HRSM at UKCBC Hotel – HND Assignment Help

HRSM at UKCBC Hotel – HND Assignment Help

HRSM at UKCBC Hotel – HND Assignment Help


HRSM at UKCBC Hotel – HND Assignment Help:


Table of Contents

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Human resource function is one of the key departments for the organization which takes care of the most important asset i.e. human resource in the organizational environment. Present paper deals with the human resource management activities adopted in context of newly launched hotel named UKCBC hotel. There are mainly four task which would be performed in the present paper and these includes understanding the human resource management function in organizational context.

This task would be carried out in order to understand the importance of human resource activities in organizational context and to develop a human resource plan for UKCBC hotel keeping in mind the demand and supply scenario in labour market. Second task in the present paper was related with the employee rights and laws in the organizational environment.  This task explores the employee right act and employee relation act in order to understand the impact of these laws in the organization for UKCBC hotel (Bohlander, and Scott, 2010). Third task for the present paper relates to the development of job description, job specification and selection of the candidates based on various selection methods for the particular position in the organization. Fourth task for the present paper explore various benefits which are sought by UKCBC hotel through imparting training and development in the organization. Hence overall major human resource development functions in the organizational context such as development of HR plan, legalities involve in human resource management, recruitment & selection process and finally impacting training for the organizational employees in order to enhance personal and organizational productivity.

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Task-1 Understand human resource management

P1.1 Analyze role and purpose of human resource management in a service industry

Human resource management is considered as the most vital function in the organizational context and for the service industry emphasize of human resource management is even more looking into the focus of industry on the human resource to build competitive advantage. For organization such as UKCBC Hotel prevailing in the hotel industry human resource management would be important to develop an efficient team so as to develop competitive advantage through human resource. Human resource management is responsible in order to hire right candidate at right time so that organizational objective and goals can be meet successfully (Bruce, 2006). Some of the key strategic processes which are expected from the human resource department in an organization include human resource planning & forecasting, process for selection & recruitment, employment contracts, deployment of employees, fulfilling training needs, managing employee relations and developing overall resource plan.

Strategic approach to human resource management would allow leverage on the skills and capabilities of the employees in order to gain competitive advantage through distinctive set of HR policies developed in the hotel industry. Some of the expected major roles for strategic HRM at UKCBC hotel can be given as under:

  • Recruitment and selection of candidate to meet organizational requirements

  • Imparting staff training so as to meet organizational objectives and building competitive advantage through human resource function

  • Designing lucrative salary structure to attract employees towards UKCBC hotel

  • Motivating the staff to deliver high class performance

  • To offer a safe work environment so that employees feel secure and contribute to organizational success without safety concerns

  • Managing employee performance appraisal in order to reward employees

Purpose of strategic human resource function at UKCBC hotel is to develop competitive advantage in hotel industry by deploying, training and developing right kinds of human resource which are considered as the most important asset to service organizations.

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P1.2 Justify a human resource plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for a selected service industry

Human resource plan for UKCBC hotel would analyze the assessment of the present and future human resource requirements in the organization with proper monitoring and control process in place. Keeping in mind the supply and demand for human resource in hotel industry business strategic plan for UKCBC hotel would consist below mentioned elements:Safeguarding in health and social care

  • Resourcing strategy: Resourcing strategy for UKCBC hotel would be to gain competitive advantage through its staff which is sustainable in longer period. Further UKCBC hotel would tend to reduce the staff cost by enhancing overall productivity of their staff (Callaway, 2007).

  • Scenario planning: Human resource planning adopted at UKCBC hotel should be such that it should sense the environment changer elements and is flexible enough to face the worst case scenario pertaining to the hotel industry. Similarly HRM planning should be strong to make best out of the opportunities confronted in the hotel industry.

  • Forecasting for demand & supply: UKCBC hotel needs to forecast the demand for people in terms of number & skill looking into their expansion plans. In order to attain the sustainable competitive advantage through human resource it is important that UKCBC hotel should accurately forecast the demand so as to avoid additional employee cost in case of excess employees and to get away with situation of scarcity of employees.

  • Analysis for labour turnover: For UKCBC hotel analyzing actual labour turnover figure would be essential in order to deploy an efficient human resource plan which is cost effective and helps in strategic approach of the organization for deploying competitive advantage in the hotel industry.

  • Analysis for work environment: UKCBC hotel should analyze the work environment in which employees are working as this would have major implication on the learning capability (Cascio, 1986). A learning supportive environment developed in the organization would help people to attain capabilities and skills with work co-ordination at workplace.

  • Analyzing operational effectiveness: As UKCBC is deploying competitive advantage through lower cost and higher productivity among employees so analysis of employee productivity on regular basis would be critical to the overall strategic plan of the organization.

  • Resourcing: Resourcing plan for the organization would include the activities in order to attract, select and deploy human resource. UKCBC with its strategy to lower cost can attract potential employees by providing good work environment and growth opportunities.

  • Retention: Retention of human resource would be a key challenge to UKCBC hotel as organization would tend to lower down employee cost and a better compensation offer from other organization can create challenge for the UKCBC. In order to tackle problem of retention employees should be provided good career growth and opportunities so that by looking into long term growth and career with the organization employee can remain with the organization for longer period of time.

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is an essential trait for the human resource in hotel industry and demands for multi skilling, outsourcing, flexible working hours and subcontracting etc. These activities would offer solution to the human resource challenges confronted to the organization (David, 2009).

  • Productivity: Productivity at workplace for UKCBC has high importance as company would develop competitive advantage by reducing cost of employee and fostering higher productivity among the employees of the organization.Business strategy assignment help

Hence above mentioned factors would be critical to the human resource plan of UKCBC hotel based on the supply and demand scenario.

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Task-2 Understand the effect of employee relations and employment law on services industries businesses

P2.1 Assess the current state of employment relations in a selected service industry

Employee relationship management is a key aspect of the human resource function and peculiarly deals with maintaining employee-employer relationship at workplace in order to enhance motivation, productivity and morale of the employees. Employee relationship at UKCBC hotel would mean resolution of the problems faced by employees affecting workplace situations. A continuous communication would be developed between human resource function of the organization and employees so that issues faced by them can be considered and organization provide suitable resolution for their issues. For UKCBC hotel ideal employee relationship management would deal with the below mentioned elements:

  • Difference between statutory employment rights and contractual employment rights

  • Employment contract

  • Rules and regulations pertaining to the working schedule

  • Employee contract renewal or termination

  • Employee discrimination avoidance policy

  • Enforcing the implementation of contractual and statutory rights

UKCBC being into service industry has high degree of importance for the employee relations as it directly deals with employee motivation, productivity and job satisfaction which are of high importance in the service industry (Draft, 2010). These elements would foster competitive advantage for the organization hence it is advisable to manage good employee relations in order to enhance these three crucial factors among employees of the organization. Current stages of employee relations in hotel industry are quite satisfactory despite of the crisis of employee relationship management in other service industry sectors such as airlines and tourism. Hotel industry clearly distinguishes between employee contractual rights and statutory employment rights. Employment contract in UKCBC hotel would be done keeping in mind the statutory requirement of the hotel industry. Further almost all hotel industry players are well aware of the working time, overtime regulations, discipline at workplace and termination of employee contract.

UKCBC hotel would lay high degree of importance to the employee relationship management in order to develop a long employee relations adding value to the competitive advantage of the organization. UKCBC hotel has the expectations for psychological, economic and social contentment from the employees of the organization. Organizational administration would be a key tool along with continuous communication with the employees so as to enhance their engagement in the organization. Employees would be provided with flexibility to work within the framework offered under contract made between organization and employees (Johnson et al, 2011). Management of all these factors from the human resource department of the organization would lead to implementation of strategic competitive advantage by keeping healthy employee-employer relationship. Hence it can be said that UKCBC would adopt good employee relationship in order to fulfil their organizational objective and strategy of developing competitive advantage through human resource.

P2.2 Discuss how employment law affects the management of human resources in a selected service industry business

For any organization employment relations gives directions for regulation of the work schedule and ensure better employee-employer relationship. Employment laws are also known as the labour laws and cover range of rules and regulations pertaining to workplace. An agreement made between the employee and employer would be eligible for the state laws while central law applicable for the employees would provide the security and human rights to employees. Basically there are two major acts affecting the management of human resource management in hotel industry and are of utmost importance for UKCBC hotel as well which are employment relation act and employment right act (Luthans, 2005). Employment relations act for the organization provides a broad framework for defining roles and responsibilities of both employees and employers, termination of the services from employee or employer, personal grievances, collective bargains and condition of strike or lockout from the trade unions.Understanding specific need in health and social care

Employment right act is particularly related to the employees with factors such as salaries & wages paid to the employees, working schedule, dismissal justifications, employer insolvency and childcare for the employees. UKCBC has its prime human resource strategy to maintain low employee cost which would create challenges for the human resource department of the organization. UKCBC would maintain coherence between their human resource policies and employees of the organization so that organization’s practice is legal and ethical in nature. Hence entire areas of employment relation act and employment right act are applicable for the UKCBC hotel.

Task-3 Understand the recruiting and selection process

P3.1 Discuss a job description and personal specification for a selected service industry job

Job description and personal specification for a selected service in UKCBC hotel can be given as under:

Name of the organization- UKCBC Hotel

Department name- Customer service department

Title of the job- Customer service executive

Summary of the job: Customer service executives in hotel industry assist the customers for booking, checking availability status, pricing and other customization requirements of the customers. They handle various inquiries from the customers and assist them for having a pleasant experience before stay.

Key responsibilities: Key responsibilities for the customer service executives in UKCBC hotel can be given as under:

  1. Handle customer calls for checking availability and confirming the status of reservation

  2. Handling customer grievances for lost of goods and baggage related issues

  3. Taking customer feedback on hotel services

  4. Giving customers information on the various tourism destinations in to the hotel

  5. Asking customers regarding their food preference and assisting hotel staff to take care of the food preferences

Reporting relationship

Customer service executive would be hired at assistance manager grade in the customer service department. His direct reporting would be to the manager customer service. Further there would be dual reporting structure wherein customer service executive will also report to the hotel manager as well (Robbins, 2008).    

Personal profile (Job specification)

A candidate fulfilling below mentioned criteria would only be considered as eligible for the present job:

  • A person should be in age range from 18 years to 30 years as on the date of advertisement for the job

  • Candidate should posses High school diploma or graduation on the date of appearing for interview

  • Though present job did not mandatorily requires experience in customer service field but experience in the same field especially in hotel industry would be considered as an added advantage for the candidate.Theories and concept of human development and behavior

  • Candidate should be able to handle the pressure and deliver high level of customer services by maintaining professionalism at workplace

  • Potential candidate for the present customer service executive should pass through the background check, reference check and medical test

Dimensions or content factors

  • Potential candidate would be employed at call centre or within the hotel premises

  • Mode of operation would be telephonic, face to face interaction with customers and dealing with systems in order to check availability and make reservations

  • Customer service executive would be acting as a part of the customer service department and would be employed with other customer service staff of the organization

Process for development of job description

Job description is the document produced by human resource department of the hotel which contains important information regarding duties to be performed at job, job summary, job specifications and tools & techniques used in order to accomplish the job. There are basically five steps required for a job description which can be given as under:

  1. Collecting background information for the candidate and aligning the organizational requirement with the candidate so as to develop a perfect match (Storey, 2012)

  2. Selecting the representative information so as to understand whether particular

  3. Development of the job specification in order to provide details regarding suitable candidate for the advertised position

  4. Job description would be provided in order to provide details of roles and responsibilities which needs to be taken care by the selected candidate

  5. Collection of job analysis data in order to analyze the job and candidate requirement so that a perfect match between the two can be establish for creating a win-win situation for both candidate as well as for organization

P3.2 Compare the selection process of different service industries businesses

The main purpose of selection activity in the organization is to identify a suitable candidate matching with the job description provided by the organization and employing that candidate in particular position. As per the observation of various jobs and literature pertaining to selection methods in service organizations below are the major selection techniques adopted by the service industry organizations:

  • Interviews: Interviews are conducted in the service industry so as to check both soft skill as well as technical skills for the particular job. An interview is considered as the best tool for the judgement of skill set for the candidate. Further interview can be of different types such as stress interview, job related interview, acting the job role and technical interview etc (Stride et al, 2007).

  • Presentations: Candidates can be asked to give presentation in front of a panel showcase their customer handling skills and presentation skills which would be important for the job roles in service industry.

  • Tests: Written test can be conducted in order to know the technical knowledge of the candidate pertaining to particular job area. Further situation test can be conducted so as to provide different situations from workplace to candidates and candidates would be asked to give their reaction for the particular situation.

  • Psychometric test: Psychometric tests are mandatory in present age service industry wherein these tests are considered as the effective tool to know the personality traits of a candidate. Score of psychometric test is analyzed in order to know the personality and behaviour of candidate in order to ensure that it matches with the job requirement of the organization.

Different types of organizational position would require the varied selection methods to be adopted for the candidates. Selection of particular type of selection method would depend upon the kind of competency which is required in the candidate. In UKCBC hotel, hotel manager should have high degree of competency in order to handle the team, to manage daily operations and to handle client’s grievances with high level of professionalism shown in their organizational role.Unit 4 – Personal  and professional development in health and social care

The preference for selection technique adopted in a particular organization may differ from one industry to another depending upon the skill set required for the particular job. For example selection techniques would differ from hotel industry to airline industry though both are into service industry. In airline industry there would be higher requirement for the technical knowledge technical and non technical staff as well while for the hotel industry there would be requirement of better soft skill among the staff of the hotel (Armstrong, 2008).

The reason for difference in selection techniques from one industry to another is mainly due to the reason that knowledge level, skill set and attitude would be completely different from one industry to another hence the selection techniques would also differ accordingly. Based on the requirement of the skill set and human resource department of the organization a single or combination of selection techniques as mentioned above would be used by the organization for selecting the candidates for the desired position. For the present context of UKCBC hotel a combination of test, interview, presentation and psychometric test would be used for the final selection of the candidates. Written test would be conducted in order to carry out the situational analysis with the candidates so as to understand how particular situations are being tackled by the candidates.

Written test would be followed by a basic interview and presentation which would showcase the communication skill and customer handling skill for the candidate. Last step of the selection process for hotel would involve carrying out the psychometric test for candidate in order to assess the behavioural aspect of a candidate. Interpretation of the score for psychometric test would help the human resource department to understand the personality traits and in case these traits would be as per the requirement of the organization then final selection of the candidate would be done for the advertised position with UKCBC hotel (Armstrong, 2008).

Task-4 Understand training and development in service industries businesses

P4.1 Assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of a selected service industries businesses

Training and development activities in the organizational context are said to be asset creating activity as they would help in order to improve skill set of the employees of organization thereby leading to higher level of effectiveness in the organization. Training and development activities imparted in the organization have implications on several aspects such as health & safety, personal development and enhancing personal & organizational productivity. Though staff in UKCBC hotel would get continuous instructions in order to deal with clients, to mange any emergency situation and to handle the customer grievances but still there are several reasons for which UKCBC has high degree of emphasis on imparting training to the employees of the organization (Bruce, 2006). Contribution of training and development activities to effectively manage organizational operations in UKCBC hotel can be given as under:

  1. Personal productivity: Training and development activities carried by UKCBC would be important in order to enhance the employee’s productivity towards the job role assigned to them in organization. With proper training provided to the employees they will be able to handle the work responsibility with effective manner and their personal productivity would be enhanced giving them a better career growth (Amos et al, 2009).

  2. Organizational performance: Providing training to the employees of the organization would help the organization to gain better performance in long term as this would reduce wastage of time and efforts for the organization (David, 2009)Understanding specific need in health and social care

  3. Profitability: Employee skill development activity would help the organization in order to deploy low cost strategy wherein organization can reduce wastage of resource thereby adding higher profitability in the organization.

  4. Organizational culture: Providing training and development in the organizational context would help in order to develop the environment of diversity, growth and value development within the organization. Training and development helps in establishing learning culture in the organization.

  5. Team spirit: Team spirit is the most important element when it is considered pertaining to the hotel industry. Training and development activities help in order to develop the team spirit among the employees of the organization.

  6. Focus on organizational quality: Training and development activities are important in order to ensure the organizational quality and quality of work-life provided to the employees of the organization. Training and development activities would ensure that organizational customer service is maintained in UKCBC hotel.

  7. Health and safety: Training and development activities are important in order to provide health and safety regulations for the employees of the organization. These regulations would help in order to provide the safety rules which need to be adopted by employees while working in the organization.

  8. Competitive advantage: Training and development activities in the organization would help to evolve skills for the employees that would be helpful to gain competitive advantage for UKCBC hotel and this competitive advantage attained by the organization would be imitable and sustainable in nature.

  9. Employee morale and attitude: Training and development activities would be able to alleviate employee morale as a skilled employee would be able to perform the task in better manner. Further training and development activities would be helpful in order to build employee motivation, leadership skills and loyalty as well.

Conclusion and recommendations

Business strategy of UKCBC is to gain competitive advantage through trained and well developed human resource in the organization. Hence it is recommended that UKCBC should put high degree of emphasis towards the employee development in organizational context so that organization can gain competitive advantage by developing its employees. Further present paper has showcased that development of human resource plan should be the prime activity for human resource management department and this should be done keeping in mind supply and demand scenario in national markets. Further organization should take utmost care of the legal laws pertaining to employees of the organization and accordingly regulations should be laid in the organization. Recruitment and selection techniques adopted in the organizational environment should be such that they match with the organizational requirement of suitable candidate for desire job role. Finally training and development is an important organizational function and it is important in order to fulfil organizational objectives to enhance productivity of the organization.

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