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Project Management in Business

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Palm tree spa resort has wide popularity as one of the premium resort for the worldwide holiday destination and it is important that the resort develop their online presence in order to provide information to the consumers worldwide and bookings are made by the consumers from their home. Blogs and social media would be developed in order to create marketing plan and database management system would be developed so as to synchronize the operations of the project. Present project management plan would include time management and cost management plan so that actual project planning can be done. Human resource plan, financial plan and viability assessment would be done in order to undertake present project.


(a) Describe how project management principles can be applied in implementing the technological development task pertinent in the Palm Tree Spa Resort.

Project management can be defined as the application for methods, processes, skill, knowledge and experience in order to attain the objectives framed in the project. A project is the temporary endeavour made in order to create the unique product or services and a project has definite beginning & end. For the present project of Palm Tree spa resort project would be implemented for deploying technological solution so that strong online presence can be developed for the organization (Mike and Laurie, 2007). Hence the current task required in the Palm Tree Spa resort fulfils all the criteria for project management as these are temporary efforts required for creation of particular technological infrastructure within the organization. Also the project of Palm tree has definitive beginning & end. There are five principles for the project management and these can be given as under:
  • Initiating process group: This would include processes which are performed for defining a new project or one of the phases for the existing project. Authorization would be obtained in order to start the project.
  • Planning process group: This group of the project would include defining scope of the project, defining course of action required and refining the project objectives.
  • Executing process group: This group would include the processes in order to complete the work defined so as to meet the project specifications made earlier in the planning process group.
  • Monitoring and controlling process group: This process group would contain the processes required in order to track and regulate the processes and performance of the project defined. Areas for change would be identified and corresponding change would be initiated.
  • The closing process group: This group would contain the processes which are performed to finalize the activity and to formally close the project.

Some of the key principles for the projects are given as under:
  • Project should make business justifications: It is important that the project undertaken by the organization is helpful towards attaining business objectives for the firm under consideration. For example, for the present context of Palm Tree by resolving technological problems in Palm tree business would grow.
  • Project follows certain stages for project completion: Present project would follow above mentioned five stages for the completion of the project.
  • Learning from the experience: Palm tree would have implemented several technological developments project in past or learning can be developed through competitors in the same industry.
  • Suit the environment: The project undertaken by the environment should be such that it suits the internal and external environment facing the firm.
  • Well defined structure and role: Project undertaken by the organization should be well defined with the roles and responsibilities assigned to the various stakeholders of the project.
  • Clear objectives and scope: Project undertaken by the organization should be initiated with the clear business objectives and scope should be clearly defined so that it go beyond its scope.
Role of project manager in the present project for Palm Tree Spa resort would be to implement the change as now organization would work on high technology platform. Project manager would also be responsible for understanding the systems of project management and their integration (Laurie, 2007). Further influence of external elements such as change in technology, price change for the technology and other factors would be managed by project manager. Project phases for current project have been given by above five process groups and all the five phases would be required for the present project. Project manager would understand the amount of work required in each phase and would assign the work to various stakeholders.

(b) Develop the success and failure criteria for the proposed project and appraise its viability in the given scenario.

Success criteria for the present project can be given as under:
  • To develop website, blogs and other social media campaign for Palm Tree Spa resort for imparting information to the domestic as well as overseas client
  • To develop online reservation and booking system for consumers of Palm tree spa resort
  • To develop special portal for the corporate clients wherein they can make bookings and get attractive offers
  • To develop interactive internet system through which consumers can communicate with the Palm tree spa resort
  • To deploy management information system in order to streamline operations
  • To meet the time frame of 1 year and estimated cost of 6 million GBP
Scope definition for the present project of Palm tree spa can be given as under:
“We will develop strong online portal for the organization wherein consumers can get all required information, online reservations can be done and MIS would be developed so as to streamline the operations of Palm Tree Spa resort”.

Failure criteria for the present project are as under:
  • Not able to develop efficient online reservation system for the consumers
  • Not able to develop interactive internet system for communication and MIS for managing operations (Jason, 2007)
Viability appraisal
  • Technical viability: Technically the project is viable as already competitors of the Palm tree spa have implemented such technology to allow online reservation and interactive internet system along with integrated MIS system. Technical vendor are present in the market that would help in order to develop such systems.
  • Financial viability: Budget has been sanctioned by the organization in order to implement technology for online presence and modifications in budget can be done based on the vendor quotations.
  • Business viability: Looking into the increasing trend for e-commerce online business portal for Palm tree spa would work efficiently.
  • Management viability: Management of the organization understand the importance of online presence and their involvement into the project execution would make the project successful.
Project breakdown structure
This project can be named as widget management system wherein widget such as blog, social media, online reservation system, MIS and interactive internet system would be implemented. Project breakdown structure for the present project is given as under through figure 1.
It consists of mainly below stages:
  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Control
  5. Closeout
NPV calculation for the present project
Table 1: Showing the NPV for the present project
Interest rate10%   
Cash flow       (600)        200        200        500
PV factor100%91%83%75%
PV of cash flow       (600)        182        165        376
Cumulative PV       (600)       (418)       (253)        123
Net Present Value        123   
As shown above there would be positive NPV of 1.23 million GBP and project breakeven would be in 3rd year.

(c) Explain the principles behind setting up the systems and procedures for the effective use of resources in the project management.

There are three key principles which would help in order to maintain the effective use of resources in the current project management system and these three are given as under:
  • Knowledge of project information support system: It is important that project manager and other key stakeholders’ o the project are aware of the project management support systems so as to develop project preparation and handling. This system would be helpful in registration and full documentation of the objects of the company and effective project control. This would help in order to make efficient use of the resources available with the organization.
  • Procedure and processes: Procedure and processes are implemented in the project so that there are documented processes and procedure for each task and these are followed by the stakeholders in order to accomplish the project and attain project objectives. Implementation of processes in the system has been made so as to deploy efficient resource utilization (Stanley, 2010).
  • Integration of human and material resource: Material resource available in the project should be integrated with the human resource so that both work in coordination and efficiency can be gained in the project.

(d) Explain the key stages involved in the process of closing down the project and conducting post post-project appraisals.

Final phase of the project management is terminating the project and it starts with the completion of project work. The main reason for project closeout would be to learn from experience of project and implement these learning in future projects. Project termination of earlier projects should be included in the planning phase and should not be only afterthoughts. Project termination would include activities such as document filing, making final payments and conducting post purchase evaluation etc. Termination of the project would start once results of online presence are acceptable for the Palm tree spa resort (Harold, 2004). A checklist would be developed which would include the test success for the particular areas of success as per the initial contract. In some projects phase wise payment is received and final payment is received at the completion of the project. Project manager would develop the overall evaluation of the project team wherein performance of each member would be assessed. Post project evaluation meeting would be held to evaluate the performance for customers and internal departments. These meetings would be done with audit trails, punch list, close out reports and comparison would be done with the expected and actual project outcomes.


(a) Plan human resourcesfor the proposed project describing each roles and responsibilities and design an organisational structure for the proposed project based on your plan.

Human resource management for the current project would include mainly project manager, project sponsor and team members. Team members would include technical staff, developers, testing team and database management team. Responsibilities for project sponsor would include defining vision & objectives for the project, approving timetable & requirements, approving project plan and authorization for the provisions of funds required in the project. Responsibilities for the project manager would include ensuring project execution as per the plan, monitoring of the project performance in terms of cost, quality & time. Project manager is also responsible in order to produce deliverables in terms of quality, budget and time. Team members for the project team of current project would be responsible for informing project manager with the progress of the report. For example, various project members would be responsible for informing about development of website design and development of MIS (Cattani et al, 2011). Team members would be involved in order to produce the necessary tasks which are required for the project deliverables. Team members would also be responsible for the maintenance of procurement and communication of the throughout the lifecycle of the project.
Figure 2: Showing the organizational structure

(b) Explain how the structure identified above helps you control and co-ordinate the project.

The above structure of the organization would be helpful in order to develop control and coordination in the project so that overall project can be accomplished with success. Need for monitoring and control in the project can be developed by preparing the project plan and develop schedule according to the plan of the project. Resources required for the present project such as human resource, technology, hardware and software would be required in order to match the resources with the project. Work breakdown structure would be used in order to reduce the overall task for development of online platform into the simpler tasks such as assessing requirement of online portal, designing website, execution of the website, maintaining database for the information and synchronization for the website in order to coordinate all functions of the organization with the present website. Progress of the project would be tracked against the targets & goals established in the project. Project reporting would be done in order to inform the project sponsors and management team of the organization for the progress and actual planned objectives for the project. Change control procedure would also be implemented in order to identify the requirement of change in the project and develop the change management procedure so that overall project can remain on track and project can be accomplished within the time (Joseph, 2003).

(c) Describe how you propose to lead the team assessing the already established project leadership theories and qualities.

There are different stages of the team development and Belbin’s team role is an important theory in order to develop different team roles required for the completion of present project. Project manager would be having the responsibility to build the team as per the requirements of the project so that proper team roles can be assigned to the entire team. This would help in order to make the efficient utilization of resources and to complete the project on time. Project manager would contain the unique leadership style so that project team can be lead to achieve success in the project and attributes of the project manager would ensure the success for the project manager (Dennis, 2007). Project roles and responsibilities would be managed in such a way that each member is fully aware of his role and can accomplish his responsibility so as to contribute towards attainment of the project objectives. Project manager should also need to develop the proper plan in order to deal with the conflict situations arising in the project such as conflict between website design and website development team. These conflicts needs to be managed by project manager as such conflicts may impact upon the overall coordination among the various project stakeholders. Project manager need to have negotiation skills in order to deal with the internal and external stakeholders of the project. Project manager need to have negotiation skills in order to negotiation resources with the project sponsor and management team of the organization while negotiation skills of the project manager would also be helpful in dealing vendors for hardware and software for the website development work. A human resource plan as given below need to be developed in the project context so that each person is well aware of his role and responsibility and there is no shortage of human resource in order to accomplish present project.
Table 2: Showing the human resource plan
Team memberNo requiredSkill set
Website developer5Coding, technical language and ability to understand requirements
Website planner5Need assessment and functionality
Analyst10Knowing about functions and features
Database development manager5Database functionality and features
Testing engineer5Manual and system testing


(a) Prepare a detailed project plans for the proposed project clearly establishing each components in the effective organization of the project.

Present project would be developed by making contract of the organization with the external technology vendor who would provide the hardware, software and website development technology for the current project. Contract terms and conditions would be described by containing all functionalities and technology so that execution of the project accomplished by obtaining the objectives of the project. Procurement for the project would be made by taking quotations from the hardware and software providers. Baseline for the project would be developed in order to achieve the project objectives (Roland, 2006).

WBS with timeline and dependency

1Initiation30 days-
2Planning30 days1
3Execution30 days2
4Control30 days3
5Closeout30 days4

(b) Apply the appropriate project scheduling tools to plan the project activities so as to minimise the time and costs of the project.

Project schedule for the present project can be given as under which contains the five phase and overall time execution for the current project. Overall time taken for the project would be 150 days and start and end date for the current project are given as under (Harrison and Dennis, 2004).
Table 3: Showing the project schedule
Project phaseNo of daysStart dateEnd date

(c) Analyse the performance of the project assessing the performance indicators.

Performance indicator for the present project would include time plan and budget plan. Budget plan would be developed for the current project and actual cost incurred in the project would be matched with the budgeted plan in the project. Budgeted cost for the work performed would be calculated in order to develop the financial plan for the current project so that there are no shortages for the funds in the present project (Cynthia and Frank, 2006). Budget cost of the work performed would be matched with the actual cost so that there are no mismatches in the actual and budgeted plan. Change plan need to be developed so that actual cost and budget plan are matched and additional amount of finance is available with the organization in order to accomplish the project.

(d) Explain the change control procedure for evaluating your project at its completion.

Change control is important in the organizational context so that in case there is any shortfall in the project resource then same can be managed in the organizational context. It is important to analyse the impacts which would be made by change in the project so that overall objectives of the project remain same (Martin, 2002). For example, in case there are high cost overruns in the project then project manager and project sponsor can decide on lower number of functionalities in the website. It is important that change control management characteristics are implemented in the project environment and configuration management is implemented in the project as well. In case there is change in the scope, cost, time or specifications of the project then same should be identified at earlier stage of the project. Project plan should be done for the changes project and accordingly project execution should be undertaken in order to accomplish the project.
Premature project termination process would include five stages for the termination of the project as given below:
  • Gaining user acceptance
  • Product support need to be set up
  • Baseline against the project current status need to be evaluated
  • Realized benefits and update benefit review plan
  • Unfinished business needs to be addressed
For the successful project termination process followed would include the evaluation of the project objectives and recommending closure of the project based on the project success.


Palm tree spa resort has implemented the project for the implementation of the website so that online presence of the resort can be ensured and online bookings can be done by the consumers worldwide. Present project plan has been developed through schedule and budget in order to track the progress of project so that overall project execution can be done properly.
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