MKT 502 - Assessment Item 1 clients and markets - HND Assignment Help

MKT 502 - Assessment Item 1 clients and markets - HND Assignment Help:

MKT 502 – Assessment Item 1
Description/Focus: Marketing Plan
Value: 60%
Due date: Sunday, Week 6
Length: 3000 words
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Task: Choose a B2B company and identify its specific business product.
Then write market analysis based on the following components of a marketing plan: (1) Company and Product or Service Descriptions (2) Market segmentation, targeting and positioning (3) Market Share and Sales Forecast (4) Objectives (5) Possible strategies to achieve identified objectives. Evaluate various marketing strategies and recommend the best one for your business product and support it with an effective implementation plan. Presentation: Submit your assignment as a business report, using Arial point 12 type face. You can attach unlimited appendices to the report to provide coverage of information. Use Harvard style referencing. Please consult the rubrics under assessments in Learnline for more details.
In the assignment:
  1. Executive Summary: talk about B2B company (is it manufacturing or service) and what is B2B market

  1. Table of Contents

  1. Introduction should include:
  • Take any B2B company, define its various products
  • Then describe the other institute or company to which it is sourcing (selling) its product
  • Describe both companies’ profiles, history, mission+ goals (financial and non financial ), products
  • Do the Industry analysis by talking about projection and forecasting of the sector (3-4 lines) of both companies
  • Do Company environment analysis by talking about PESTEL (1-2lines) of both companies
  • Then do competitive analysis of both companies
  • Do the SWOT Analysis of both companies (just 1-2 lines)

  1. Market segmentation, targeting and positioning of B2B company only:
  • In segmentation put micro and macro segmentation
  • Then talk about target market and positioning of product

  1. Describe market share and sales forecast based on target market and positioning
  • Describe market plan if it is centralized or decentralized
F.     Objectives for new product

G.    Strategies
1)      Define two – three strategy
2)      Then choose the optimal strategy to achieve objectives
3)      Implementation of the strategy (PUT 4P people. price, place and product for implementing the strategy, if applicable)
H.    Conclusion
  1. Referencing and put in text citation