Assessment Item 2 Business Proposal


Assessment Item 2 Proposal

Due date: Week 5 (Friday, midnight, Darwin Time)

Value: 25%

Length: Maximum 2000 words

Task: Write a business proposal for any significant organisational issue. It could be any hypothetical or real issue in the organisation.

Ensure that you include in your business proposal the following:

 Structure

 Costs (estimated)

 Timelines

 Your involvement in the project

 Benefit of the proposal

 Anything additional that you would like to include in your business proposal. Assessment The assessment criteria

For the current assignment any Australian organization needs to be selected. The selected organization should have some organizational issue which needs to be resolved through the development of business proposal. In addition to the inclusion of above headings in the business proposal it is mandatory to include the introduction, executive summary and recommendations to resolve the issue faced by the organization.

It is important to follow the Harvard Style referencing in the report.

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