Managing Innovation MAN505 Assessment 2 (Holmes and CDU)

Managing Innovation MAN505 Assessment 2 (Holmes and CDU)

This is a postgraduate unit and only available to students enrolled in postgraduate courses.
The objective of this unit is to acquaint participants with the key concepts relating to the process of innovation and to the factors that affect the successful management of innovation at a tactical and strategic level. Drawing on the research and publications of Australian and international leaders in the field, the course discusses recent approaches to the sources, nature and determinants of innovation in different contexts. Emphasis is placed on learning from organizations that have led in the management of innovation. Examples of successful and unsuccessful innovation will be examined and the importance of effective communication, innovation systems, creativity, resourcing, measurement, and user need determination would be analysed.

1.Discuss and utilize models of the innovation process.
2.Understand the key challenges in managing and sustaining incremental and radical innovation at a tactical and strategic level.
3.Explore and develop innovation systems that will drive continued growth and that are underpinned by appropriate levels of resourcing and measurement.
4.Understand the role, impact and key challenges to innovation and the importance of creating a culture of innovation.
5.Discuss and utilise models of intraprenuership and entrepreneurship
6.Appreciate sources, nature and determinations of innovation in different contexts.

Assessment 2 Managing Innovation (MAN505)

Length 1500 words

Value 20%

Deadline Sunday- Midnight, Week 4

Individual Assessment

Choose a company that you are familiar with and map its innovation activities onto the 4P framework.

Using the information, answer the following questions:

Question 1) What is its present portfolio of innovative activity? Identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Question 2) Based on the gaps, identify new targets for strategic innovation for that company.

Submit your assignment as a business report. You can attach unlimited appendices to the report to provide coverage of information. Use Harvard style referencing. Please see the rubric under assessments area on Learnline for more details.


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