Board Report: Corporate Communication Plan

Assessment item 2

Board Report: Corporate Communication Plan

Value: 30%

Length: 2,500 words

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You have recently been promoted into the role of head of communications for a publically listed company. Your first assignment in the role is to develop a communication plan for the launch of an innovative car by Toyota Motor Group.


The board of directors have requested that you prepare a report which outlines the framework of your proposed communication plan by:
  • identifying relevant stakeholders (including internal and external stakeholders, as well as across cultures);

  • determining the objective and the scope of communication plan for the launch of the car;

  • determining Toyota's various formal and informal communication channels (including the advantages and disadvantages of each channel);

  • providing commentary about how you will critically evaluate the effectiveness of your communications plan.

  • ensure that the discussion extends beyond theoretical concepts

The report is to be 2,500 words in length and presented in a standard business report format comprising the following:
  • Executive summary

  • Table of contents

  • Introduction

  • Body

  • Conclusion

  • APA referencing


Covering material from topic 1 - 6, this assessment is designed to develop your ability to articulate an argument within a report style format.

More specifically it seeks to assess your understanding of the following learning outcomes:
  • 1. Be able to use communication skills to inform, instruct and persuade

  • 2. Be able to explain and critically evaluate communication standards and conventions in business

  • 3. Be able to explain the complexity of communication across cultures, within teams, and in the management of people

  • 4. Be able to identify and apply an ethical framework for business communication

  • 6. Be able to identify and critically evaluate formal and informal communication channels in organisations

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