Candidate Evidence Record for Holistic Assessment

Candidate Evidence Record for Holistic Assessment  

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Evidence             UNIT 8Assessment Criteria

1.1  Identify legislation relating to health and safety in a health or social-care setting


The following legislations relate to health and safety in health and social care: Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Management of Health & Safety Work Regulations 1999, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002, Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 and Health and safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.


1.2  Explain the main points of health and safety policies and procedures agreed with the employer


The main points in the health and safety policies and procedures are that the employer has a duty to protect its employees from danger and harm. They also have a duty to keep me informed about health and safety. I have a responsibility to look after myself and others. Harmful substances should be locked away from service users. Food should be prepared in a way that minimizes cross contamination and the spread of bacteria.

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1.3  Analyse the main health and safety responsibilities of self, the employer or manager and others in the work setting.


The main health and safety responsibilities for my employer are to provide a safe place to work without risk to my health. They need to ensure that the correct equipment is available. For example, if I am using the oven it is the company’s responsibility to provide me with oven gloves. They need to ensure that if complex equipment Is available that all staff are trained to use it, for example a fire extinguisher. They need to support me and provide me with the appropriate training so that I can carry out my job effectively for example administering medication. My employer should provide me with first aid equipment. The work environment should be clean, ventilated and well lit.


My colleagues and I also have responsibilities as an employee to take care of our own safety and the safety of service users.  We should not use equipment that we have not been trained or authorized to use. We should also not carry out tasks that we have not been trained to do for example administering medication. Staff should do their best to attend training. Staff should also take care of their personal hygiene and follow policies relating to stopping the spread of infection and disease. We should discuss any problems we see with the manager so they can be resolved.


The main health and safety responsibilities of the manager are to ensure that staff are fit and trained to work. It is their job to deal with any concerns and ensure that staff are regularly supported and supervised. The manager must safeguard the service users and make sure the staff follow safety procedures. When doing the rota they must ensure that someone can administer medication at all times.


1.4  Identify specific tasks in the work setting that should not be carried out without special training


There are many tasks when working at woodham, which should not be carried out without special training for example administering medication. Another example would be writing care plans or risk assessments. Staff should not perform first aid unless trained to do so. They should also not attempt to tackling a fire without having training on how to use the fire extinguisher.

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3.1 Demonstrate different types of accidents and sudden illnesses that may occur in own work setting


In the workplace there are many accidents which could happen for example people may trip and fall over loose carpet, on stairs or over a chair leg. If food is not prepared properly this can lead to food poisoning or even death. If medication is not administered correctly this could lead to an overdose which may damage parts of the body.


3.2 Explain procedures to be followed if an accident or sudden illness should occur


If an accident or sudden illness should occur then depending on the severity a first aider should deal with any injuries and stop any bleeding while an ambulance is being called (if needed). The manager and the head office should be informed and if necessary a report of the incident should be sent to the CQC. A report also needs to be put into the incident book and in the communication book. Staff should also include the incident in the hand over.


4.1 Explain own role in supporting others to follow practices that reduce the spread of infection

I can support others in following practices that reduce the spread of infection by making them aware of any mistakes, supervising inexperienced staff and keeping up to date with health and safety procedures. I can also do this be making myself aware of any changes and revisiting the procedures periodically.

5.1 Explain the main points of legislation that relates to moving and handling

Legislation relating to moving and handling include the Health and Safety at Work act (1974), the Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992/2002), the

Management of health and safety work regulations (1999) and the Provision and use of work equipment regulations (1998). The main points are that employers should make sure that their employees are fit to work and reduce any risk of injury. All employees should have access to the latest health and safety policies and procedures. Employers should provide and employees should use the relevant safety clothing, equipment and footwear. Staff should inform the manager if the see any risks or if they have any injuries. Before carrying out any tasks that involve moving and lifting the situation should be assessed and only carried out if necessary. Hazardous materials should only be handled when necessary and avoided when not.

5.2 Explain principles for safe moving and handling

The main principles behind moving and handling are checking the weight of the object, ascertaining how many people are needed to move the object and using the right equipment to move or handle the object.

6.2 Describe types of hazardous substances that may be found in the work setting

In the work setting there are many types of hazardous substances such as bleach. Another example of a hazardous substance is floor cleaner. Soap is also a hazardous substance. 

7.1 Describe practices that prevent fires from starting and spreading.

Fires can be prevented by turning off appliances when not in use and leeping electrical items away from water. In order to reduce the risk of a fire people should not smoke indoors. Electrical faults and naked wires should be reported to the manager as soon as possible for repair. Fire doors should be kept closed, this will prevent a fire spreading to other areas of the building. Staff training in fire safety could also reduce the chances of a fire and ensure that people know what to do if there was one.

7.3 Explain emergency procedures to be followed in the event of a fire in the work setting

In the event of a fire staff should raise the alarm shut any fire doors and tackle the fire if safe to do so and trained. They should then make their way to their nearest exit and wait at the assembly point. The property should not be reentered until the threat is over. The residents then need to be identified and the details of anyone missing should be handed over to the fire brigade.

8.3 Explain the importance of ensuring that others are aware of own whereabouts

It is important for health and safety that I inform others of my whereabouts especially when working with service users with a forensic history in case of an incident or attack such as rape. If I do not inform my college where I am, they may not realize how long I have been gone for.

9.1 Describe common signs and indicators of stress

There are many signs and indicators that someone might be experiencing stress and people deal with it in difference ways. In some people there may be a significant change in behavior such as social isolation. Others may cry, scream, shout and seek attention. Some people may become erratic or increasingly irritated. There are also less conventional ways of dealing with stress such as hair pulling or eating toilet paper.

9.2 Describe signs that indicate own stress

When I am stressed I start leaving things to the last minute or trying to over plan everything, I may also leave things in a mess or have a complete clear out.

9.3 Analyze factors that tend to trigger own stress

I often become stressed if I have many deadlines and not enough time. A particularly big stressor is lack of sleep or hunger. I also get frustrated if I do not take enough breaks.

9.4 Compare strategies for managing own stress.

In order to avoid becoming stressed I try to make sure I eat and sleep enough. I also take regular breaks. I like to sing karaoke during long walks particularly Mariah Carey songs or Whitney Huston. Exercise is also a stress reducing technique.


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