CUC100 Assessment 4: Essay

CUC100 Assessment 4: Essay


For your final assignment, you need to write a 1500-2000 word essay in response to the question below:

Employers assume that their graduate employees will have attained certain attributes that contribute to citizenship within the workplace. The  Charles Darwin University  graduate attributes identify social responsibility, communication, and teamwork as the skills that make up ‘workplace citizenship’.

Discuss whether social responsibility, communication, and teamwork are important skills in your current or future workplace. You should discuss why they are important or not and, as part of your evidence, give examples of how they are used.




1500 – 2000 words


Sunday, midnight, Week 12


·         You must support your arguments with in-text references from credible academic sources.

·         You must include at least 6 references from academic sources.

·         Reference your supporting research using consistent formatting with in-text citations and a completed reference list at the end of your essay.

·         Indicate in the comments section of your assignment submission page which standard system of referencing you are following (APA or Harvard). While we have used APA to guide you in this unit, you can use the system most commonly used in your area of study.


You need to submit your Final Essay with a completed cover sheet in the “Assessment

Submission” area of Learnline. You should submit your Final Essay before midnight on Sunday of week 12.

NOTE: If your essay does not sufficiently meet the assessment criteria (see the “Marking Criteria for Assessment 4” under “Assessment Tasks” in Learnline) – your tutor will ask you to resubmit a new version that satisfies the requirements. If you are asked to re-submit, the maximum grade you will be able to achieve is a Pass.

Things to consider for Assessment 4:

·         All of the work in CUC100 is intended to prepare you for your final essay. It will help to review what you have learned throughout the semester and build on the research and planning that you did for your other assignments.

·         Draw on your textbook (Rolls & Wignell, 2015). It is an excellent source of information and advice on writing an academic essay. Chapters 1-5, 8, and 10 are especially relevant.

·         Start your research early. You can use the three core readings as references but you will also need to do your own further research because you need at least 6 references.

·         Use credible sources for your research and references. This means textbooks from your field, academic and professional journals, and credible websites (i.e., not Wikipedia or random Google sites). Please refer to the CDU Library webpage for more information.

·         Reflect on the weekly library tasks and your Annotated Bibliography submission to consolidate your understanding of the correct referencing conventions.

·         Before submitting your essay, check the Pre-submission Checklist on the following page to make sure that it meets all of the requirements:

Assessment 4: Pre-submission Checklist

Text organisation


Does the introduction include:

·  an orientation to the topic?

·  a clear thesis statement?

·  an outline of the key ideas to be covered in the essay?

Are the ideas organised logically into paragraphs which are arranged in an

order that reflects the outline and the thesis?

Does the conclusion include:

·  the thesis statement, re-stated and qualified if necessary?

·  a summary that is clear, captures the key issues, and flows from the

body of the paper?



Response   to   the
Are the ideas relevant and do they provide a comprehensive response to the

essay question?

Is evidence of critical analysis of the issues reflected in:

Critical analysis
·  the presentation of different viewpoints related to the issues?

analysis of these?

Language Style
Is the essay written in a formal academic style?

Does the essay include persuasive language to reinforce the argument?

Sentence Fluency
the  sentence  structure  consistently  logical  and  clear  with

appropriately linked within sentences?

Word choice
Are specific and sophisticated words relating to the issues used?

Is the writing free of grammatical and spelling errors?

Quality of evidence


Are the ideas supported by a minimum of six different credible and relevant


Are in-text references and a reference list provided to support ideas and

consistently follow accepted referencing conventions?



Word processing
Is the essay presented with correct formatting, line-spacing with headers and

footers (with student name, unit code and assignment number?


Does the essay include a cover sheet?