Economic Status of Teaching

Economic Status of Teaching

  • Presently in India status of teaching is not very good as it was earlier. This has happened because of emergence of numerous universities as well as colleges in different regions of India which was evident after many crisis situations which occurred in the country. Before 2004 many universities were running and flourishing in a single room or flat in various states. Number of these types of fraud colleges and universities were more than 10,000. All these universities were closed in 2004 because they were not fulfilling the norms of AICTE (All India council for technical education). After the closure of these universities many students who were enrolled were out from the colleges and have no future. In fact education is considered as business in India and main objective of opening a college is to earn profit. These objectives have degraded the level and status of teaching in India. Now the teachers in the private colleges are recruited on the basis of just requirement but not the qualification.

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  • Those persons who have passion towards teaching and giving their 100% effort to teaching are compared with the teachers who have adopted this profession out of no choice in India. This has diminished the concept of welfare economicsin teacher labor market in India. Sometimes the teachers just because of his influence get promoted to higher level irrespective of the performance and this motivates the teacher performing well either to switch the college or leave the job. Thus welfare economics concept is devalued in India in case of teacher labor market.

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