External Marketing Environment Analysis

MKG701 Task 1 External Marketing Environment Analysis Guide

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Title page, Executive summary & Table of ContentsTitle Page

Contains a title and all relevant personal identification including word count.


Executive Summary

A detailed summary of your entire report. Can be up to 1 page in length (not included in word count).


Table of Contents

Identifies the headings and sub-headings in the report and their respective page numbers.
Formal business report introductionIntroduction

Should include: Purpose and Authorisation, Limitations and Scope
Provide a brief overview of the organisation being analysed and the broad market situation then a discussion of the importance of conducting an environmental analysis.  Provide a brief explanation of each environment before applying it to your organisation.a.     Case Background – 30%

b.     – Describe the organisation as in who they are, what industry are they in, what is their organisational structure, what is their product range and who appears to be their main target markets?


c.      Theoretical Framework

d.     - What is an external marketing environment analysis and why is it important?

e.     – What are the relevant environments to be analysed


The aim is to achieve a good blend of theory and application including demonstration of a strong knowledge of relevant marketing theory and concepts.
Demonstration of a comprehensive knowledge of marketing environment theory and concepts and ability to apply that knowledge through a critical and insightful evaluation of the subject organisation’s situation.

Given the 1000 word limit, you cannot address every issue, so you need to select for each of the six areas two or three of the most critical issues (each of the six environments will be marked out of 10)
f.      Environmental Analysis – 60%

- Based on the framework for analysing the external marketing environment, provide a critical analysis and evaluation of the:

·         competition,

·         economic growth and stability,

·         political trends,

·         legal and regulatory issues,

·         technological advancements and

·         socio-cultural trends

g.      that impact on the marketing organisation and its marketing strategies and plans.

Summary of Opportunities and Threats

-  based on your analysis outline the key opportunities and threats facing the marketing of this organisation, product or service.
A conclusion of the reportConclusion

Should re-acquaint the reader to what the report was about and summarise the main ideas of the report.
A list of the reference sources used in the reportReferences

The report should contain both in text references and a List of References that includes all in text references used. The formatting should be Harvard style.
Additional informationAppendices

Appendices should be if there is supplementary information you wish to refer the reader to that helps further support the evidence you have supplied your reader in the body of the report.
Excellence in written communication skills by presenting an error-free, well written and correctly formatted written report using the guidelines provided in Summers and Smith (2014) Communication Skills Handbook.Written Communication – 10%

In accordance with Summers and Smith (2014) guidelines including: executive summary, table of contents, formal introduction, conclusion and list of references. Marks are also allocated for correct spelling, grammar and in-text referencing.