BTEC HND Professional and Personal Development Assignment Help

BTEC HND Professional and Personal Development Assignment Help


This BTEC HND Professional and Personal Development assignment would be discussing on the personal and professional development of an individual in any kind of an environment where that individual works. There are total 4 tasks in the entire assignment. Task 1 would be a report comprising of 100 words discussing on various sub tasks like various approaches to self –managed learning, ways in which the professional learning could be enhanced for life long and the benefits of the self-managed learning for an individual as well as the organization. Task 2 would be an evaluation on the current skills that we have with respect to the ones that are required in the professional world. The various developmental needs that will help us in meeting the opportunities and the developmental plan of action for the identified needs would also be planned. Task 3 would also be a report for 1000 words that will discuss on the various activities and the processes that will help us making the self-developmental plan a great success. Task 4 would be a presentation with the objective of further discussing on the personal and professional developmental plan for an individual and their importance. This assignment would also give example of a developmental chart that will discuss on the activities and the objectives that are to be achieved in all respects.





In this report a study would be carried out on the self-learning and its benefits to an individual and the organization. We will also study on the various approaches and the ways in which self-learning and skill inheritance could be encouraged.

1.1 Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning

This also refers to the proper planning in terms of setting the objectives and their learning outcomes and the target dates of the completion of the learning process. This greatly helps in keeping a close look and the monitoring process for the kind of self-learning that has been obtained. There are various approaches to the self-managed learning:

Learning through Research – This is the way in which everything that an individual sees, observes and learns is done through the thorough research on that subject. This helps us in keeping a track and gaining maximum knowledge out of it. Research even explores the unidentified areas that the individual could easily learn and apply in the future. There have been so many researches. In case an individual would try to explore more and more on a specific subject, he would get to know a lot of things. These things would not have been explored in the past. When knowledge exists and learning is done then the confidence level increases more.
Learning from others and environment – When an individual communicates, interacts and survives in his personal and professional environment, he leans a lot from his environment. This takes place in the form of coaching, mentoring, conferences, interviews, seminars, social networking sites, new groups and the usage of the internet. Sometimes we think that we know everything but when actual implementation is done the fact is revealed. Others may know better than us.
1.2 Propose ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged.


The ways in which the learning process will continue to grow and develop with respect to the personal and professional contexts of an individual are:

Keeping consistency in education – The person may not stop studying the subjects and continues to gain knowledge by reading books, magazines and the news related so that he develops his learning in all respects. It is always essential that he learns on consistent level.
He should always remain engaged in learning, mentoring and coaching of the other individuals through that process, sharing of ideas, beliefs, suggestions would be done. This way the knowledge and learning of each individual would take place.
An individual needs to assess the skills of him and accordingly plan, organize and evaluate his skills benchmarking them from others as well as his environment.
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1.3 Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and organization.

Self-Managed learning is very important in the life of an individual. He is able to enhance his learning, knowledge and information on a specific and certain subject. There are a lot of benefits that are achieved when an individual encourages self-managed learning. The benefits at the individual levels are:

Enhancement of personal and professional skills – When we will interact, communicate, read, study and research certain subjects and the topics then we surely end up increasing our knowledge on them. When we increase our knowledge then get the confidence in exhibiting them in front of the public as well.
Mapping of present and required skills in order to gain an edge in competition – We are able to map up our skills that we currently have and accordingly set a target for the required skills to excel in our careers.
Overcoming the threats and barriers in the progression of the careers – When we will gain more information, learning and the knowledge on certain subjects then surely we overcome the barriers. These barriers in case would not be removed through self-learning would result in failure in terms of our careers.
Building of an effective portfolio for the individual – When the individual gains the knowledge and learning on the subjects then his portfolio automatically gets enhanced.
Maintaining and nurturing the personal and professional public relations – Due to our learning, information and knowledge sometimes, we are able to make a position in the world (Lieberman, 1995).
The benefits of self-learning to the organization are:

It gets skilled, talented and competent individuals – When the employees will learn and acquire new skills then surely, they are able to get more competencies than others and hence forth gain talent and skills.
The company need not spend huge amounts of capital on the training and developmental needs of the organization – In order to be successful in the market, the company keeps training its employees so that they learn and acquire new skills. When these individuals will get aligned and progressive towards the self-managed learning then they will reduce the training overheads for the company in all the ways.
Hence self-managed learning process helps an individual to gain new skills that give him an edge in his own personal and professional growth and even helps the company in getting progressive on the path of success through these learned and talented people.