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Assignment 2
Focus: The focus of this assignment is on developing an appropriate marketing plan with emphasis on 'marketing mix' strategy for a new product or service in an existing or new international market.
Task: The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to utilise your knowledge of international marketing to undertake an analysis of the overseas market condition to develop a practicable marketing plan.
Below is an example of an international marketing plan which is shown and explained in detail in chapter 8 of your text book.
In completing this assignment students should determine their own format and content based on the assignment focus and task as detailed above.
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Title Page
Table of Contents
• The industry
• The company
Situation analysis
• Business environment e.g. Political & Legal factors
• Market analysis e.g. Characteristics, forecasts & trends
• Competitor analysis e.g. Strengths
• Organisational capabilities e.g. Capacity
• SWOT analysis
Marketing strategies:
• Foreign market entry strategy
• Target market and segmentation strategy
• Positioning strategy
• Marketing mix strategy
Company objectives
Economic evaluation
• Planning assumptions
• Forecast sales & costs
Marketing Implementation & Control
• Action plan
• Budgets
Monitoring & Control Mechanism(s)

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