BUSS 5424 Strategy and Management Research

Instructions for Management Research Report (A2)

BUSS 5424 Strategy and Management Research

This short individual assignment asks you to (a) conduct research on the industry and the organisation in which you work and (b) document your research in a brief report.  To accomplish the broad aims of this assignment, please complete the following:


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Section 1 (p. 1): Concisely state your organisation's values, vision, mission, and strategy.

Section 2 (p. 2): Complete a PESTEL analysis of the major forces in the general environment expected to affect your industry in the next 3 years.  Just list the forces.

Section 3 (p. 3): Determine whether your organisation's industry is (currently and overall) attractive or unattractive, using a detailed five-forces analysis of competition (also known as the Structure-Conduct-Performance, or S-C-P, framework).  Also briefly explain at the end of this section why your organisation's industry environment may become more/less attractive in the future.

(If you work in the public sector or have any other difficulty with this section, discuss this section with your CF or the methods workshop facilitator Colin Sharp.)

Section 4 (p. 4): Complete a SWOT analysis.  Again, just list your organisation's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  If possible, conclude this section with a brief summary of your organisation's competitive advantage and business model.

Section 5 (p. 5): Describe your organisation's value chain.  You can simply copy over the VCA graph from week 5/Topic 5 and fill it in for your organisation.

Section 6 (final 2-3 pages of main text): Documentation of Data Sources and Collection Methods

Note that all the previous sections must be based on empirical evidence that you collected; they were not supposed to be based merely on guesses or hunches.  Use Section 6 to describe and document your data collection methods, using the research principles and processes studied in the Research Methods workshop.

The final paragraph of Section 6 ought to apply some critical thinking about the (relative) role of managerial intuition, gut instincts, or whatever you want to call the opposite of the analytic-empirical approach featured in the previous sections.  Are there any limitations to an analytic-empirical mindset?  If so, what are they?  Please be creative in that concluding paragraph.

References (new page): List any references you used to complete this Report.

If you need an Appendix (not counted in the word count), you can attach it after the References section.

Do not hesitate to contact your Course Facilitator if anything is unclear about this assignment.

Please use Times New Roman or Calibri size 11 font and 1-line spacing in your assignment.  All requests for an extension must be lodged via the Learnonline website.  Extensions will only be granted in exceptional, unforeseen circumstances.   Please submit your A2 in the relevant drop box on LearnOnline (in the Assignments section) before the deadline of 11 p.m. on 12 August 2016.