SBM2103 Financial Management

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    SBM2103 Financial Management
    Assignment 3
    Assignment title Financial performance and governance
    Assignment type Group assignment (maximum of 4 members in a group)
    Prescribed word limit 2000 words (with 10% PLUS or MINUS)
    Referencing style American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition
    Assignment weight 15%
    Assignment due date 21 May 2015
    Submission mode On line
    Assignment task description
    This assignment requires you (in a group of 2-4 students) to complete a report. This assignment has two parts.
    The first part of the report (e.g. Part A) should discuss the company's financial status based on the answer you have calculated in Assignment 2 with respect to their evaluation of the cost of capital, risk and returns.
    In the second part (e.g. Part B), you need to analyse the company's governance practice. For this part, you need to first download the ASX's Corporate Governance Principles and Best Practice Recommendations by visiting the following link:
    You need to read the Principle 2: Structure the boards to add value. These are best practices with respect to governing board and associated subcommittees as recommended by the principle.
    Then download the annual reports of two companies you have chosen in Assignment 2. Visit the corporate governance section and Director's reports sections of the annual reports and see whether company's governance (board and board subcommittee structure is consistent with recommended by the ASX principles.
    Then prepare reports analysing the governance structure and practices of two companies. State whether there is consistency between the company's financial conditions as evaluated and discussed in part A and governance practices of the companies you have analysed in Part B.
    Submission requirements
    • Prepare the report as specified in the Report structure in the next section.
    • Make sure that discussions are critical and analytical.
    • Make sure that the report is checked for errors and English expression and is of high quality • Submit the the report before or on the due date.

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    Assignment 3, page 1
    Report structure:
    Abstract (words not counted)
    Introduction (mainly introduction of two companies you are analysing in 200 - 300 words)
    Part A (As discussed in the assignment task description in 700 - 900 words)
    Part B (As discussed in the assignment task description in (800-100 words)
    Conclusion (in 100-200 words)
    References (words not counted)
    Appendix (if any) (words not counted.
    Individual competency recording, deliverable and submission
    Individual students also need to record the task conducted for this activity in their diary and to reflect on their observations and act upon the same regularly, including the following:
    o Managerial and Technical competencies: e.g. how the conduct of the tasks individually and by team are contributing to their acquisition, refinement or enhancement of the relevant competencies, etc.
    o Socio-cultural competencies and team dynamics: e.g. observing personality and learning styles, communication and cultural aspects, norming processes, their own behaviour and perceived responses, intervention applied and consequences, etc.
    Individual Deliverables: Competency acquisition and progress monitoring in terms of both target managerial and technical as well as socio-cultural and personal competencies. Evidence regularly collected includes diarising learning and development opportunities and results, assessing competency acquisition progress, reflecting and recording the effectiveness of the activities participated in, adjusting own approach and monitoring its effectiveness etc.
    Individual submission: Do not submit any individual report on your competencies; please accumulate these and include them in your Final Report as part of your evidence to substantiate your competencies acquired in this unit of study.
    --The end of the Assignment 3--
    Assignment 3, page 2