Service Marketing assignment

Service marketing Assignment

1)            Assessment Details;

The purpose of this task is for students to critically evaluate a current organisation’s application of the extended marketing mix and provide strategic recommendations for identifiable service gaps. Students will analyse and describe the seven (7) Ps of the service orgnaisation. Students will then identify some potential issues with the service quality using the Conceptual model of service quality and provide recommendations on how the service may improve.

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Students are to working individually


Students need to select one service organisation to analyse. Each service organisation needs to be from a different industry. Some examples of industries are: education, hospitality, financial services, domestic services, telecommunications services, marketing services etc. For the selected organisations, students must:
  • Have either experienced service from them recently (in the last three (3) months), or be able to visit a store or branch (if it is an online service, you need to be able to make an enquiry) before commencing the report.

  • Be able to access their website and find at least three pieces of promotional material easily.

  • Be able to identify at least three direct competitors.

  • Clearly determine who the target market is for the organisation.


Once students have selected their service organisation and recorded the details outlined above, they should seek approval of one of the service organisations from their lecturer before they commence researching and writing their report. The report and presentation is to focus on one service organisation.




The report needs to be 2500 words in length (excluding the executive summary, table of contents, reference list and appendices) and contain all the sections outlined in the marking guide, which is located towards the end of this course description. It is recommended that students complete the: executive summary, introduction and summary last.



The presentation needs to be 14 minutes in length and contain all the sections outlined in the marking guide, which is located towards the end of this course description. It is recommended that students complete the introduction and the summary last.


The focus of the presentation should not be to present all the findings of the report, rather to present only a few of the major findings. The focus should be on creating an interesting and interactive presentation that entertains and informs the audience.

Marking Guide

Executive Summary (Approx. 250 words)

Include summary of content, findings and recommendations (find out how to write a good executive summary on the university website).

Table of Contents

Numbered headings, page numbers and well presented

1.       Introduction (Approx. 200 words) 
Introduce the contents of the report including the organisation and theories within./4
2.       Section One (Approx. 1400 words)

Describe the Service Organisation’s 7 Ps
2.1 Products

Describe the core product(s) and at least one supplementary service in some detail.
2.2 Place (distribution)

Describe the service distribution channel (service delivery option) in some detail.
2.3 Price (strategy)

Compare the prices with two direct competitors. Discuss the different types of value in relation to the organisation’s customers
2.4 Promotion (IMC)

Analyse the integration of three aspects of promotion from the service organisation. Describe the expectations that the promotional aspects create.
2.5 People (service staff)

Assess what the company says about their employees and explain how it fits into the customer profit chain model.
2.6 Physical Evidence (servicescape)

Discuss how the physical evidence (can include website) may make customers feel. Apply the servicescape model to your service organisation
2.6 Processes (focus on flowcharting/blueprinting)

Create and describe a flowchart or blueprint of the major processes for your service organisation
3.       Section Two (Approx. 700 words)

Identify Service gaps and provide recommendations
3.1 Conceptual model of service quality

Briefly describe the conceptual model of service quality (max 100 words)
3.2 Select one P to analyse and provide recommendations

Identify a potential ‘service gap’ using the conceptual model of service quality for one of the Ps that you have outlined in section one. Provide strategic recommendations on how this can be improved on.
3.3 Select one P to analyse and provide recommendations

As above
4.       Summary (Approx. 200 words) 
Include the most important findings of each section and the major recommendations./6
5.       Reference List 
Well-presented APA style reference list/6
6.       Appendices 
Include any additional information here 
 Report Presentation and Referencing 
Appropriate structure, headings and length. Writing is clear and concise. Clear and logical progression. Spelling and grammar have low error rates. Quality of sources, appropriate citation in text of references. Show evidence of research and a range of sources (at least 2 journal articles, 4 text books and 3 other sources is best)./20

/100 (30%)

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