How to Help with Homework

How to Help Children With Homework – The Basics

How to Help with Homework 

Children need love and care. This is no secret. If parents take interest in the homework assignments of their children, the latter show interest in completing their assignments. Parents should show that they value education as well as homework. There are many ways through which parents can help their children with homework. Let us explore some of them.

Fixing a Time Table

Parents should set aside a few hours daily to help their children with their home assignments. This can be done by analyzing their daily work schedule. The number of hours you wish to give to your child depends on his learning needs, his age, type of assignments, level of difficulty and of course, your working hours. Some children might be more productive in the evenings, while others might show more efficiency after an hour of sports. Outdoor activities such as music classes, dance classes, and tennis lessons also take a lot of time. Though all these are crucial for the all-round development of your child, these should not interfere with his homework time.

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Choosing the right place

It is important that you choose the right place for your child’s study. Many parents spend more time and money on making the study area fancy. This, however, is not at all important. A study room should be well lit, clean, airy and most important, quiet.

Getting rid of Distractions

Distracting elements like loud music, television, and living room should not be close to the study area. Telephone calls should be avoided by all means during your child’s study time, unless urgent. Some children work efficiently with some kind of background music. The important thing is to analyze different aspects that can make your child more productive.

Availability of Resources

Parents should ensure that study materials such as pens, pencils, writing paper, dictionary, erasers, calculator, paper clips, and world map are available in your child’s study area. Children sometimes complain about not having enough resources to complete their homework. This way they get an excuse not to do their assignments. Providing your child with an Internet connection using a laptop or a desktop is a good idea only if it is not misused. Sometimes, the Internet can provide a lot of information for the completion of a homework assignment. It is important, however, that your child does not start surfing websites that are irrelevant in context to his assignment.

Setting an Example

Often, children imitate their parents and elders. Therefore, parents should cultivate good habits like reading and writing. Educational games, for instance, can be used from time to time. Visiting places like public library, museums, and botanical gardens with your child can have a positive effect on him.

Involving in Your Child’s activities

Parents should show interest in school activities like parent-teachers meet, annual days, teacher’s day, and children’s day. Parents should interact with teachers to understand their child’s needs. Parents who participate in their child’s school activities can contribute more to their child’s growth in and out of school. In case, you have hired an online math tutor or online English tutor for homework help, you should also talk to the online tutoring organization to learn about your child’s progress. K-12 tutoring can be of great help as far as assignment help is concerned. With the recent popularity of home schooling, online tutoring has become an important part of education. Parents should join hands with educators and online tutors to work out new ways to make homework a more interesting affair for children.

The Author brings over 6 years of e-learning and online tutoring experience. Having a deep understanding of pedagogy and child psychology, the writer has developed numerous strategies to improve e-learning and online tutoring for Grades K-12 and higher through various techniques that question the conventional ways of instructing.

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