Assignment 1 : E-Business


Assignment brief
QualificationBTEC HNC Computing and Systems Development
Unit number and titleUnit 1
Start date21/10/13
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Assignment titleAssignment 1 : E-Business

The purpose of this assignment is to:

Design and create a website to a client’s specification.

Client Brief

You work in an electrical reseller and you are considering starting a website. You have been approached to find out about doing e-commerce and the advantages and disadvantages to doing business online.

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Their main sales from this business come from TV systems, but they sell large electrical items like Fridges and Freezers, HIFI systems and most recently they stock game consoles and games. Also they have a specialist photographic department that sell cameras and accessories.

This assignment is split into several tasks that you need to work through step by step. This is done in the form of written documentation.

The current structure of the business is

MD – Managing director of business, works in office near their business

HRM – Human resources manager

HRA – Human resources  administrator

SM – Sales Managers, who works in shop floor or in main office with MD.

SP – Sales persons, who work on shop floor.

A – general admin staff who help sales staff


PS – Photo specialists (sell and are photography experts) – work in Photoshop located next to main building



All written work and forms are to be handed in using a green folder, with a contents sheet in size 12 fonts. Plagiarism is not allowed in any work that is handed in and all work must be referenced, using the Harvard referencing system.
You will be penalised if you do not reference your sources appropriately!

Plagiarism is the deliberate attempt to gain advantage by presenting work that is not your own. Plagiarism occurs where referencing is deliberately not undertaken in presentations, essays, oral presentations.  Cases of alleged plagiarism will be investigated at marking meetings of the course team.  You may face disciplinary procedures if you are deemed to have plagiarised work”.
Task 1)

Create a document to cover the following :


With regards the current business structure (see above) how does selling products through a store differ from selling online? (What extra staff do they need? If any, and why). (LO1 : 1.1)

For Merit Work : Show effective Judgements. (M1)

For Distinction : From research you have done show conclusions which are taken from a variety of sources.(D1)


How would stakeholders / shareholders react? (and why) (LO1 : 1.2)


How would traditional customers react to online presence? (and why) .(LO1 : 1.1)

Task 2)


Create a document to cover the following :


What is the current global impact of e-commerce on society?  .(LO2 : 2.2)


What risks would setting up and running an e-business side of the organisation incur? .(LO2 : 2.1)

Merit work should include as well research from variety of different sources (M2)

Distinction work should be all above and how business can deal with unforeseen eventualities (D2)



Task 3)

In a Word Document write about:


What’s the potential market for your goods online? .(LO3 : 3.1)


Look at other competitors and evaluate their online / traditional businesses and how they link them together (or not). Give 3 examples of competitors and compare online to traditional sides of the business. .(LO3 : 3.2)


What’s the cost of setting up an e-commerce side of the business; list everything that would be needed to be set-up and an estimate of cost that would be incurred. .(LO3 : 3.3)


Merit work should be well structured and presented. (M3)

Distinction should show that you have had your own thoughts and processed the research and come up with original thoughts and ideas about the subject(D3)



L03 – 3.5 & 3.4 are covered in unit14 – website design.
















































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