CRM at Emirates

CRM at Emirates
Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction& Title. 2

2.0 Problem statement 2

3.0 Research objectives and research questions. 3

4.0 Literature review.. 3

5.0 Methodology. 5

6.0 Data collection and analysis. 5

7.0 Project outline and time plan. 6

8.0 Expected outcome. 8

9.0 Limitations and future research. 9

References. 9

1.0 Introduction and title

Emirates which is Dubai based airline company is one of the fastest growing airlines companies in the world and was established in year 1985. Emirates have received more than 250 international awards in customer excellence. Emirates operate in low budget airline segment in Middle East countries. In present context the major purpose of research would be to understand & explore the benefits of customer relationship management. Further present research would look into the service recovery system for consumer segment of Emirates i.e. economy class travelers (Davenport et al, 2011).

Title for the present research would be “To explore customer relationship management of Emirate so as to assess whether Emirates has sufficient CRM strategy in place”.

2.0 Problem statement

It is important to understand the needs and wants of consumers in present age marketing scenario wherein service delivery would depend upon the extent to which marketers are able to understand and deliver consumer needs. Increasing competition in the service segment across the world has made it compulsory for the marketers to adopt customer relationship management strategies so that loyal customer base can be developed. In the present context Emirates is adopting efficient customer relationship strategies so that they can keep customers for longer time period and build competitive advantage. Emirates need to make changes in their customer relationship management and service recovery system so that higher market share can be attained by Emirates (Piskar and Faganel, 2009).

3.0 Research objectives and research questions

Research objectives for the present context of Emirates can be given as under:

•To understand whether Emirates meet customer demands
•To explore the service recovery system of Emirates so as to enhance loyalty of consumers
•To enhance customer satisfaction for Emirates products & services
Research questions confronted in the present research can be given as under:

•Whether Emirates understand and meet consumer demand for airline services?
•Whether customer relationship management system and service recovery system for Emirates are efficient enough to maintain customers for lifetime?
•Whether Customers of Emirates are having high degree of satisfaction towards their services?
4.0 Literature review

The present research would look into the literature pertaining to the customer relationship management, service recovery system, customer loyalty, service marketing and overall industry scenario in which Emirates is dealing. Customer relationship management in the organizational context can be defined as the system wherein company manages relationship with the existing and future customers of the organization (Lester, 2013). Customer relationship management process makes use of the technology in order to synchronize and automate sales, marketing and service to their consumers. Service recovery system can be defined as the system in order to handle the customer complaint and issues in timely manner with appropriate solution so as to develop customer loyalty and enhancing customer satisfaction level. Service marketing is a specialized branch of marketing which deals with the service part of the marketing process and deliver intangible products to consumers so as to enhance satisfaction level.

In order to maintain a high level of customer relationship management in organization it is important that suitable CRM strategies are in place which are lucrative for the consumer segment of the organization (Joachim, 2012). A CRM strategy of the organization shows the intent to which an organization is concerning about its customer base and how it would acquire, maintain and retain its consumer base in long term. Figure 1 below provides the CRM strategy model for any organization. As given in the figure below that strategy development for the present context would be to adopt particular CRM strategy as per the targeted segment of the organization. This would help in measuring the effectiveness of the CRM strategy for a particular targeted segment adopted by an organization.

Figure 1: Showing the CRM strategy and implementation model

Strategy development process for customer relationship in the organizational context would take place through a series of steps which would involve developing a vision for CRM activities in the organization, defining the target consumer segment, developing objectives for the CRM activities, developing CRM strategic options and finally choosing one of the alternate CRM strategies in the organizational context (Hasan et al, 2013).

Strategy development for CRM would be based on the enabling processes which have been synchronized according to the strategy developed by the organization. There are three enabling processes which would be adopted by the organization in order to enable the CRM activities and these would be value creation, multiple channel integration and information management etc. Value creation would be done by delivering the benefits as desired by consumers, multiple channel integration would be done by enabling the customer service through several probable sources such as physical interaction, online tools and by referral marketing etc. Information management would be done in order to enable the processes and information is managed through technological tools and by deploying work culture which is suitable for maintaining information in the organizational context (Nguyen &Mutum, 2012). The main motive of the CRM activities adopted by organization would be to engage the consumers in a constant communication with the organization so that consumer feedback can be obtained in order to improve upon the product and services of the organization. Employee engagement process would help in order to improve upon the performance and develop the measurement for the customer relationship management.

5.0 Methodology

Research methodology adopted in the present context would be exploratory in nature wherein customer service management and its importance would be explored in special context to Emirates. An empirical research would be conducted by making use of the primary as well as secondary research data (DeGregor, 2011). Primary research data would be collected for the present research by deploying questionnaire and focused group discussion regarding effectiveness of the customer relationship management for Emirates. Secondary research data for the present context would be collected with the help of literature review, case study and other academic sources providing information pertaining to customer relationship management for service industry.

6.0 Data collection and analysis

Primary data collection for the present research would be obtained by questionnaire and focused group discussion method. Questionnaire would be prepared in order to understand the effectiveness of customer relationship management strategies adopted by the organization. Questionnaire would be prepared wherein a sample size of 50 consumers would be taken in order to fill the questionnaire so as to assess the level of customer relationship management (Christopher et al, 2011). Similarly for focused group discussion method of collecting the primary data sample size of 10 consumers would be taken. Probability sampling method would be used in order to select the respondents for the present research. For collecting the secondary data in the present research literature review would be done through different sources such as journals, existing research and articles pertaining to customer relationship management. Secondary data would help in order to know about the existing customer relationship management techniques prevailing in the service marketing field. Data analysis for the data collected through primary and secondary research would be done through statistical analysis and content analysis method. Quantitative data analysis for the present research would be done with the help of statistical tools by developing graphs and tables. For analyzing the qualitative data in present research content analysis method would be adopted wherein based on the data received output would be extracted depending upon the objectives for the present research (Dickie, 2009).

7.0 Project outline and time plan

Project outline for the current project would provide the total number of chapters or phases for the project which are required in order to accomplish the research. Mainly there would be five major chapters; however methodology chapter would be a part of the initial project planning.

Chapter-1 Research planning: The first chapter in the present research would be research planning and would include the activities such as research activities, objective research method and sampling plan (Gulati and Garino, 2000). Research methodology would be selected in the first chapter in order to carry out the present research according to selected research methodology so that there are no issues with the research plan at later stage of research.

Chapter-2 Literature review: Literature review chapter for the current research would include the secondary data for the research wherein existing data pertaining to customer relationship management and service recovery would be covered in order to understand the CRM strategy for Emirates.

Chapter-3 Research methodology: This chapter would include the detailed research methodology which would be exploratory making use of primary & secondary research data.

Chapter-4 Data collection: This chapter would collect the data through primary and secondary sources as per the data collection plan developed in chapter 3.

Chapter-5 Data analysis and discussion: This chapter would analyze the data collected in present research through statistical and content analysis method. Discussion would be done on the key trends pertaining to the data collected for current research.

Chapter-6 Conclusion and recommendations: This chapter would include the conclusion for present research along with recommendations in order to strengthen the CRM strategy for Emirates so that a loyal customer base can be maintained by the organization (Jackson, 2004).

Time plan for conducting present research would be 4 months in which entire stages of research would be accomplished starting from conducting research planning to final report preparation for the current dissertation project. A time plan for the present research can be given as under with the help of table and Gantt chart:

Sr. No Activity Time taken Start date End date
1 Research planning 20 days 01/08/2014 20/08/2014
2 Literature review 20 days 21/08/2014 09/09/2014
3 Data collecting and analysis 20 days 10/09/2014 29/09/2014
4 Final business research thesis 30 days 30/09/2014 29/10/2014

Table 1: Showing the time plan for current research

As shown above that there would be four major phase for the present research which are research planning, literature review, data collection & analysis and final business research thesis preparation. The total time taken for the research would be 4 months under which entire project would be accomplished. The time constraint for the present project would be taken and measured so that project can be accomplished within given time duration.

Figure 2: Showing the Gantt chart for current research project

8.0 Expected outcome

Expected outcomes for the present research would be to find out the customer relationship management strategies adopted by Emirates in order to acquire and retain consumers in the airline industry. Effectiveness for the CRM strategies adopted by Emirates would be found out in order to understand whether Emirates meet the customer needs & wants (Peppers and Rogers, 2009). Further service recovery system for Emirates would be discussed in order to know whether Emirates is able to convert the negative experience into positive service interaction or not. Finally present research would provide the possible ways through which customer service experience would be enhanced for Emirates. Recommendations would be made in order to develop possible ways which would enhance the customer relationship management for Emirates and allow Emirates to make use of the competitive advantage through CRM strategies adopted in the organization.

9.0 Limitations and future research

The major limitation for the present research is the involvement of primary data for the present research as it can be unreliable and may not yield proper results as desired by marketers. Further due to shortage of time it may not be possible to take primary data from large number of respondents about the customer relationship management strategies adopted by Emirates for acquiring and retaining their customers (Schweigert, 2010). Further research can be carried out in present research regarding the usage of technology in order to develop customer relationship management in Emirates. Usage of technology would be explored so as to manage the leads and organize data so that customer relationship can be enhanced and higher customer engagement can be done by Emirates so as to evolve customer relationship as the key advantage for the organization.


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