Assessment Item 3

Description/Focus: Assignment 3 – Advertising Plan

Value: 45 %

Due date: Sunday, Week 10

Length: 3,000 words

Task: This is an individual assignment. There are two steps to this assessment

Step 1: In teams of no more than three, produce three promotional ideas from the following list:

1. Write a news release for the newspaper using the proper format of heading, date, to, from, release date

2. Design a window display for a mall setting

3. Design a specialty media item

4. Design a billboard

5. Produce a 30-second radio advertisement

6. Design a direct mail advertisement

Step 2: Write a one page description for each advertising idea and address the following questions:

1. What type of product/products do you intend to sell and please give a brief description of the same.

2. Does the ad have any characteristics that might annoy people and contribute to poor public relations for the business?

3. Does the ad provide excitement?

4. Does the ad sell merchandise or services, or does it merely announce them?

5. Does the ad provide an opportunity for an adequate selling message?

6. Does the medium reach the largest number of prospects at the lowest cost per prospect?

7. Does the ad fit the type of business in terms of prestige and distinction?

Presentation: Should be written in essay style format with dot points, and including flow charts where necessary for clarity.