ACC101 Accounting for Decision Making

ACC101  Accounting for Decision Making
Semester 2, 2016

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Case Study Assessment (2000 words)

In ACC101 we have been examining the financial accounts of JB Hi-Fi (mostly for 2012).  You are now requested to obtain the JB Hi-Fi Statements up to 30 June 2016, and analyse the financial position and performance of JB Hi-Fi, and compare it to their performance in recent years.

Required:  Please include in your individual analysis:
  • An explanation of your understanding of the purpose of financial accounting statements,

  • An evaluation of the accounting practices used to produce the JB Hi-Fi annual report,

  • An analysis of the annual report using financial ratio tools, and

  • Your opinion on the future for JB Hi-Fi.


Financial information on JB Hi-Fi can be obtained from either:  under trading code JBH, or

Use the full Annual Report and not the Preliminary Final Annual Report

Some common financial ratio tools might be:

Profitability ratios
  • Return of equity

  • Return on assets

  • Financial leverage

  • Asset turnover

  • Earnings per share

Liquidity ratios
  • Cash ratio

  • Current ratio

  • Quick ratio

  • Receivables turnover

  • Inventory turnover

Solvency ratios
  • Times interest earned

  • Cash coverage ratio

  • Debt-to-equity ratio

Market based ratios
  • Price/earnings ratio

  • Dividend yield ratio


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