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  • Working Capital Management , Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Failure , Venture Capital and Private Equity , International Corporate Finance, Introduction to Corporate Financial Management, The Analysis of Financial Statements, Time Value of Money, Payments, Cash Flows, and Compounding Effects, Bonds , Risk and Return, The Cost of Capital , Capital Budgeting , Capital Budgeting Methods.

  • NPV Profiles and using the IRR, Estimating Cash Flows, Working Capital Management, Financial services industry in its European , Understand retail consumer , Understand legal concepts , Understand the regulation of financial services, Understand the financial regulators, Principles and rules as set out in the regulatory framework, Regulatory advice framework for the consumer, Understand the range of skills required.

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  • Risk and Rates of Return, Time Value of Money, Bonds and Their Valuation, Stocks and Their Valuation, Cost of Capital, Basics of Capital Budgeting, Financial Statements, Cash and TAXES, Analysis of Financial Statements , Working Capital Management , Corporate Finance , Capital market efficiency., Capital structure, Cost of Capita.

  • Capital budgeting with corporate taxes, Multiples and leverage., Equity Risk Premium, Valuation, Recapitalizations and Leveraged Buyout, Payout policy, Financial statements and cash flow , Time value of money , Security valuation , Risk and return, Long-term financial planning, Capital budgeting , Cost of capital and capital structure.

  • Dividend policy , Short-term financial planning and management, Diversification, Trade-off between risk and return, Market efficiency, Pricing of stocks , Bonds, Capital asset pricing model , Term structure of interest rates, Principle of arbitrage, Derivative securities , Use of derivatives for hedging, Real options, Risk management, Pension fund investment, Rate of return regulation, Hedge fund strategies, Currency risk management, Weather micro-insurance, Privatization, Deposit insurance, Subprime crisis