MKT 1001 Assignment 2 template

  • MKT 1001 Assignment 2 template
    Product profile
    Briefly describe your product Company Description
    Describe the company (including company/ or industry statistics such as: market share; company size; annual revenue; years in operation; where located) (see Ass 2 notes)
    (e.g. laptop, 4WD, sporting shoes) Company name Brand Model Company size
    (no. of employees; no. countries operated; etc.) Market share Annual Revenue
    Describe the target market
    Target Market Variable 1 Variable 2 Variable 3
    EXAMPLE ONLY Base: Demographic Variable: Income
    Description - $45000-$75 000 Base: Demographic Variable: Age
    Description - 18-25 years Base: Psychographic Variable: Personality
    Description - VALS Segment Experiencers
    Your target market Base:Variable:
    Description Base:Variable:
    Description Base:Variable:
    (see example on homepage)
    Product Strategy - 3 Levels of the Product
    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
    Describe the levels simply
    Describe the levels of your product
    Weighting as a percentage of assignment mark
    40% 20% 40%
    Program learning goals 1, 2, 3, 4 Knowledge and technical skills Professional communication Critical thinking, creativity &analysis
    Assignment requirement Application of theory to the specified product in the following sections:
    • target market description
    • 3 levels of the product Communicates effectively in written and oral form following requirements with
    • power-point presentation & script
    • use of relevant in-text references to provide supporting evidence
    • use of relevant sources of information in addition to course content. Sourcing and critical analysis of product and company information.
    Incorporation of theory into relevant sections of the assignment.
    A - HD Excellent application of theory to the specified product throughout. Writing is understandable with correct use of English.
    Very good to excellent presentation, interesting graphics & properly formatted script.
    Excellent use of sources. Very good to thorough background provided.
    Very good to excellent incorporation of theory throughout.
    Demonstrates very good to excellent critical analysis.

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    B Good application of theory to the specified product throughout could provide more details in some areas. Good presentation with interesting graphics and properly formatted script. Good use of relevant sources, in addition to course content. Good background provided. Some detailed needed. Incorporation of theory, could provide more details in some areas. Demonstrates critical analysis & creativity in most areas.
    C Demonstrates basic application of theory to the specified product throughout the assignment. Reasonable presentation and script. More attention required in most areas.
    Some attempt at providing supporting evidence, however, more resources are necessary. Some background provided. Insufficient details.
    Demonstrates understanding of some theoretical concepts.
    Demonstrates critical analysis in some areas.
    F Application of theory to the specified product throughout assignment not covered Poor presentation and script. Attention required in all areas.
    Very limited use of appropriate resources. Product & company background given cursory overview, insufficient details provided.
    Discussion of theoretical concepts not covered.
    Critical analysis not evident.
    Marking criteria assignment 2