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The Effectiveness of Product Satisfaction towards 3 Major Ethnic Groups
of Customers
A case study on Woolworths-Preston

Table of Contents

1. Research topic and its significance

The topic chosen for
research is
“The Effectiveness of Product
Satisfaction towards 3 Major Ethnic Groups of Customers”
The growth in the international market and the aspect of
globalization is the major perspective of expansion of firms through channeling
of right strategies. An increasingly complex economy is the result of the
relation of the right strategies. In the current era it is necessary to
understand the importance of methods that are taken up by firms to expand and
grow not only national but on international grounds(Collis & Hussey, 2013). But in reaching out to
customers on an international level, most of the organizations tend to
unintentionally ignore the value of emerging local ethnic group of customers
especially in the first world countries. Over the years, most of the scholars and
researchers have researched on the importance of different socio-cultural aspect
apart from economy to understand the competition. The regulation of the
organization is important and crucial. The significance of the present topic
remains to understand the diversity of the organizations and strategies that
they tailor according to the need of the organization to reach out to every
possible customer(Myers, 2013).
The organization chosen for the topic is Woolworths, Preston, Australia.
Woolworths Supermarkets (also known as
"Woolies") is a supermarket/grocery
 chain in Australia, owned byWoolworths
. Along with Coles, Woolworths form a
near duopoly of Australian
supermarkets, together accounting for about 80% of the Australian market.
It mostly specializes in selling food (vegetables,
fruit, meat, packaged foods, etc.), but they also sell magazines, DVDsand stationery items among
other things.
Woolworths currently operates 872 stores across
Australia. And, the Preston outlet is one of them which we are building our
research on.
We have selected Preston area because it consists
of pre-dominantly 3 major ethnic groups of customers namely Chinese, Indian and

2. Preliminary Literature Review

Growth perspective of firms

Recent studies by researchers like Davenport (2013) showed that in most of the firms
growth remains the major perspective. They try to set the objectives driven
towards the growth and the expansion of the firms. The major forces that play
pivotal role in the growth of the organization are legitimacy, expectations,
isomorphic processes that is the key to tailoring strategies of the
organization. Recent studies proved the fact that in most cases the growth is apt
because of the restraints that most of the firms face in their internalization
process. Emerging markets claim that in most cases the technological
advancement is the prime cause for the growth of the firms or the organizations(Bryman& Bell, 2015. This is one of
the prime reasons that the firms are strategizing the aspects of growth to
reach an emerging local ethnic group of customers successfully. This is to
increase the brand value at the same time the profit of the firms because the
first world countries are experiencing considerable changes in demographics(Zikmundet
. 2012)
. For example, in Australia, there never used to be people
from the mainland China, Pakistan or India 30 to 40 years ago but due to
increased immigration from those countries the demographics of Australia have
changed quite considerably over the last 30 or 40 years.

Challenges in the international market

The major challenges in the international market are to know
about the prospect of the market. Socio-cultural aspects of the customers play
a vital role in such case. Most of the customers in a particular market have a
sense that they believe in and so the assessment of the market is important.
Apart from this,the economic scenario of the country is another major threat
for the growth of the firms in any area(O'Leary, 2013). Certain economies pose a major threat
to many of the international rand. Apart from this, the economic situation of
the country like the per capita income is another element required in the
analysis. Political scenario of the country is another element that is required
in the analysis of the growth of firms in international area. Like in case of
China it being a communist country may be problematic for the expansions of the
firms(Stringer, 2013).Concisely,
if a firm is satisfying the needs of local ethnic group of customers
successfully it would spread the word for the firm on national as well as
international level.
As per Yin,
gaining the competitive advantage is important. The firms need to
analyze the market with their own survey and decide the products that they can
sell in the proposed area. The challenge in the international market is to
bring the exclusive products that people are interested in buying. The range
must be as per the perceived quality of the people. Promotion and the right
technique of spreading the rand image are important to deal with the particular
situation(Gray, 2013).

Important strategies of Woolworths

The most important strategies of the company deal with
customer satisfaction in the international ground. This is one of the major
companies in Australia in the retail industry. The effective strategy of the
company includes the production at the right time with right efficiency(Wilson, 2014). Over the years, Woolworths
have been successful in dealing with the customers at international level. The
major strategies include-
To make the company pivotal in the operating regions
To attain the expected growth in revenue
To foster the growth and quality of products in
the domestic as well as international market
To create the successful opportunity for the
future of the company
The strategy of Woolworths in maintaining the CSR includes understanding
the regulatory needs. This enhances the reputation management of the company
with the implementation of philanthropic engagement. Retention of global talent
is important. The store innovation is one of the major strategies that is taken
up by the companies in order to generate customers as per the new requirement.
Apart from this technology play a pivotal role in the channeling of the process
of the research(Jeston&Nelis,
. This helps in deriving the major base of the innovation of the
product and meeting the expectations of the customers. The growth plan of the
company in the recent days includes the following:-
Extension of the leadership in the area of
liquor and food
Maximizing the value of the shareholder
Building the required track record to grow the
Analyzing the areas for new growth opportunities

3. Research questions

Are there any strategiesimplemented to attractChinese,
Pakistani and Indian Customers to Woolworths-Preston?
What product ranges do those most frequently
visiting ethnic groups prefer?
Does Woolworths-Preston provide the right level
of services in its product range to the above mentioned 3 major ethnic groups
of customers?

4. Research methodology

The method of data collection in this research would be
semi-structural. It will include both quantitative and qualitative
characteristics. In the present study out of positivism and realism, the
researcher chose positivism. This would help in the analysis and finding out
the interpretation with graphical representation. This helps the researcher to
do an in depth analysis with the help of the data collected for the research(Coghlan&Brannick, 2014). Positivism
deals with the scientific way of analyzing the research and the outcomes of the
research. This philosophy or the research is appropriate for analyzing the data
collected with statistical conclusion. In the present research, primary method
of data collection would be carried out to know about the specific topic.
Out of inductive and deductive methods of research,the
researcher takes deductive method in the current research(Collis & Hussey, 2013). Deductive
method helps in deducing the analysis and the findings based on the current
research carried out by the researcher. This would help in throwing light on
the deduction based on the data collected by the researcher. This makes the
study strong and as per the particular requirement of the current topic(Zsambok, & Klein, 2014). Deductive
research approach is specific to the study and is important to derive
conclusion with specific interest and reference.
The research design selected in the current research would
be to descriptive research. This approach helps in analyzing both the positive
and the negative aspect of the study. The researcher in the present case is
trying to acquire the right idea with the help of the collection of data(Eich, 2014).

6. Research process

The researcher would carry out the researchby visiting the
Woolworths Preston store site with the survey questionnaire. The survey would
be conducted on individual customers of the store. The researcher would move
towards the collection of data(Jeston&Nelis, 2014).These qualitative answers
would be suitable to analyze the strategies of the organization that might not beknown
by the staffs or the employees(Coghlan&Brannick, 2014). After the collection of data,
the researcher would tabulate the data to ring out the statistics of the survey
and the perception of the manger. This would finally help in the analysis and
the findings of the research. Based on the findings the researcher may recommend
the situation that the organization is facing and the strategies that are apt
for the organization.

7. Data collection and analysis method

The collection of the data is with the consent of the
organization and with the consent of the respective customers. This is to
maintain the ethics of the research and to get the formal consent to carry on
with the research successfully(Stringer, 2013). The method of data collection will
be semi-structural. It will include both quantitative and qualitative


The sample size would ideally be in the range of 100-150
customers. The sampling method that will be used in this research is Stratified
Sampling. The reason for particularly using this method of research is that
smaller sub-groups are to be investigated within a whole set of population, we
want to achieve greater significance with a smaller sample and want to reduce
the standard error.
The analysis of the data would be through the SPSS which is
a software that will help us in the interpretation of the collected data and
the statistical representation. This would help in generating the views of the customers
of Woolworths(specifically at Preston store).

8. Expected outcome of research

The expected outcome of the research might include the fact
that the strategies of Woolworths at the Preston store areineffective in achieving
the targeted customer satisfaction. It might also help in generating ideas
about the quality of the products(Zsambok, & Klein, 2014). Through the interaction with
the customers,we can assess the mindset of the customers. This can help in the
selling and the expansion prospects of the company as well as shedding light on
the potential customers they could obtain with this research.The primary mentor
of the research is the supervisor of the researcher. The encouragement and the
support of the supervisor will help in conducting the particular research

9. Supervisor

Supervisor : Mona Chung


1.      What
is your usual country of origin?

2.      Which
product range would you want to see at Woolworths?


3.      Which
product range do you purchase from elsewhere?

4.      How
satisfied are you with the quality of products offered by

Extremely                                                                                                           Extremely     Dissatisfied                                                                                                  Satisfied


This checklist is designed to alert you to your ethical obligations
when you conduct research involving human subjects. These questions must be
answered when a research project is proposed and before a research project is
implemented. Attach the completed checklist to your final research proposal in
week 12.
Student Name             : 
Syed MeesumRaza Rizvi
Student ID                  : vss3364
Topic of Research       : Importance of Strategies of companies
in emerging international markets
                                                - A case study of Woolworths

Please circle your answers:

1)  Will the human subjects be
informed of the nature of their involvement in the collection

     of data and of features of the
research that reasonably might be expected to influence

     willingness to answer?
Yes  No
2)  Will the human subjects be
told that they can discontinue their participation at any time?
Yes No
3)  Will the human subjects in
your study be aware that they are the targets of research?
Yes No
4) If the subjects are underage, will their guardians be asked to sign
the consent form?
Yes  No
5) Is the confidentiality of the human subject’s identity positively
ensured? Yes  No

6) In cases where there is a possibility that the human subject's
identity can be deduced by      someone
other than the researcher, is the subject's right to withdraw his/her data respected?
Yes No

7) Will the researcher fulfil all the promises made to the human
subjects including providing

       the summary of the findings upon
Yes No
8) Will all necessary measures be taken to protect the physical safety
of  the human subjects from dangers such
as faulty electric equipment, poor grounding, lack of oxygen, falls, traffic
& industrial accidents, possibility of hearing or vision loss etc.?
Yes No
9) Will the human subject be debriefed (told the true nature of the
study) after

       the data has been collected? Yes

10) In cases in which the human subject is dissatisfied or a complaint
about the researcher or

      procedure, will the researcher
explain to the human subject that he or she may express

      this complaint to the Subject
Coordinator?  Yes No

11)  Does the study involve
concealment from and/or deception of the human subject?
Yes  No

12) Will deception be used in order to obtain agreement to
participate?Yes  No

13) Will the study involve human subjects who are legally or otherwise
not in a position to

     give their valid consent to
participate such as children, prison inmates, mental patients?
Yes  No
14) Will information on your human subjects be obtained from third
parties? Yes  No

15) Will any coercion be exerted upon subjects to participate? Yes  No

16) Will the study involve physical stress to the human subjects such as

       result from heat, noise, electric
shock, pain, sleep loss, deprivation of

       food and drink, drugs, alcohol?
Yes  No

17) Will the study cause any mental discomfort to the human subjects
such as fear,

       anxiety, loss of self-esteem,
shame, guilt, embarrassment etc.? Yes No

18) Could publication of the research results possibly interfere with
strict confidentiality?
Yes  No
19) Could publication of the research results possibly harm the human
subject -

 either directly or through
identification with his/her membership group?
 Yes No

20) Are there other aspects of the study that may interfere with the protection
of the

      well-being of the human subjects?
 Yes No

If you have selected NO for any of the questions 1 to 10
and/or you have selected YES for any of the questions 11 o 20, please provide
comments to clarify your choice (use additional pages if necessary).

Signature of Student Researcher:_______________________
_______________________________________      Date:

Signature of Subject Coordinator


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