1.      Understand thefunctions of Computer Systems
2.      Be ableto design ComputerSystems
3.      Be ableto build and configureComputer Systems
4.      Be ableto undertake routinemaintenanceonComputer Systems


Criteria Reference
Evidence on Criteria references
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Understand the functions of Computer Systems

L 1.1
Explain  the role of Computer Systems in different environments
T 1.1

L 1.2
Explain the Hardware, Software and Peripheral components of a Computer System
T 1.2

L 1.3
Compare different types of Computer Systems
T 1.3

Be able to design a Computer System

L 2.1
ProduceaSystem designspecification to meetclient’s needs
T 2.1

L 2.2
Evaluatethe suitabilityof aSystem design specification

T 2.2

Be able to build and configure Computer Systems

L 3.1
Build and configureaComputer System to meetdesign specification

T 3.1

L 3.2
Test and document aComputer System
T 3.2

Be able to build and configure Computer Systems

L 4.1
Perform routinemaintenancetasks onaComputerSystem
T 4.1

L 4.2
Upgradethe hardware and softwareonaComputer System.
T 4.2

Identifyandapply Strategiesto findappropriate solutions
Effective judgments  have   been  made by practicaltroubleshootingimplementationplan.Using own words.

T1.1, T1.2

Select/Designappropriatemethods   /techniques.
ArangeofsourceofInformation has beenused Harvard referencingmust be used when preparing the documentation.

All theory tasks

Presentandcommunicateappropriatefindings.The appropriatestructureandapproach has beenused
A well-structureddocumentation with no data duplicationin it. Document should not be overlapped.

All practical tasks


UseCritical reflective approach toevaluateownworkand justify validconclusions.
Realisticimprovementshavebeen proposed
AccurateInformationonconfiguringhardware,softwarenetworkdevices, connectionlinks and monitoring.

T4.2, T4.3


Take responsibilityfor   managing  and organizing activities.
Activities has beenmanaged
Accurate evidenceto provetheself-managedactivitylist.ex: Gant Chart,Good information’s on field research.

All practical tasks


Innovation andcreativethought havebeenapplied Implementationofinnovative troubleshootingwith the
useof own wordexplaining.Explainedevidences.

All tasks

Learner declaration

Self-Healing Computers forDamaged Spaceships

Computer is one of awell-knownmultipurposedevice,itseemslikeintegratedtoeachandevery day today human activity today.There are somany differentusesofIT, also, so many differentendusershavebeencreatedwith theseintegrationsaswell.Ontheotherhandtheremany difficultiesandissuesoccurredbecauseof computer hardware, software,configuration andverylow end user knowledgeproblems.

Whathappenswhenaroboticspaceprobebreaksdownmillionsofmilesaway fromthenearestspacecraft engineer? If there is a software bug, engineers can sometimes correct the problem by  uploading new commands,butwhatifthecomputerhardwarefails?Ifthehardwareiscontrolling something criticallikethe thrusters or communications system, thereisn’t a lot mission control can do; themission maybelost.

Sowhat’stheanswer?Buildacomputerthatcan fixitself.Itmightsound liketheTerminator2storyline,but researchersattheUniversityofArizonaareinvestigating thispossibility. NASAisfunding theworkandthe Jet PropulsionLaboratoryis takingthem seriously.

AliAkoglu(assistantprofessorincomputerengineering)and histeamaredeveloping ahybrid hardware/softwaresystemthatmay beusedbycomputerstohealthemselves.TheresearchersareusingField Programmable GateArrays(FPGAs) to createself-healingprocessesat thechip-level.

FPGAsusea combinationof hardware andsoftware.Becausesomehardwarefunctions arecarriedoutatchip- level,thesoftware actsasFPGAfirmware.Firmware isacommoncomputertermwhere specificsoftware commandsareembeddedinahardwaredevice.Althoughthemicroprocessorprocessesfirmwareasitwould any normalpieceofsoftware,thisparticularcommandisspecifictothatprocessor.Inthisrespect,firmware mimics hardwareprocesses.
(NASA Inc., July 2015)


1.1             Explainwhat is aComputerwitha detailed explanation on how it IntegratetoSociallifeofhumans with the help of relevant facts and figures from published materials.

This task provides evidence forL01.1.1

1.2       Investigate and provide asummaryforevolution of computers by the aid of published literature.   i.e.: Use Harvard referencing. Do not directlycopyfrom online contents which will treated as plagiarism.
This task provides evidence for L01.1.2

1.3       ExplaintheuseofBIOSin regards to a ComputerSystem.ProvidecommonkeysusetoaccessBIOSwith manufacturing of Computer Systems.Addcommonstepsnumerically tosetfirstbootdevice,checktheCPUheatandBIOS password.

Thistask provides evidence for L01.1.3

1.4.      Explainpowersupply formfactorscompatibleforhomeandofficeworkstations.Providetechnical method ofcalculatingvoltage foracomputerwithanyI7CPUandM/B,6GbVGA,4TbHDD,16Gb RAM, Blue-raydriveand 21 inch USB powered LED monitorusingown example.
This task provides evidence for L01.1.4


2.1       Prepare two short reports on thedevelopmentofIntelandAMD CPUswithtechnicaldetails.
Investigateand provideclear evidence for removing and connecting a corei7 CPU with heat sink to the motherboard. Present evidence as needed usingyourownwords, which increase your credibility.
This task provides evidence forL02.2.1

2.2       Explain the technologicaldevelopmentsofRAMs indesktops properly.Researchand provide professional steps of removingandconnectinga ram stick to the motherboard.
This task provides evidence forL02.2.2

2.3                 Explain desktop motherboard form factors.drawasuitableprocessdiagramwhichcoversthealldevices andcommonInputs/Outputsandtheirconnectivityofacompanyworkstation.namedevicesBUSlines,BUSwidth,speeds,dataflowdirectionsandrelevant technical informationproperly.
This task provides evidence forL02.2.3

2.4     Explain technical details ofIDE, SATA, SCSI, USB,SATA andfirewireconnections. Provide brief explanationabout theBlue-raydrives, magneticand solid state hard driveswith comparison.              .
This task provides evidence forL02.2.4


3.1       Investigate aboutdifferentComputertypesby the following factors such as usability,  Mentiontheirspecificpurposes aswell.Briefly explain themainconsiderationsforselectingaComputerforhomeandofficeuse.
This task provides evidence forL03.3.1

3.2       Explain allother externalcommon Inputs andOutputs connected to System Unit brieflyusingreal world  examples for each of them. Considera common officeworkstation.

This task provides evidence forL03.3.2

3.3     Give threereal workstation examples from anythreeInternationallypopular computer manufacturers for use in agraphic design department for the  selected organization.Compareyour selection in relation to their performance, durabilityand cost effectiveness.
This task provides evidence forL03.3.3

3.4Selectanyorganization thatyoucaneasilyaccesswhichhavingmorethan20computers.
   Create detailed technical  inventory includingcomputerconfigurations,currentcostandtheirlevel of  contribution for the dailyprocess. Provide recommendations forimprovements and futureupgraderequirements.

This task provides evidence for L03.3.4


4.1   Compareandcontrast CPU,RAM,HDD,andMotherboarddifferencesoflaptopanddesktop.

This task provides evidence forL04.4.1

4.2   Create aoneyear complete computer maintenanceplanfor abovetask3.4 businesswhich will use by
IT services internally.
This task provides evidence for L04.4.2

4.3   Produce  a short report on Registrybackup steps, Event Viewer, Scan Disk and System configuration using Windows 10 edition.
This task provides evidence for L04.4.3

All assignments should besubmitted in the correct portfolio format bythe published deadline and MUST be free of Grammar and Spelling mistakes.
Yourportfolio should haveaTitlePage anda Contents Pagewith suitable subsections and there PageNumbers.
Use appropriate research techniques to locate and select relevant Informationand make sure those Information are paraphrase rather than direct copy from published material. Observation sheetsMUST be signed by the assessor  and accompanied  with the Submission Version.

Sources of Information

  1. Technet Web Site (http://www.technet.com)

  1. IBM official web Site (http://www.ibm.com)

3.         How stuff works  (http://www.howstuffwork.com)

This brief has been verified as beingfitforthe purpose
Assessor Signature Internal



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