Human resource Management – HND Assignment Help

Human resource Management – HND Assignment Help

Human resource Management – HND Assignment Help


Human resource Management – HND Assignment Help:

Human resource Management

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Human resource function is considered to be one of the vital sections for the organization that looks after the most important asset i.e. human resource in the organizational surrounding. The recently adopted hotel named UKCBU hotel deals with the human resource management activities in its present context. According to the task, the importance of human resource activities must be made understandable and thereby developing a human resource plan for UKCBC hotel. To prepare this the demand and supply of the market in labour market must be kept in mind. The second task is regarding the employee’s rights and laws in the organization. For UKCBC hotel, the significance of the employee’s rights act and employee relation act must be understood and along with it its impacts must also be focused. The third task focuses on the various development of job description, selection of candidates and job specification on the basis of various selection methods for the specific post in the organization. The fourth and last task focuses on the advantages that UKCBC hotel can achieve by imparting proper training and development in the organization.Personal  and  professional development free solution-2

Task-1 Understand human resource management

P1.1 Analyse role and purpose of human resource management in a service industry

Human resource management is the most vital function in the organization and for the service industry the stress of human resource is more. For UKCBC hotel, which is a hotel industry, human resource management is considered to be more important in the development of an efficient team so that through human resource competitive advantage can be developed. It is the responsibility of the human resource management to choose the right person at right time so that the goals of the organization are met. The main strategic processes that human resource management must include are planning and forecasting, employment contracts, accomplishing the training needs, process for selection and recruitment, deployment of employees, managing employee relation and the last is to develop overall resource plan (Gilmore and Williams, 2009).

The well strategic approaches of the human resource management allow enhancing the skills of the capabilities of the employees so that the organization can gain competitive advantages through different set of HR policies that are developed in the hotel industry. The estimated roles of HRM at UKCBC hotel are illustrated below:

  • Encouraging the staffs in order to obtain high level performance.

  • To meet the organizational goals recruitment and selection of candidates are carried out.

  • The employees are provided with proper training that helps them to meet the organization’s goals and through human resource function competitive benefits can be achieved.

  • Frames a well and beneficial salary structure that attracts many towards UKCBC Hotel.

  • The HRM offers its workers a good and secured organizational environment and contributes to organizational success.

  • Employee performance of appraisal is managed in order to reward the employees.

At UKCBC, the main objective of human resource function is to increase competitive advantage in hotel industry by developing correct sort of human resource, providing proper training to the employees and these are considered to be the most vital asset to the organization.

P1.2 Justify a human resource plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for a selected service industry

The human resource plan for UKCBC hotel analyses the present and future requirements of human resource in the organization by properly monitoring and control process in place. By considering the demand and supply in the hotel industry business the strategic plans of UKCBC are explained below:

  • Resourcing strategy- the aim of the resourcing strategy of UKCBC hotel is to develop competitive advantage through the staffs of the organization that is sustainable for longer period of time. Again, the UKCBC hotel can reduce the staff cost and increase the overall productivity of the staff.

  • Scenario planning- the human resource planning of UKCBC hotel must be flexible in order to adapt itself with the changes in the business scenario. It should also have the capability to sense the changes happened in the environment and must be effective to encounter the worst case scenario relevant to the hotel industry. The Human resource planning must be strong enough to make best out of the opportunities faced in the hotel industry.

  • Forecasting demand and supply- in order to expand their plans UKCBC hotels need to consider the existing demand for people according to the terms of number and skill. To obtain sustainable competitive benefit through human resource it is very important for the UKCBC hotel to accurately estimate the demand in order to avoid additional employee cost in case of surplus employees and also to avoid scarcity of employees. UKCBE can forecast only on the basis of present and future strategies of expansion and contraction. The insertion of the human resources will be done on the basis of the existing demand and supply for the human resources in the market place (DelCampo, 2011).

  • Analysis for labour turnover- the analysis of labour turnover figure is very important to arrange an efficient human resource plan that is cost effective and helps in planning approach of the organization for organizing competitive advantage in the hotel industry.

  • Analysis for work environment- there is a need for UKCBC to create an environment that would help them to attain capabilities and skills and UKCBC has to emphasize in creating such environment. The environment of the workplace plays a very significant role in the performance of the employees.

  • Analysing operational effectiveness- UKCBC is arranging competitive advantage through the process of low cost and high productivity among the employees. In this case analyzing employee productivity base3d on regularity would be crucial to the overall strategic plan of the organization.

  • Resourcing- the organization’s planning of resourcing mainly involves the various activities that would be required to attract, select and set up human resources. The most attractive strategy is to provide the employees with low cost and thereby attract employees by providing them with good work environment and developing opportunities (Noe, 2006).Health and safety in health social care workplace

  • Retention- UKCBC would tend to reduce the employee cost but other organizations can offer them better compensation. Retention becomes a challenge for UKCBC hotel. This in turn results in risks for UKCBC hotel. So to avoid this risk UKCBC should offer its employees with high opportunity of growth, build up good career and after observing everything the employees can remain in their organization for a longer period of time.

  • Flexibility- it is another important characteristic for the human resource in hotel industry and requires people with multiple skills, outsourcing, flexible hours of working and subcontracting etc. These in turn are considered to be the solutions to the challenges faced by the organization.

  • Productivity- in UKCBC, the productivity has a high importance as the organization would develop competitive advantage by reducing cost of employee and boosting productivity among the employees of the organization.

Therefore, based on the demand and supply scenario, the HRM of UKCBC hotel can design better strategies for the organization.

Task-2 Understand the effect of employee relations and employment law on services industries businesses

P2.1 Assess the current state of employment relations in a selected service industry

Another key aspect of human resources is the Employee relationship management and mainly focuses on maintaining a healthy relationship between the employee-employer at workplace as it encourages the employees, motivates them, and enhances the productivity and morale of the employees. The employee relationship at UKCBC hotel determines the resolution to the problems that are faced by the employees that are actually affecting the workplace situation.  Between the employees and the human resources a good communication should be maintained so that the employees do not have to face problems. If such situations arise then the communication between them would help them to solve the problem. The employee relationship management would deal with the below mentioned elements:

  • Employment contract

  • Dissimilarity between contractual employment rights and statutory employment rights.

  • Rules and regulations relating to the work routine.

  • Policy pertaining to avoid employee discrimination

  • Implementation and enforcing the statutory and contractual rights (Lockton, 2006).

Being into service, UKCBC has high degree of importance for the relationship of the employees as it precisely deals with the employee motivation, productivity and job satisfaction that are highly important in the service industry. This in turn boosts the competitive advantage for the organization and therefore it is advisable to manage good employee relations so that the above mentioned vital factors among employees of the organization are enhanced. Unlike the employees of other sectors such as airlines and tourism according to the current status of the employees relations in hotel industry are quite good and pleasant. The hotel industry clearly distinguishes between employee contractual rights and employee statutory employment rights. In UKCBC, the employment contract would be designed keeping into consideration needs of the hotel industry. Again, all the employees are concerned and aware of the working time, discipline at workplace, overtime regulation and termination of employee contract.Aspects of contract and negligence for business

The employee relationship gains high importance in UKCBC hotel in order to develop long and healthy employee relations and in addition to this it increases the value to the competitive advantage of the organization. The UKCBC hotel believes in the psychological, economic and social satisfaction from the employees of the organization. In order to enhance the engagement of the organization, organizational administration would be a very important instrument and besides this continuous communication with the employees will also help in their enhancement. The organization would provide the employees with flexibility to work that are mentioned in the contract that is made between the employee and the organization.  The human resource department would administer all these factors and this in turn would lead to the implementation of the strategies of competitive advantage by maintaining strong employee-employer relationship. Therefore, UKCBC would undertake good employee relationship in order to meet its goals and objectives and thereby developing the strategies of competitive advantage through human resource (Cabrelli, 2010).

P2.2 Discuss how employment law affects the management of human resources in a selected service industry business

The employment relations determine the regulation of the work routine and assure better employee-employer relationship in an organization. The employment laws are also known as labour laws that include various laws regarding the rules and regulations concerning the workplace. The agreements that are framed between the employee and the employer would be appropriate for the state laws and central laws are appropriate for the employers would provide security and human rights to employees. The two main important acts that actually affect the management of the human resource management in hotel industry and are of utmost importance for UKCBC hotel and the acts are employment relation act and employment right act. In this case the employment relation act broadly defines the roles and responsibilities of employees and employers, termination of the services from employee or employer, personal grievances, collective bargains and circumstances of strikes or lockouts from the union trades (Storey, 1992).

The employment right act mainly concerns the employee regarding their salaries, wages, working schedule, dismissal justification, and employer insolvency and providing childcare for the employees. The first and foremost human resource strategy of UKCBC is to maintain low employee cost that would again in turn create challenges for the human resource department of the organization. In order to practice legal and ethics in nature, UKCBC hotel would focus mainly on the employee-employer relationship so that a healthy unity has grew among them.

Therefore, it is noticed from the above explanation that all the areas of Employment relation act and employment right act are valid for the UKCBC hotel. Employment right act are valid for the human resource for UKCBC whereas the UKCBC hotel have not got the right to discriminate between two employees on the basis of gender, race and religion, elements. On the other hand, minimum wage act world determine the minimum wage paid to the employees in UKCBC hotel and as per this the manager requires to decide employee wages (Stewart, 2010).

Task-3 Understand the recruiting and selection process

P3.1 Discuss a job description and personal specification for a selected service industry job

For the selected service in UKCBC the job description and personal specification are given below:

Name of organization- UKCBC Hotel

Name of department- Customer service department

Job title- Customer Service Executive

In hotel industry, the customer care executive helps the customers in booking, checking availability status, pricing and other customization requirements of the customers. They also deal with the customers and help them for having a pleasant experience before their staying (Hunt, 2007).

Key responsibilities:

The key responsibilities for the customer service executives in UKCBC hotel are given as under:

  • Manage calls of the customer for checking availability and confirming the status of reservation

  • Procuring customer feedback on hotel services.

  • Managing the customer losses of baggage and other goods.

  • Information is given by them on various tourism destinations in to the hotel.

  • Enquiring customers regarding their choices of food and assist the hotel staff in taking care of them.

Reporting relationship

In the customer service department, customer service executive would be hired as assistance manager position. He can directly report to the manager of the customer service. Similarly, another important feature is that the customer service executive also has to report to the manager of the hotel as well.

Personal profile (Job specification)

The candidate who will be able to fulfil the following criteria would be eligible for the post:

  • On the advertisement date the candidate appeared for the interview must be aged between 18-30 years.

  • On the date of appearing for interview the candidate must be a graduate and possess high school diploma.

  • Nowadays experience in customer service field is not required but having experience would act as an advantage for the interview purpose.

  • The candidate must have the ability to deliver high level of customer service and undertake pressure by maintaining professionalism at workplace.

  • The candidate found eligible must pass through the background check, medical check and reference check (Dessler, 2000).

Dimensions or content factorsHuman resource management-12

  • The potential candidate would be first employed at call centre within the hotel premises.

  • The mode of communication may be done through telephone, face to face interaction with the customers and also deals with the systems in order to check availability and make reservations.

  • Customer service executive would play a role as a part of the customer service department and furthermore will be employed with eth other staffs of the organization.

Process for development of job description

The documents designed by the human resources department of the hotel are known as job description. The job description includes the rules and regulation of the organization and it also includes information regarding the duties that are to be performed at job, job specification, job summary and tools and techniques that are required to complete the job. The steps that are needed for job description are given below:

  • Make a background collection for the candidate and arrange the requirements of the organization that will help them to make a perfect match.

  • The job specification is developed so that proper details regarding the appropriate candidate for the proposed position.

  • The job descriptions are provided so that the details of roles and responsibilities that is required to be taken care of by the selected candidate.

  • For analysing the job and candidate requirements collection of job analysis data is framed so that a perfect match between the two to establish a fair situation for both and the organization as well.

P3.2 Compare the selection process of different service industries businesses

The main objective of the selection of the job selection activity is to obtain an appropriate candidate who can match with the job description provided by the organization and then proving the candidate with proper position within the organization. The selection techniques that are undertaken by the organization are illustrated below:

  • Interviews- in the service industry interviews are very common. Interviews are taken in order to check both the soft skill and technical skills for a specific job. In order to get the best resu7lt for selecting candidates, interviews give best results. There are various types of interviews such as stress interview, job related interview, acting the job role and technical interview etc.

  • Presentation- during the selection, candidates can be asked to give presentation in front of a panel showcase, their skills in managing customers and presentation skills that would be important for the job roles in service industry.

  • Tests- in order to know the technical knowledge of the candidate for a specific post, written tests are conducted. Again, the organization can take situation test in which they will observe the behaviour of the candidate as per the situation and whether he has the ability to face the situation (Mathis and Jackson, 2003).

  • Psychometric test- this test is considered to be the most effective tool in the present age as it helps to know the personality traits of a candidate. The psychometric test helps to analyse the personality and behaviour of the candidate about whether he or she will be fit for the proposed job in the organization.Aspects of contract and negligence for business

The selection methods differ from organization to organization. There are various types of selecting methods. Selecting specific type of selection methods would rely upon the requirement of the candidate. According to the UKCBC hotel, the hotel manager must have high level of requirements so that he is able to manage the daily activities and along with high level of professionalism he should deal with the client’s grievances and show his level of role in the organization.

The requirement of selection technique differs from one organization to the other and that also depending upon the set of skills required for the particular job. For instance the selection method varies of hotel industry would vary from airline industry though they are into service industry. In case of airline industry there is a high need of technical knowledge, technical and non-technical staff wherein for the hotel industry there would be high requirement of good soft skill amongst the staff of the hotel.

The main reason behind the difference in the selection techniques from industry to industry is due to the knowledge level, set of skills and attitude would be different and vary from industry to industry and therefore the techniques also differ. On the basis of the requirement of the skill set and human resource department of the organization a single or combination of selection techniques as mentioned already will be used by the organization for the selection of the candidates for the suitable position. Accordi9ng to the present context, of UKCBC hotel a combination of test, presentation and psychometric test is the final test for the selection of the candidates. The written test would be conducted in order to carry out the situational analysis with the candidates so that how the particular situations are faced by the candidates.

The written tests will be taken followed by the interview and presentation that would help to understand the communication skill of the candidate as well as the ability to handle the customers. At the end of the session of selecting candidate for the hotel it would involve the psychometric test for the candidate that would enable to assess the behavioural and personality of the candidate. By analysing the score for psychometric test would assist the human resource department to understand the personality traits of the candidate. The traits would be according to the requirement of the organization and then at last final selection of the candidate will be done for the position that was advertised by the UKCBC hotel. Safeguarding in health and social care -3

Task-4 Understand training and development in service industries businesses

P4.1 Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of a selected service industries businesses

The training and development activities in the organizational context are considered to be the asset and that they would help in order to improve skill set of the employees of organization and therefore leads to the higher level of effectiveness in the organization. The activities like training and development are provided within the organization and also have implications on aspects like personal development, health and safety and increasing personal and organizational productivity. Despite of getting constant directions and instructions so that they can deal with the clients, to manage any emergency situation and to manage the customer grievances, there are several facts that lead to provide training to the employees of the organisation. The contributions of training and development activities and its effects are explained below:

  1. Personal productivity- in order to enhance the employee’s productivity of the job role allocated to them by the organization the training and development activities are considered to be very important. The proper training provided to the employees will enable them to manage the work responsibility with effective manner and the personal productivity would be increased offering them with a better career growth.

  2. Organizational performance- the training and development are very important for UKCBC hotel as it would help the organization to acquire better performance in log term and this would help in the reduction of wastage of time and efforts for the organization.

  3. Profitability- in the organization, the employee skill development would help to set up lower cost of productivity and the organization can decrease the level of wastage of resources and hence adding higher profitability in the organization.

  4. Organizational culture- in the organization, the training and development helps to establish environment of diversity, growth and value development in the organization. The training and development also helps in developing learning culture in the organization.

  5. Team spirit- while pertaining to the hotel industry team spirit is considered to be the most vital element. The training and development activities also help to develop the team spirit among the employees of the organization.

  6. Focus on organizational quality- the activities like training and development also proves to be important to ensure quality and quality of work life that are offered to the employees of the organization. The UKCBC hotel pertain training and development activities to the employees that ensure that customer organizational service is maintained (Piskurich, 2009).

  7. Competitive advantage: an efficient workforce helps in boosting growth that provides a competitive advantage to the organization. An efficient workforce can be formed within an organization with the help of proper programmes.

  8. Health and safety- the training and development also provide the employees health and safety regulations. This in turn helps the employees with safety rules that are required to be adopted by the employees of the organization.

Conclusion and recommendation

The well developed and trained human resources present in the organization acts as a weapon to counter competition for UKCBC, and it is also a part of the organization’s strategy. Hence, the main focus of UKCBC would be upon the development of the efficient personal within the organization in order to counter the competition prevailing in the market. It is the duty of the human resource department to manage the workforce present in an organization. An organization should take necessary care to comply with the prescribed laws relating to employee and it should also adhere to the human right s provisions. The HR department of the organization should frame proper structure of recruitment and selection of resources in the organization so that the requirements of the organization are fulfilled and the right person who meet the human resource needs of the organization, selection of the right candidates is very essential for an organization and failure in choosing the right candidates will cause harm to the performance of the company. It is believed that productivity is an essential factor that is needed for the growth of an organization and efficient human resource is required to enhance productivity. Training and development is an inevitable tool for enhancing the performance of the workforce.


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