Case study

Assignment title: Information

Case Study XYZ is a resort located in the Whitsundays. The resort has a variety of room accommodation available which services three (3) areas across the market. The market predominately includes visitors from China, Japan, France, America and Australia. The rooms consist of studio room (SR1), one (1) bedroom apartment (SR2) and a two (2) bedroom apartment (SR3). Peak season is a three (3) month period from October through to December. Approximately 75% of room sales are for this period. As the HR Manager, one of your responsibilities is determining how many employees will be needed across the peak period. This will ensure that staffing levels are met, the organisations service standards are maintained and to develop staffing objectives and strategies to make sure they are available. Staff accommodation is provided on site and can house a maximum of 100 staff. Full time employees are accommodated in a separate area. The following information is available to you to assist in determining staffing levels. 1. Standard labour hours These are the standard hours to clean each room type. 1.Room Code 2.Minutes/Hours 3. Average number of rooms sold per night Total hours to clean each room type= e.g ¼ hr x 100 SR1 15 min (1/4 hour) 100 25 SR2 20 min (1/3 hour) 120 40 SR3 30 min (1/2 hour) 150 75 Total average number of hours required per day 140 hours 2. Standard working day is 7.5 hour or 37.5hours/ week. Case Study Questions Q1: What is the minimum number of staff required to service these on a daily /weekly basis? How will you recruit potential employees for the resort considering client diversity?