How to write HND assignment for getting distinction grade?

How to write HND assignment for getting distinction grade?

HND overview
Writing Assignments in HND course is an essential element and forms the major assessment area for any HND course. Before we start discussing how to write HND assignments, it is important to understand the various HND disciplines which are mostly pursued by students and the way assignments are given in these courses. HND or Higher national diploma is completely work related coursework offered by many universities around the work such as UK, Dubai, Austrlia, Mauritius and other countries wherein UK is the hub for HND students. In general, HND is offered for 2 years full time but this can be accomplished for 3 or 4 year as a part time course.

The major HND discipline pursued by the students include below mentioned courses
1. HND in Business management
2. HND in Hospitality management
3. HND in travel and tourism management
4. HND in sports management
5. HND in health and social care
and many others.........................................

How to write HND assignments to get distinction grade

Obtaining good grades is important for HND students so that they can excel in their career and can get a good work placement in their career. There are few dos and don't for HND assignment writing so that students can get distinction or merit grade in their assignments:

Do's of HND assignment writing

1. The course guideline or assignment brief should be read multiple times so that we can get the clear instructions on the HND assignments

2. The presentation and class notes should be properly scrutinized before writing the assignment

3. The case study or scenario given in the assignment should be properly analyzed so that we do not end up writing general information in the work

4. The content should be 100% original or unique so that the assignment does not get caught into the plagiarism issue

5. There would be generally four learning areas which needs to be addressed and under each learning area there would be certain sub tasks which should be properly worked out

6. Referencing is an important part of any HND Assignment and this should be properly addressed 

7. Introduction and conclusion should be written in long form so that the organization and scenario can be introduced properly in the work

8. Every learning objective should be directly linked to the given scenario

9. Assignment should contain proper presentation and formatting as given in the assignment brief

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1. Don't copy past from the friend's work or try to repharase from the other's work

2. Never write general information available on internet

3. Don't submit without obtaining the feedback from teacher

All the best for your HND assignment and we will wait for your revert in case of any help required from us