HRD Portfolio

HRD Portfolio


Table of Contents

1.0 Desirable Job. 2

2.0 Job description. 2

3.0 Knowledge & Skill required. 3

4.0 Exercise and activities. 5


1.0 Desirable Job

After completion of graduation from the University I would like to join this University to work as administration officer so that I can work under such a learning oriented environment. The reason for choosing captioned job profile would be the aim to make my career into educational sector for which present job would help me in order to understand the processes & procedure involved at the workplace and another major reason would be the learning environment which is available in the University and would aspire me to keep learning throughout my career. Another reason for supporting the job role for administrative officer is to keep in touch with the live learning environment and to contribute towards social obligation for education. The present job would be acquired through competing against the several candidates as University has advertised for the position of administrative officer in recent time. Further present job would help to earn handsome amount of salary as well.

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2.0 Job description

For the captioned position I would be responsible to administration head and I would be working into the administration department of the University. The major purpose of the job role would be to provide support to the administration department (Diane, 1995). Duties in the present role of administration assistant would include below mentioned:
  • Answering admin related queries through mail, telephone and other communication medium and acting as the one touch access for all queries pertaining to the administration department there by handling the sole responsibility for the communication related matters of the department.

  • Maintaining & handling the bookkeeping system of the department where in I would be sole responsible in order to maintain the records for the expenditure of the department and working in the projected budget allotted to the department by periodic monitoring of the budget as well.

  • Involving into different training program and other keeping other information pertaining to the University in order to remain updated regarding the process & new development in the University so that query resolution can be done based on the information regarding the University (Shawn and Rebecca, 2004).

  • Working as the gatekeeper for the confidential information in the department where in administration department would become the centre of entire information and administration department needs to maintain secrecy of the confidential information which needs to be spread in the timely manner.

  • Maintaining the entire team working in the administration department and reporting the administration head regarding the productivity of each employee working in the department.

3.0 Knowledge & Skill required

Knowledge & skills required for the present job would include set of key elements which are necessary in order to handle the job role effectively. Skills & knowledge required for the present job can be suitable categorized under two heads which are soft skills and technical skills. Soft skill refers to the emotional quotient of a person mainly the cluster of personality traits such as communication, personality habits, optimism and language etc. While technical knowledge is the set of skills pertaining to some specific educational area e.g. mathematics, accounting and science etc required in order to accomplish the particular task. Soft skills would be important in order to deal with the stakeholders of the job such as team members, cross functional teams and management of the University with whom continuous working relations would be there. Technical skills would be required so as to obtain the knowledge of specific area so that better understanding for the work can be gained along with imparting the knowledge to the downward hierarchy. In order to handle the captioned position there are set of skill & knowledge required which would be gained through continuous learning process so that up to date information can be maintained regarding all administration work. Knowledge & skill required for the present work can be given as below:
  • Soft skills: The present job role would be dual in nature where in I would be responsible for handling the entire responsibility of the administration department. Soft skills for the present job role would be an important aspect and below mentioned soft skills would be required in order to handle the job role:

  1. Communication skills: Communication skill would be important in order to communicate information to the person making the query. Further in additional to the individual queries administration department needs to publish certain information on the periodic basis to the other departments of the university (Cohn et al, 2005). Communication skill would be the most critical parameter for the job as present job would involve establishing proper communication with the several stakeholders on daily basis. Communication skill would hold the key to complete key responsibility areas as administrative officers need to make routine communication with the management as well as with the cross functional teams so as to develop a team for accomplishing several task.

  2. Team handling: Team handling would be another major responsibility as a team of total 8-10 members would be reporting to me in administration department who all would be responsible for the root level working into different activities such as the bookkeeping, responding to query makers and preparing information bulletin. Team handling skills would comprise of set of skills which are required for the efficient supervision of the entire team working under the administrative officer. Team handling skills include analyzing the task assigned to the admin officer, obtaining the critical resources for accomplishment of the task and finally to properly managing the situation in order to execute the task. Hence team handling would be important as the present job would be managerial position and in order to handle the job team handling would be the key responsibility for the managers working as administrative officer.

  3. Performance improvement and appraisal: Working as a team leader it would be important to motivate the team towards the objectives which administration department needs to fulfill thereby enhancing productivity of the people reporting to me. Further I would be doing the performance appraisal and helping the subordinate in order to improve their performance which would require good team working and motivation skills. A periodic review meeting would be called upon where in the manager would be analyzing the performance of each candidate against the assigned KRAs. Performance monitoring would be done and during the individual meeting team members would be detailed on the job responsibility allocated to them and skills which are required in order to accomplish the job responsibility. Management of training for the team members would be the concern of administrative officer where in both soft skill and technical skill would be imparted to the candidates so that an efficient team can be developed which has proper knowledge & skill to handle their job role.How to write top notch papers with assignment help for best students

  4. Problem solving: Problem solving skills would be critical into the administration department as many a time crisis situation arises in the department which needs to be handling with critical thinking so that alternatives can be given in order to resolve the problem which would require problem solving skills (Michael et al, 1998). Administrative officer would be the major problem resolver where in any task would be resolved by administrative officer. He would be working as the trouble shooter for the various task where in solution would not be available with the entire team mates.

  • Technical knowledge: Being a knowledge oriented department working into the administration department would require having technical knowledge pertaining to the administration department and it would be really advantageous to keep updating the entire knowledge. Below technical knowledge would be required as a job role for the present job:

  1. Accounting management: I would be responsible for the account management of the department where in periodic MIS for the expenditure & budgeting needs to be sent to the head of the department hence I would require accounting knowledge in order to do bookkeeping. In addition to the specific knowledge into the area of accounting management, working on the latest software developed for the accounting management is essential and knowledge on system update is important as there are several changes made from time to time in order to handle the accounting process for the University and individual departments.

  2. Process & policies: It is important to posses all knowledge regarding processes & policies which are followed in the education system. Further while communicating with the external entities it would be important to understand the communication policies and make communication within the policies only (Gregory, 2002).

  3. Bulletin design: Publishing information bulletin for the other departments & stakeholders of the University would demand knowledge for bulletin design which would be an essential part of the overall job role. This would require knowledge about the designing process, effective written communication and handling the entire project for completion of bulletin so as to ensure that it is published on time.

4.0 Exercise and activities

Exercise and activities which needs to be carry out in order to impart above set of skills & knowledge can be given as mentioned below:
  • Classroom based: Training the candidate for developing skill & knowledge as per the job role would demand high level of classroom training. The major activities & exercise adopted in classroom training would include lectures, providing notes for policy manuals, making role play, situation handling and imparting course based knowledge for the accounting discipline. Role play would be an important part of the exercise as it would give firsthand experience to handle the job effectively. Role play would be done based on the specific problems encountered during the job of administrative officer wherein he handles the key situation and major focus of the entire activity would be to monitor way in which administrative officer react so as to handle the situation into effective manner.

  • On job training: On job training for the present task would be critical as the major learning would happen through on job training only (Anthony, 1999). On job training for the present job role would involve working with the different departments of the University in order to understand the policies & procedure liked with administration department of the University. Later on in the administration department based on the different activities such as accounting, communication and bulletin design on job training would be involved where in seniors working in the department would be imparting knowledge under the close supervision of the mentor appointed in order to accomplish on job training.

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