Final assignment submission

Final assignment submission

Due date: 26 October 2015
Value: 30%
The course objectives met by this assignment include:
• Course specifications are available online from the USQ website
Always check the website for the latest version.
On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
1. demonstrate problem solving by understanding the program specifications and developing the correct solution in form of web application that complies with the course materials and the specified .NET software installations, and results in creation of distribute robust, reliable, secure, and user-friendly component-based web application
2. demonstrate academic and professional literacy by collating theoretical and practical course material into a workable application through understanding concepts and their practical application using .NET
3. demonstrate written communication skills by critical evaluation and writing up evaluation in a concise format
4. demonstrate management, planning, and organisational skills by setting and achieving design and development, in accordance with the specification, to be completed by the assigned due date

Understanding specific need in health and social care

Unit 6 Research project
5. demonstrate creativity, initiative, and enterprise by translating the problem (program specification) into a solution (web application) that is efficient, economic, smart, and easily maintainable, and complies with the course material and specified .NET software installations
6. demonstrate an understanding of the following concepts and their practical application using .NET: advanced programming concepts; components; web interface design; advanced database access, search, and maintenance techniques; multi-tiered client-server applications; internet security; IIS web server; Windows services; web services; mobile wireless services.
Please read carefully:
• This assignment must be your own work.
• It is acceptable to discuss course content with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements, but solutions to assignment questions must be done on your own.
• You must not copy from anyone, including tutors and fellow students (including StudyDesk), nor allow others to copy your work.
• You must not use third party plugins or third party source code solutions.
• Assignments that do not adhere to these requirements will be deemed to be the result of academic misconduct.
You need to work on your assignment every week as you are working through the course material. This is not something that you can write up the day before the due date.
Always submit your assignment by the due date, no matter how much you have completed, or whether you have bugs.
• You will be awarded marks on the work that you have done, rather than missing out completely.
• You will receive feedback on your assignment so that you can do better in the next one. Each assignments helps you progress in this course.
• And at the end of the semester it will all add up to get you a better result than without submitting an assessment.
All students will receive feedback on their assignments. This will allow you to learn from the assignment to do better in the next one. You will be provided with information on how you can improve your source code to satisfy the marking criteria.
For this submission you need to provide the following.
• You must NOT use ANY kits or third party controls when you are developing your assignment.
• You must write all you HTML, XML, CSS, XSLT, and VB.NET code-behind (source code) yourself.
• You must not use JavaScript or any other scripting language.
• Everything in this assignment must be your own work.
• Do not use the source code that is available to you through the course material.
• If in doubt, please do not hesitate to check with me to make sure you are doing the right thing.

Prior submissions

Unit 4 – Personal  and professional development in health and social care

Business strategy assignment help
Use the marking feedback that you received from your first and second submission to complete and improve the work you had done on the functionality from the first and second assignment specifications.
As you progress through the semester it is expected that you improve your work and functionality due to the learning process, better understanding the material. In other words, it is expected that you would further improve the work you have done in your previous submissions.
It is advisable to review the weekly exercises posted on the course study desk.
You now need to bring all of your previous work and what has been specified here together to complete the whole web application – as per all specifications.
Web pages in your web application
Re-read the previous assignment specification to make sure that your final submission contains everything.
Using the web user control on each page as per the second assignment specification you need to provide the following pages according to your design – this means each and every one of you will have a different implementation of these pages, while still satisfying the following request:
On your web pages you need to cater for:
• A home page (Home.aspx) that welcomes a customer and may include other functionality according to what you had submitted in your second assignment – making sure to take second assignment feedback into account.
• A list of categories to select from (see second assignment specification for details) and your implementation of the XML control that is using your XML and your XSLT files. Make sure to incorporate the second assignment feedback. It is important to get the functionality working first using the method that works for you. Once you have this working and tested, you can think of implementing more advanced solutions. Do not spend too much time implementing advanced solutions thereby sacrificing other requirements. A software developer will need to make decisions like that in the real world, as the aim is always to have the solution a) working and functional and b) tested to be solid and reliable, specifically so when working towards a deadline.
• A separate page to show the empty and filled shopping cart allowing customers to delete an item or to change the quantity. This page must always show the total amount, particularly when items are deleted or the quantity changed.
• One or more pages for the purchasing process. This depends on your design as per second submission and of course changes to improve are always accepted as explained above. You need to make sure that you capture the billing and shipping details (contact details are important in case an item is not in stock and the customer needs to be contacted), as well as the payment details.
• Payment details would normally processed by a third party. The business owner would sign a contract with the third party and responsibility for the security is then in the hands of the third party. Obviously this is not an option we can cater for in this course.
o Therefore you are requested to provide appropriate data entry for payment details.
o They will be stored in the database.
o Do not use real payment details when testing.
• The last page before the database is updated, should show all the customer, billing, shipping and payment (only last 4 digits of the credit card number) details, and the list of products, qty, price and total amount.
o There should be a statement advising the customer that by clicking the button, the order will take affect and payment for the total amount will go ahead (depending on which payment types you catered for).
o You would want to cater for a postage amount as well, and you might want to default to a standard amount. The point here is not the amount of dollars charged, but that you cater for postage.
Do not include the following:
• Search functionality – it is expected that the design of your web application is simple in functionality so that the customer can find the product easily. This is reflected in the way your implemented the categories, listing of products by categories, and use of single product page.
• About page – you are already providing business details, logo and contact details in the web user control (header), so there is no need for the about page. You need to preserve your time and development to focus on the required functionality instead.
• Customer account – you are specifically requested not to create a customer account. This is specifically not required for this assignment.
• Login – this is not required to allow purchasing products, and you are specifically requested not to create a login mechanism.
Copyright Law

Unit 4 – Personal  and professional development in health and social care

Business strategy assignment help
Whether you are taking this course as part of becoming an IT professional or out of interest in this subject, the issue here is that we all need to do the right thing. Copyright infringement is a serious issue, and we all need to be aware what is right and what is wrong.
Here is the link to the Australian Governments ‘Intellectual property and copyright’ – it is part of this assignment that you read this and inform yourself what you are permitted to do. Please follow the links on this site.
While this web application will make its products globally available, customers from other countries can purchase products from this web site, the assignment is submitted in Australia. As the developer of the web application you are responsible to make sure that the images you are using for your products comply with copyright law – in your own country as well as the country where you are submitting your assignment.
Show shopping cart - empty
From any page in your web site, the customer must be able easily find the link to the shopping cart, and be able to view the shopping cart without any products.
Show shopping cart - with products
The customer must be able to add a product into the shopping cart at any time.
The customer must be able to add products to the shopping cart without having to login or create an account.
The customer must be able to delete a product from the shopping cart.
The customer must be able to change the quantity.
Data Entry - functionality
You have already created the prototype for the second submission. As you continue to develop your web application it is expected that you improve or correct your data entry that was based on the assignment feedback.
You need to write the relevant source code to implement the functionality.
Ensure that you are testing the data entry and database update.
Payment details
You have already worked on data entry details for the second submission including this consideration:
For the payment details an organisation would normally contract a third party to provide secure capture of payment details. Of course, in this course we cannot do that, so you need to provide the data entry and storage in the database, realising that this is only a temporary measure to complete the task for this course. Capture the type of card (dropdown) card number and expiry date. Do not use a real credit card to test.
Implement this correctly in your web application.
Class definitions
For this final submission you need to create a Customer class definition. This class definition must include any processing of the data that is contained in the Customer class.
When capturing customer details, you need to instantiate your customer class and retain the object in memory, and accessing the processing methods through the object reference.

Influences on health and social care organization 

Theories and concept of human development and behavior
You also need to create a class definition for the products in the shopping cart. Each product is represented by an object. You also need to create a collection and add the objects to the collection, so that the collection is the representation of the shopping cart.
Data remains in memory until customer completed payment details
All data (shopping cart, customer and payment details) obtained during a session must remain in memory until the customer completed the payment details. At this stage the database will be updated with all the information, customer details, billing and shipping details, shopping cart contents.
Presentation to the business owner
Part of this assignment submission is for you to provide a Power Point Presentation with narration of 5 slides. Use the Audio recording function for each slide. In Power Point click on the Insert tab, then on the ribbon select ‘Record Audio’ from the ‘Audio’ icon on the right. The total length of the presentation must not be more than 10 minutes.
This presentation will address the business owner, and allows you, as the contractor, to sell your completed product.
Note: In the real world, you will be required to make presentations, and that may very well include the General Executive Management team, where you will need to explain your design and why you decided to implement it in the way you did.
The Australian Computer Society, who accredits our IT programs, and the Industry are very much after graduates that are good at communication and presentation skills.
Testing – stages and final
You need to test the functionality of your web application.
Your web application will be run, in debug and development mode, by the markers, so you want to make sure that it all works.
Issues and anomalies

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Provide a list of bugs that still need to be resolved, and a list of incomplete functionality.
If you are not using the standard operating system as requested by the university, then you need to provide details of the type of operating system you used for the development.
Work on the assignment each week
As you are working through the course material each week you are gradually building up your skill level. Therefore, each week you can add more functionality to your web application. This is strongly recommended, as you already have your mind around the relevant functionality. It reduces the bottle neck closer to the due date of the final submission, and allows you to spend more time preparing for the examination.
Ensure to always re-read all the specifications. We repeat this a lot where ever we can. This is crucial for you implementing the correct specifications.
By adding functionality each week you will have more time toward the end of the semester when other course assessments are also due.
The specifications for this course have been designed to provide you with a simulation of a real life scenario – as much as is possible with the limited resources we have.
This assignment allows you to be creative and the result will be that each one of you will submit a unique solution with different design and implementation.
Please do be aware that you can ask for clarification or help should you encounter any hurdles in your development. This is part of the learning process.
Ensure to implement what was covered in the first and second assignment submissions. Also, it is strongly recommended that you reread all specifications as you continue to work through the web application to make sure that you provide what was requested.
Do not get stuck and spend too much time on one particular functionality. Focus on getting everything done, and those items first that come easy to you. Make sure they are working fine before you move to the next. This will leave you time to get back to those functionalities that might take you more time to do, without missing out on the other.
Software developers must be able to complete their development by the due date. This is essential in the industry, and you need to develop skills that make you proactive, and get easier tasks done first, with the focus on completing the whole. Simplicity will always work well in these situations.
What to submit
Make sure to check all the specifications as they contain all the information you need to incorporate into the final version.
With this submission you are providing your web application in the state of a development (not deployment) so that the markers can run it in debug mode on their computers using Visual Studio 2012 with ASP.NET 4.5 on Windows7 Professional operating system on IIS.
You need to submit one zip file that contains the following:
• Your web application folder from the c:inetpubwwwroot
• The Microsoft Access database (which should be in the web application folder)
• Narrated Power Point presentation
• A professionally formatted Word document describing how you tested the web application, listing issues and incomplete functionality with suggestions to resolve and complete them as well as stating use of operating systems not according to the course spec
• Image copyright permissions if the images are not free in accordance to copyright law above

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