American Studies and Finance Assignment Help

American Studies and Finance Assignment Help

  • American Studies and Finance assignment help will give you a thorough view on the topics of American Studies and Finance management. Through this ‘wordy’ and ‘worthy’ piece on American studies and Finance Management assignment help, you will get the optimum idea of our services on the same.

  • Finance Management is an interdisciplinary course often studied along with another course, which in this particular case is finance. The cumulative course in American studies and finance focuses on providing students with a holistic view of the United States of America from all relevant points of view. Help in assignment of American Studies and Finance Management will lend you a clear conception of each of these. Along with this, students engage with the subject through American Studies and Finance Management assignment help aiding them to understand finance at a core level and learn about its various aspects, principles and practical applications. While the course provides a generalized introduction to both subjects in the first year. The second and third year invariably involve rigorous and focused studies of particular aspects of American studies and finance respectively. Students elect particular course which they wish to further their studies in and thus they specialize in domains that give access to those particular fields. Considering the importance of these concepts, we leave no stones unturned when we provide you with American Studies and Finance assignment help.

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  • Topics of Finance
    Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Corporation Finance, International Business, Management Information Systems, Principles of Management, Business Law, Business Ethics, Organizational Behavior, Business Strategy and Policy, Marketing Principles and Application, Operations Management, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory & Policy, Financial Management, Principles of Investments, Securities Analysis, Banking and Financial Institutions, Advanced Financial Management, International Finance and Banking.

  • Electives in American Literature
    Introduction to African American Literature, Poe and the Literature of the British Colonies of North America and of the Early United States, Literary Romanticism in the United States, James and Post-Romantic Literature in the United States,Faulkner and Modernism
    in the United States, American Poetry, American Fiction Since 1945, The Harlem Renaissance

  • Electives in American Social Sciences
    Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century America, The Early Republic, African-American History to 1865, African-American History from 1865, American Civil War, Reconstruction and the Gilded Age, Progressivism and the Twenties
    The New Deal and World War II, The United States Since 1945, American Intellectual History, Victorian America, History of American Women, Hollywood Films in the Depression and World War II

  • Selected Topics in American History
    The Legislative Process, The American Presidency, Women and Politics, American Political Thought, State and Local Politics, Elections and the Political Process, Law and Society, Constitutional Powers and Judicial Process, Civil Liberties, American Foreign Policy, City and Suburb, Religion in the United States

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