planning this in advance helped the company to start recruitment process and suitable candidate with desired skill set were hired by the company in order to fuel their expansion plans (Hawkins, 1994).

P2.2 Compare the recruitment and selection process of Tesco with another organisation such as M&S or Sainsbury etc.

Recruitment and selection process in Tesco carries through different ways depending upon the kind of jobs available in the organization. There are two stages through which entire recruitment and selection process is carried out. These two stages are internal recruitment and external recruitment (Walton, 1999). In initial stage Tesco looks in the organization for suitable condition to fill the post by taking candidate from the same level or for promotion. In case there is no suitable candidate available within the internal development program then job would be advertised on the intranet so as to invite application from within the organization.

In second phase advertisement for job would be given to the external candidates where in job would be advertised on and through the boards in Tesco stores. Online applications are being made for the managerial positions where in interview and assessment test are being carried out. Applicants interested in store based job can directly contact in the store with their CV and can also register themselves from job plus. For jobs which are harder to fulfil job advertisement is given through Tesco website, offline media and through mass media communication as well. Tesco also advertise through magazine named “The Appointment Journal”.

Sainsbury has the similar recruitment and selection process to Tesco where in selection and recruitment involves two stage processes of internal recruitment and external recruitment. In internal recruitment process SITP (Sainsbury internal talent programme) is followed which offers internal employees with chance to apply for the job with same level of promotion. In case there is unavailability of suitable number of candidates through internal program then external advertisement through company website and other sources would be made. Candidates applying through external advertisements would be shortlisted based on the CV and suitable candidates would be asked to appear for interview. Successful candidates in interview and assessment process would be going through background check and after completion of successful process they would be given appointment letter. Hence both Tesco and Sainsbury have similar recruitment and selection process (Harrison, 2002).

P2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in Tesco and another organisation such as Sainsbury.

Tesco makes use of the most cost effective and efficient ways in order to ensure that selection and recruitment process takes minimum cost and suitable candidates are being hired by company from the recruitment & selection process. Both Tesco and Sainsbury make use of the similar process for recruitment and hence their effectiveness would be similar while hiring the candidate through internal as well as external sources. Internal employees are being looked first while hiring the candidates for suitable jobs in order to motivate the employees and give their career growth along with organizational growth. Advertisement for the external candidates normally proves a costly affair for the organizations hence by considering internal employees for the new job vacancy company would be able to save on cost along with motivating the employees (Garrick, 1999).

Advertisement through own website allows the company to introduce candidate with the Tesco and its culture. This helps in order to screen the candidates which are not as per the organizational culture and job role mentioned in the job profile for the organization. Assessment task and interview process conducted by the organization would allow double filter to test the candidate on several parameters pertaining to job profile (Guest, 1999).


P3.1 Assess the employee motivation theory and its reward structure at Tesco’s

Tesco has focus in order to motivate the employees with their especially designed reward structure so that employees are loyal to the organization and work by giving their 100% every time they are assigned a particular job. Tesco has high importance for employee motivation in their human resource policy and their statement on motivation says that “Attract a person to do because he/she wants to do it”. Tesco has dependence on two kinds of people for their business i.e. customer and employees (Buchanan and Hucczynski, 1991). Tesco strives to achieve good lifestyle for their staff people with flexible working hours, additional health benefits, discount for staff and stock options for the employees in order to motivate them towards their job responsibilities. Tesco conduct a unique staff satisfaction survey named “Viewpoint” so as to assess staff satisfaction and from the results received through survey efforts are made in order to enhance the employee motivation by suitable reward methods. Some of the additional benefits which are offered by Tesco in form of reward to employees so that their motivation level can be enhanced:

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  • Employees are given lifestyle break for 4 to 12 weeks and guarantees employees to get their job back

  • Pension scheme is offered as a long term benefit for the employees

  • Career break is offered to the employees ranging from 6 months to 5 year with the exclusive right to return on job

P3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay

One of the proven methods for job evaluation is Hay group guide chart profile which is being used by more than 7000 companies in more than 40 countries. Three factors which are considered as the most important in order to evaluate a job as per the Hay group guide chart include below mentioned:
  • Job responsibilities assigned

  • Level of thinking required to tackle problem confronted

  • Skill set and knowledge required for the job

Hence three factors for the job evaluation are know-how which forms input part, problem solving which forms processing part and finally accountability which forms the output part of the job (Nixon, 2004). A pictorial view of the factors recommended through Hey group guide chart profile method can be given as below:


(Know-how)                                            (Problem solving)                                 (Job responsibility)

P3.3 Assess the effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts in Tesco

Tesco pays high importance towards the reward system in order to make employees oriented towards the organizational goals and motivate them to attain success in their career as well. Some of the major objectives in the reward system for Tesco can be given as under:
  • To reward employees involved into attaining business goals of the organization

  • Retaining and recruiting high performance where in recruitment for the various post is made through internal employees and employee with good performance are being given opportunity to apply for the various jobs (Blackwood, 1995)

  • Reward system have been linked to the market competitiveness where in employees are being rewarded as per their market competitiveness

  • Career development and career progression is being managed by the employees as a result of the reward system in the organization

  • Stock options are being offered as reward to the employees of the organization so as to ensure long term commitment of the employees within the organization as generally maturity date for the stock option would be 2 to 3 years for which employee would have to be associated with the organization.

  • Rewarding employees in form of promotion through internal talent pool of the organization would not only save cost for the organization but also keep employees motivated to work better and become loyal to their organization

P3.4 Examine the methods at Tesco that is using to monitor employee performance

Tesco carries out the annual performance appraisal in order to assess the employee performances towards achievement of the organizational objective and based on the performance of employee rewards are being assigned (Beardwell, 2004). Performance measurement is a continuous activity for the managers and their subordinates. Tesco has chosen several factors which are being taken into consideration while assigning annual ratings for the performance which can be given as under:
  • Quantity of work by maintaining desired quality

  • Timeliness for the allotted work

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Absenteeism from work

  • Abiding processes and policies at workplace

  • Appraisal from relevant manager

  • 360 degree appraisal including self-appraisal and peer appraisal

  • Management by objective (MBO)


P4.1 Identify the reasons for cessation of employment with an organisation in General

Any employee can’t be fired from the job until he/she is abiding by the processes & policies framed by the organization at workplace along with fulfilling terms and condition for contract of employment (Paauwe & Boselie, 2003). There can be numerous reasons for which an employer can terminate the employee along with resignation at will submitted by the employee in order to terminate his/her association with the organization. Some of the common reasons which have been observed as a major factor for cessation of an employee can be given as mentioned below:
  • Layoff from the organization due to cost cutting measures or business activity change

  • Mergers and buyout are another critical phenomenon in organization which lead to cessation of employees from the organization

  • Poor performance of the employee towards attainment of organizational objective

  • Behavioural misconduct from employee can be considered as another major issue for the cessation of employee from the organization

P4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures by research in general

For exit of an employee there are three major procedures which are used by several organizations and especially in context of Tesco and Sainsbury which are:
  • Resignation can be given by employee by his/her will in case there is dissatisfaction in employee towards the work environment or work pressure where in employee can write a letter directly to his supervisor clearly mentioning the reason for which resignation has been given. Employee would have to serve the notice period as agreed between organization and employee at the time of job appointment (Armstrong, 2005).

  • Termination: Termination of the employee is done as per the rules & regulation following the disciplinary regulations. A series of processes is followed while terminating the employees where in warning letters are issued, disciplinary notice are being given, exit interviews are conducted and finally termination letter would be given to the employee.

  • Transfer: Transfer can be considered as per request from employee or on the discretion of manager considering the employee performance. Tesco makes use of these two criteria while transferring their employees. Employee request for transfer would be considered subjected to availability of job and management decision to assign particular location or store for the employee (Poulter, 2005).It management assignment help

P4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements by research in general

An organization recruit the employees as per the employment contract made between the two parties i.e. employee and employer and this contract needs to be followed by the organization as well as employee (Treen, 2000). But in several instances the contract between the two parties needs to be terminated due to such circumstances but there are several legal and regulatory frameworks which need to be adopted while terminating the contract between employee and employer. For example economic dismissal can be one of the reason due to which an organization need to terminate the contract with employee but due to framed legal and regulatory policies an organization need to follow particular rules while terminating the contract. Some of the example for economic dismissal of company and possible regulatory guideline can be given as below:
  • In Chile, economic dismissal of an organization due to reduced productivity and modernization activities may require termination of contract but as per regulatory framework an organization need to compensate with 30 day wage to employee with advance notice (Rogers, 2004).

  • In Ethiopia, alternation in work method or decline in demand for the product may lead to termination of employees from the organization but organization need to provide 1 month salary in case employee is one year old and 2 month salary need to be given to employee in case employee has association for more than 1 year.

Above example shows that economic dismissal in the organization may lead to termination but presence of legal and regulatory framework would ensure fair treatment with the employee for termination.

Similarly in case the employee desire to end the employment contract with their employer he/she can resign at his will but there are regulatory and legal bindings as per the terms and conditions mentioned in contract which need to be abide by the employee also. In most of the scenario employer would ask the employee to give notice well before leaving the organization and the period may be from one month to 1 year depending upon the term stipulated by the organization. Further in case of not serving notice period and employee can be asked to sacrifice his/her pay for the equivalent time so that organization can be compensated for their loss and cost of new hiring can be incurred.

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