IBU5COV Assignment 1

Individual Report IBU5COV

A1 – Individual Report IBU5COV

This report must be presented in a professional academic report manner, including the following:
  • cover page,

  • table of contents,

  • use headings/subheadings,

  • include page numbers,

  • formatted with square paragraphs

  • etc.

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A1 – Individual Report
  • This is an academic assignment, thus you should refer to a number (at least 10) of academic sources (journal articles, text books etc.).

  • It is assumed that a student will visit a minimum 5 organisational related sources (reports, websites etc.) these are not counted in the minimum 10 academic sources.

  • Referencing must be in APA6 or Harvard style


Organisation Choices

Pick one of the following to complete your individual assignment on:

  • Adidas

  • IKEA

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • Mattel

  • Nestle

  • Sony Music Entertainment


Organisation Analysis
  • Analysis and key points identified should be compared/contrasted against the academic literature

  • Do not repeat large parts of organisational history – this demonstrates no analysis

  • The focus should be on intrapreneurial activity and innovations.


Recommended Report Structure
  • Introduction (to the report, identify the purpose and introduce the organisation this assessment will focus on)

  • Organisation Innovation (this section may use subheadings)

o The intrapreneurial/innovative process this organisation implements

o Intrapreneurial/innovative lessons learnt (this must be supported with academic literature)

o Why these lessons have made the business more successful (a comparison to other organisations in the same industry would be helpful here)

o Why it would be difficult for another firm to adopt some of this organisation’s success factors (key intrapreneurial activities/innovations)

o Explain how these difficulties (identified in point 3) could be overcome (minimum 3 recommendations)
  • Summary

  • Reference list

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