MGT712 – Corporate Governance, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility


MGT712 – Corporate Governance, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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The case study for Task 3 takes a step back into Australian history and critically analyse the events surrounding the demise of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC).


There is an old saying about history repeating itself, this frequently happens where there is ignorance as the lessons of the past have not been learned. This task is consistent with the Action Learning methodology to observe and reflect, which then leads to new plans.


At USC we have a Reconciliation Plan. Therefore we include content that has significant Indigenous recognition and relevance.  The purpose of this assessment task is not to compare the ethos of political parties, but to look to the issues of corporate governance, which also apply in the public sector.  Although it is not equivalent to a public listing through Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the accountability of the ‘public purse’ and actions based on the ‘public interest’ remain key issues in the public’s expectations of governance.


The assessment task requires you to read the article by Ivantiz. The article (see below on page 2) outlines the main issues at the time and made some predictions about the future for ATSIC.


Full assessment criteria is on page 3.


Your task is to:


Find academic articles/references (minimum 8) post 2000 and critically assess the situation of ATSCI post 2000 (though articles prior to 2000 may also been relevant if you want to include them).


Critically assess the history of ATSIC post 2000 and report your findings.


You will need to conduct a stakeholder analysis (and produce a stakeholder map as discussed in the lectures).  This map needs to include a legend of the relationships.


Develop a model, based on good corporate governance, ethics and Corporate Social Governance that will meet the needs of ATSIC’s key stakeholders.


Make your recommendations that may assist in a more successful outcome if there was to be an ATSIC V.2.


Assessment criteria

Demonstration of relevant theoretical and practical aspects of corporate social responsibility correctly applied to the case study

Identification of ethical perspective

Evaluation of scenario and implications

Present research findings using a report format as per Summers and Smith (Communication Skills Handbook) – Exec summary and Table of Contents not required

Support discussion with use of models

Apply the style guide for professional document presentation (no spelling or grammatical errors).





Ivanitz, M (2000) “The Demise of ATSlC? Accountability and the Coalition Government”, Australian Journal of Public Administration, Mar2000, Vol. 59 Issue 1, p3. 10p.


Abstract: ATSIC has been portrayed by the Coalition government as an organisation that is not financially accountable and, because of this, is not achieving positive service delivery outcomes for Aboriginal people. Drawing on documentary material and fieldwork data, this article argues that ATSIC is indeed accountable and that the Coalition is putting the accountability argument forward as a means of justifying the dismantling of ATSIC. Given the past and recent actions taken by the Coalition, it is unclear how much longer ATSIC will be able to survive in its current form. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR] .







Assessment Criteria Task 3      MGT 712

Due at COB Friday at the end of Week 11

Please note: 1: No extensions without official supporting documentation

2: Make sure you complete your check list before submitting, and attach the check list with your assignment as an appendix

Criteria equally weighted

2500 word – 50% weighting for the course


CriteriaRaw Mark within GradeRemarks





Use of appropriate conceptual frameworks  and any others you have found through researching and scholarly references (minimum 8) 


Quality of evaluation of issues  


Analysis of the relevant facts 

Convincing recommendations and conclusions drawn 

Quality of the report including clarity of expression and presentation (format, grammar and spelling) and use of models (note: Stakeholder Chart required) 

Total mark out of 50      




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