How to write assignment on Industrial relations - HND Assignment Help

How to write assignment on Industrial relations - HND Assignment Help:

Industrial relations Assignment Help

 “The industrial relations system in Australia is inherently unethical and should be replaced by unitarist employment practices that remove unions from the equation”
The Employee Relations management saw a significant paradigm shift since late 1980’s and Australia has also witnessed this shift in managing Employee Relations. I would agree and firmly support the above statement that Industrial Relations System in Australia should be replaced with unitarist employment practices that also removes the unions from the equation of the12Industrial Relations System.
Why unitarist employment practices should be there and how it would benefit?
The integration of employer and employee interests which are mutually beneficial for both should exists (Guest et al, 2001). Employees would be seen as vital stakeholder in the organisation and at the same time employee should be loyal and committed to the organisation. Such relations would ensure win- win situation for both wherein the employee who are stakeholders would be considered rational members having common interests and goals with the organisation; and the Managers would ensure with their leadership capabilities which would be convincing and influential with streamlining of the employee’s interests and organisation goals (Sappey, 2009).

Unitarist employment practices are individualist in Employee Relations approach and it works well for individualist IR systems (Giles, 1989). The paradigm shift from pluralist perspective to unitarist perspective would be highly beneficial in Australia for such Individual IR perspective.
Managing unitairst ER successfully
The management of unitairst ER would be successful in Australia with different ways as below:
  1. Management should focus on providing financial rewards and ownership sharing to employees that can help them integrating employee- employer relations better (Sappey, 2009).
  2. There should be employee participation and employee involvement in work activities, this would make employee empower and accountable for their work.
  3. For high levels of commitment and loyalty, management should ensure high performance HR practices such as Rewards management, performance evaluation, job design etc (Sappey, 2009).

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