BUHRM 3702 Strategic Human Resource Management

Course Description (Higher Education)

BUHRM 3702 Strategic Human Resource Management

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TOPIC IS HR systems and organisational performance

Written report

The report will be worth 30 marks of the total grade

research project.

This report will provide:

 a brief background to the topic

 comprehensive discussion of the strategic HRM issues, including cause, nature and impact on management and


 discussion of alternate solutions; and

 comprehensive discussion of your findings, and final recommendations.

Criteria for Assessment for Report:

See marking guide at end of Course Description, but briefly as follows:

 demonstrated understanding of SHRM theory;

 analysis of the concern experienced by the organisation;

 evidence of appropriate reading and research skills to gather information, including a wide range of sources;

 evidence of interpretation and analysis of data (information from the organisation and your reading);

 appropriateness of recommendations; and

 correct presentation, including citation of sources, and clarity of expression.


The presentation (worth 10 marks of the total grade for the individual project) is of the findings and recommendations of

FOR this project.

You will be required to present to the class the analysis, findings and recommendations of your research. For

the benefit of the audience you need to give a brief background of your organisation and a brief overview of the

critical issue/s.

Your presentation will be marked both for process (how you present) and for content (what you present). For the

process part of the presentation you are to approach it as though you are presenting to the board of management,

even if the presentation is on campus. A straight “lecturing” or (worse still) note-reading style will be regarded as a

mediocre presentation.

Criteria for Assessment for the Presentation:

See marking guide at end of Course Description, but briefly as follows:

 quality and completeness of your presentation;

 the extent to which an informative and interesting learning experience was provided for the audience;

 ability to interact with the audience including fielding questions.

Presentations: In classes during weeks 10, 11 & 12 (depending on class sizes)

Time allocation: 25 to 30 minutes (maximum)

Weighting: 10 marks

Report length: 2000-3000 words

Format: Essay or Management Report


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