Consumer Behaviour Analysis Project

Assessment Task 2: International Consumer Behaviour Analysis Project

All assessment activities relate to a tourism organisation, Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ). You can access the Marketing Plan for the organisation at:

Before you commence this assessment, make sure that you read all of the assessment tasks through thoroughly, as well as the TTNQ Marketing Plan. You may also access and use any of the information included on the TTNQ web site such as the reports and media releases in the marketing section of the web site

All of the assessment activities will be completed in class and under conditions that simulate the workplace. You will need to meet timelines specified by your assessor.

As indicated in the TTNQ Marketing Plan, TTNQ is seeking to market Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef to emerging markets.

As the Director of Sales and Marketing, imagine that you have been asked to analyse consumer behaviour for consumers in one of the emerging international markets identified in the TTNQ Marketing Plan and to recommend marketing strategies that can be used. You may choose any of the emerging international markets included in the Plan. However, you may not choose any of the countries for which detailed market profiles already exist and as included on the TTNQ web site. These include Japan, UK, Greater China, Europe, North America and New Zealand. However, you can use the consumer profiles included within these market profiles as a guide to assist you in analysing consumer behaviour and recommending marketing strategies for consumers in your identified international market.

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You should also refer to the TTNQ Annual Report, as well as the Marketing Plan to ensure that the marketing strategies that you recommend are achievable from a budgetary perspective. The Annual Report can be found at:

The outcome of the assessment task will be a report that includes the research that you have undertaken in relation to consumers in the identified international country, as well as recommended marketing strategies based on your review. You report should include graphics as tables and charts and be approximately 1000 words. It must be written in clear and concise English.

Your assessor will indicate the date by which you must submit your report and it must be emailed to the assessor as though they are the CEO of TTNQ. Your covering email must briefly outline the purpose of the report and invite comments and feedback.

Your report must address:

* Your rationale for selecting the identified country based on your review of the TTNQ Marketing Plan.

* A market analysis of your chosen country, including potential for growth, size of the market and trends in tourism and any other factors you consider relevant.

* An analysis of a range of factors, including culture, lifestyle, attitudes of consumers to Australia and Australians, values and beliefs and religion and any other relevant factors, and how this may impact on marketing to consumers in this country, as well as how this may affect demand for the TNQ experience,

* Identification of target customers and an analysis of their attributes. Use the information in the marketing plan and market profiles for other countries to assist you in documenting attributes.

* A description of the features of the TNQ experience that is most likely to appeal to the target consumers.

* An estimation of visitor numbers/expenditure from the identified country based on an analysis of a range of internal and external information sources.

* An analysis of existing and previous marketing plans, strategies and campaigns and their effectiveness in increasing visitor numbers and expenditure. Your analysis should also identify marketing successes and how this can be applied in marketing to consumers in your identified country.

* Identification of any legal and ethical factors that need to be considered such as consumer legislation, advertising restrictions, environmental issues and so on.

* Recommended marketing strategies. Your recommendations should also include a rationale for your recommendations and that addresses:

o How the recommended marketing strategies have been designed to have maximum appeal to consumers in the identified country, as well as how the recommended strategies appeal to motives that influence decision making.

o How influences on consumers and cultural factors have been taken into account in the recommended marketing strategies.

o How the recommended marketing strategies have been developed to take into account any legal and ethical considerations, as well as TTNQ budgetary requirements.