Task: You are required to develop a risk management plan for a company of your choice, or for an area of the Registered Training Organisation in which you are studying. Your risk management plan must include:
    - a detailed stakeholder analysis;
    - explanation of the risk context;
    - critical success factors;
    - identified and analysed risks;
    - treatments for prioritised risk;
    - details of the monitoring arrangements; and
    - an evaluation of the risk managements plan efficiency in treating risks which includes
    Your evaluation of risks must include
    - considering the likelihood of the risk occurring
    - considering the impact of the risk
    - determining which risks are most significant and are therefore priorities for treatment
    Your action plans should include
    - what actions are required
    - who is taking responsibility
    - time lines
    - monitoring processes
    Your risks may include those relating to:
    - commercial relationships
    - economic circumstances and scenarios
    - human behaviour
    - individual activities
    - legislation
    - management activities and controls
    - natural events
    - political circumstances
    - technology
    This project should be submitted in the form of a detailed written report of minimum 1500 words.
    ASSESSOR’S CHECKLIST FOR PROJECT 2 (for assessor’s use only)
    Did the candidate: Satisfactory
    Yes No

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    Invite relevant parties to assist in the identification of risks
    Research risks that may apply to scope
    Use tools and techniques to generate a list of risks that apply to the scope, in consultation with relevant parties
    Assess likelihood of risks occurring
    Assess impact or consequence if risks occur
    Assess impact or consequence if risks occur
    Obtain support for risk management activities
    Evaluate and prioritise risks for treatment
    Determine and select most appropriate options for treating risks
    Develop an action plan for implementing risk treatment
    Communicate risk management processes to relevant parties
    Ensure all documentation is in order and appropriately stored
    Implement and monitor action plan
    Evaluate risk management process
    Result: Satisfactory / Not Yet Satisfactory
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