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Study has showed that Autoglass customers are better-off than the competitors which they need moreover displayed that they are the best among the industry contrasted to the banking and alternative services. Autoglass is being triumphant within the hearts of their patronage through their services and put together won a sequence of awards for being the best windscreen replacement business amidst the industry.
Autoglass has wonderful compilation of services and their products. They are going for larger market part and increasing in an extremely steady 500 branches over the Europe. Autoglass centralized primarily on the customer’s acceptance and therefore the thanks to watch out of the services effectively. Their aim is to conceive the acceptance of the customers within the field of overhauling windscreen.
From the case and investigation on Autoglass it would be best inferred that Auto glass is in an extremely well-built place to confront the affray and face the new trials which might come in the future.

Table of Contents

Mission of the Autoglass Company
Autoglass company mission is to gratify customers. The Autoglass enterprise presents the foremost productive windscreen services (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). This operation of persuading the shoppers of Autoglass directs them to achieving the visions of their association (Armstrong, G., &Kotler, P. 2006).
Vision of the Autoglass Company
The Autoglass business teams its vision in ponder with the target to form the largest degree of individual’s service among the trade. They have now established a wide mesh to assist the customers and have a ninety two percent satisfactory rate amidst the purchasers (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). Autoglass is growing day by day and this subject will facilitate them to distinguish the strategic boundaries of the firm (Autoglass Company).
Core Competency
The core competency of the Autoglass is that they can rectify or replace any reasonably broken glass of any kind (Arazy, O, &Gellatly, I., 2012). Autoglass provides to the purchasers fleet services to repair or restore any moderately broken or impaired glass (Autoglass Company).
Strategic Intent:
The idea of strategic intent proposes that there's a general outlook on while the enterprise should to be going instead of a unquestionable affirmation of aide in Nursing foreseen conclusion and this suggests that there should to be galore of flexibility interior the affirmation to allow for employees start, cluster help and revision in light-weight of changed attenuating constituents (Hoffman, K. Douglas, Scott W. Kelley, and Holly M. Rotalsky.2009). The tactical goal of Autoglass is to ascertain itself because the market foremost wholeheartedly. They are doing all the undertakings to stay foremost.
Role of Strategy of Autoglass:
The foremost task in strategic management is often the collection and distribution of the illusion and therefore the procedure affirmation. This summarizes, in essence, the comprehending of a company (Hoffman, K. Douglas, Scott W. Kelley, and Holly M. Rotalsky.2009). Autoglass has assembled their purposes in topic conceiving in an exceedingly approach that the concepts sustain an unquestionable time span centralised the execution (Autoglass Company).
Objective and goals of Autoglass:
There are few problems that require to be considered in reference to coming up with methods (Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). Given the case we will analysis the competitive advantages of Autoglass.
Competitive advantage of Autoglass
Autoglass is currently a major service supplier of windscreen. They have already captured an enormous market section with their differing kinds of service. Autoglass is growing and it might be useful to research the competitive advantage they need. So as to try and do therefore, we will use the Ansoff’s Growth Matrix (Armstrong, G., &Kotler, P., 2006).
Ansoff’s Growth Matrix is a selling tool that offers four strategies. As we tend to have learned from the case that Autoglass has enlarged its marketplace share and it also has an ability to serve one million client having downside with windshield (Autoglass Company). So, supported the capabilities Autoglass will give customers with existing services moreover as introducing a replacement product. Within the matrix with four ways lie completely different risks.
The strategies are:
1.    Market penetration – During this phase Autoglass will increase its market segments by marketing a lot of their services and attract a lot of customers
2.    Product development – In this strategy Autoglass can bring new product or services to the existing market of windscreen to arrest more customers.
3.    Market development – This strategy refers to the attainment of recent client teams. Autoglass will increase their market segments to capture new customers.
4.    Diversification – This strategy is employed to avert the risks by introducing new product in new market to unfold the risks related to older one.
Autoglass Company has vast opportunities within the market. They can raise the expansion rate by satisfying more clients, and retain them. They need to set targets for 3 years to achieve additional customers and develop new product or services that are appropriate to the market and building demand (Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). Throughout the targeted amount the Autoglass Company ought to place its geographic area wherever they are going to produce a large market and that they ought to confirm the standards for choosing economical provider of quality products.


Definition of Top-Down and Bottom-Up
Informal Planning: Informal planning is that the procedures while the supervisor or foremost of an assembly evolves an inspiration with no one accepted structure and rigid associations (Grant M.R. 2010). Certain as blasting instant things managers use this way while it's conditionally significant to conceive any prescribed structure of close to up with or the time period for conceiving isn't plentiful. It’s significant to alignment short allowance objectives of the organization.
Top-Down: A top-down approach is essentially the tear down of a system to gain insight into its compositional sub-systems (Grant M. R., 2010). Autoglass is successful in using the approach in their product development.
Bottom-Up: A bottom-up approach is the piecing together of systems to give rise to more complex systems, thus making the original systems sub-systems of the emergent system (Grant M. R., 2010). Autoglass is successful in using this approach to provide the services to the customers.
Behavioral Approach for Autoglass: Autoglass should to approach centered the top-down procedure in alignment to capitalize their assets and to handle the affray interior the future. Autoglass could be a growing enterprise central the enterprise and therefore the service they're undertaking won't be decent for them to comprise on to the place centralised the market. They have to come to to up with some expansion for his or her merchandise and market in alignment that they could a wide-ranging marketplace for the purchasers.

For Autoglass Company, three strategic techniques are suggested below:

1.    BCG Growth Share Matrix
Autoglass will divide their product in such a fashion wherever they will grade their product and direct a synergy within the portfolio. This matrix views the organization 4 sorts of consequences that may be faced by a company (Gudonaviciene, R, &Rutelione, A., 2009). It conjointly helps an organization to understand when to speculate within the existing product, when to divest all earnings from the market section and when to target a brand new business venture.
Putting goods in a BCG growth share matrix Autoglass would face 4 types of problem in the market. And they are:
a.    Stars: High Growth and High Market Share
·         If managers will make the business profitable plus maintain a fast market share and it makes in the cash cow and the Company will harvest cash from a business.
·         It needs a huge quantity of money for which managers has to make decisions from which money will be made
·         Cash Cows: Low Growth but High Market Share
·         The product would attain small growth in the market but it will have the biggest market share from that the company will turn to revenues and make money




b.    Dogs: Low Growth and Low Market Share
·         The organization should be careful of getting any unnecessary costs.
·         The time when the product stops to generate any kind of revenue, the organization should stop thethe project to start another.
c.    Question Marks: High Growth but Low Market Share
·         It has  risk of making  Dog product. If the market share is decreased then it would incur loss to the organization.
·         It indicates  the products that are newly made in the market also will gradually earn acceptance.

2.    Strategic Position & Action Evaluation Matrix (SPACE)
Autoglass can even use the SPACE matrix to grasp the market necessities and operate so as to expand the operation. This matrix has 4 quadrants indicating the positions of  business concern and the way to react consequently (Ivanauskiene, N, &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). In thought to Autoglass’s position within the market they should use aggressive strategy. It can even be used as the base for SWOT analysis.
3.    Profit Impact of Market Strategy (PIMS)
It is a type of data which provides evidence to support policies and principles for fast and sustaining competitive advantage. Autoglass would probably sustain person’s service data in alignment to research their values and conceiving procedure in alignment that they will hold pathway of their accomplishment and implementation of the procedures.

SWOT Analysis

Figure: SWOT Analysis

·         Autoglass is providing a premium service at low cost.
·         The safety features in the product are high.
·         The replaced or repaired windscreen provides the high visual clarity
·         The glasses replaced or repaired by Autoglass is capable of reducing further damage.
·         Autoglass is reluctant in promoting the brand.
·         Lack of advertisement is present in the Autoglass Company

·         Autoglass has the opportunity to increase the growth rate in the industry as fewer firms are providing such services.
·         It is highly present in the emerging economy and has a huge opportunity to grab the market.
·         As Autoglass is repairing and replacing the windscreen, they can also develop new product such as side view mirrors or rear view mirrors.
·         Suppliers’ competition is very high in the industry. It is difficult to determine the quality supplier.
·         Geographic location is a common threat to any business if it is not situated in the proper market.
·         The government policies play a vital role in shaping the business market.
PESTLE analysis helps any organization to know the situation of the setting wherever the organization wishes to operate. It is not possible for any single organization to have an effect on the factors. It influences the strategic choices which will be taken by a corporation (Gudonaviciene, R, &Rutelione, A., 2009). PESTLE helps the organization to maximize opportunities and minimize threats.
PESTLE analysis
·         Political climate in different countries is different and the policies influence the business strategies.
·         Stability of governments. This may affect the future conditions in a country.
·         Taxation policies.
·         The buying capacity of people influences the purchases of the organization.
·         Level of economic activity that affects need for windscreen.
·         Lifestyle and preferences of people influences the industry.
·         Social norms that impact the decision to own and use automobiles versus other means of transport.
·         Technology relating the designs.
·         Technology of windscreen manufacture.
·         Technological developments that may increase or decrease repair or replace of windscreen.
·         Legal provisions relating to safety measures.
·         Law regarding consumer and employment is highly emphasized.
·         Environmental aspects such as weather, climate, and climate change can affect in the business.
Porter’s 5 forces analysis is a type of analysis which determines and helps management understand the overall context of  industry (Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G., 2006).
Porter’s 5 forces are:
1.    The threat of new entrants
·         Government Policy: Governments can limit entry to an industry through licensing requirements by restricting access to raw materials.
2.    The bargaining power of customers
·         Number of supplier Companies: The number of supplier companies controls the purchasing power of the customers.
3.    The threat of substitute products
·         Prices: Prices matter in the industry because buyers shift to the product which is offering high quality yet having low price.
4.    The amount of bargaining power suppliers have
·         Number of Buyer Companies: The number of companies who are purchasing raw materials for manufacturing windscreen from number of suppliers.
5.    The intensity of the competitive rivalry
·         Diversity of Rivals: The rivals with new and different ideas of competing will likely cross each other’s path and challenge other’s position.

The Stakeholders’ Grid:

Figure: Stakeholders’ Grid

1.    The top right part refers to the stake holders who influences the strategies and promote the products.
2.    The top left part refers to the stakeholder who influences strategies but they posses’ low interest in the organization.
3.    The bottom right part refers to the stakeholders who have high interest but low influence in the organization.
4.    The bottom left part refers to the stakeholders who have low influence and low interest in the organization.
The stakeholders are kept in 4 classes so that  stakeholder has their accurate privilage and obligations in address of the making the concepts for the association which will be directed for the betterment of the association. Autoglass have mapped the stakeholders interior the association in alignment that the stakeholders will gift their obligation in contemplate of the organization’s profit

Market Entry Strategy
Organic Growth: When an enterprise association accomplishes development over its own enterprise that is as equal because the beginning of the association, it's renowned as organic development. It omits any development that's profited by pacing into the other enterprise or amalgamation or acquisition.
Merger: Merger is that the procedure by two enterprises gets joined and turns into a entity through lawful consolidation. The start of Autoglass was through such amalgamation
Acquisition: This is the procedure where one accurate enterprise buys another whole enterprise and assemblies up itself because the proprietor. All through this procedure 100% or beside 100% ownership craves to be reaching by.
Strategic Alliance: This is the procedure while 2 or more businesses acquiesce upon kind of main objectives and share every other’s assets to fulfill those objectives. This approach is wholeheartedly an idea that resides between the idea of organic development and connecting or acquisition.
Licensing: It is the design through that a mother enterprise (licensor) permits another enterprise (licensee) to use its trademark and deal the merchandise or services on the groundwork of affirmations on many time spans. The time span adopts the authorizing ascribe that yearns to be paid to the licensor.
Franchising: It is the conceive, through that an enterprise profits from the correct for useing another company’s trademark, enterprise kind, methods while the franchisor provision the correct to the franchisee. For getting market share overseas, Autoglass may use this approach by circulation franchises in distinct locations.
Substantive Growth
Horizontal Integration: In degree integration an enterprise diversity or comes by yield facility of affiliated or complementary merchandise (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). rarely it's going to additionally happen that  company purchases one amidst its competitors and pattern integration. Autoglass would likely pattern such integration by connecting with alternate output that's affiliated with its house merchandise.
Vertical Integration: In integration a business connections with the enterprises or partners of the offer string of links and in some situations all the partners of the string of attachments comprise below one proprietor (Melody, Y. & Kevin, H., 2000). Autoglass would possibly provide work into integration by connecting with the suppliers and vendors.
Related Diversification: When an enterprise elaborates its enterprise with some diversification interior the house line of merchandise (Isen, Alice M., 2012). The new productions rectangle consider alike to the current merchandise.
Unrelated Diversification: It is the method once an enterprise new workers into diversification by inserting new merchandise and services that don’t accept as factual the house merchandise (Isen, Alice M., 2012). It will be unrelated diversification if Autoglass starts mercantilism house window crystal or attractiveness mirrors.
Limited Growth
Market Penetration: It means that penetrating the comparable market by giving comparable worth against the worth of the competitors. This approach is pledged to instantly strike the competitors by benefiting their customers. It’s normally utilized to entire sales development.
Market Development: It suggests that aiming at new person’s stages and appealing the non-buying buyers of the segment. It assists to continue the market share by supplementing new part of shoppers. It’s pledge for Autoglass to evolve the market by geographically increasing the enterprise and returning to the shoppers.
Product Development: It means that evolving new merchandise that do not live presently and so appealing customers to get an allotment of diversity of merchandise or services.
Innovation:  It suggests that searching out a solely new would like of the shoppers inside the market and innovating replacement merchandise or service to rendezvous that require.
Retrenchment: A topic utilized by companies to scale back the variety or the last size of the methods of the business. This scheme is usually utilized so as to slash prices with the aim of changing into an added economic steady enterprise.
Turn around: Turnaround may be a technique dedicated to enterprise renewal. It utilizes investigation and progressing to save caused anguish companies and returns them to financial condition. Turnaround administration enlists administration rethink, activity founded mostly cost accounting, source malfunction determinants enquiry, and SWOT investigation to work out why the enterprise is lowering short. So as to pattern a comeback inside the enterprise associations got to verify the base of the adversities and supported those adversities they have to pattern up new methods and standards to trounce those issues.
Liquidation: When a firm is closed or bankrupted, its assets rectangle measure noted and furthermore the improvement buys creditors. Any leftovers are circulated to shareholders. Liquidating a firm is that the last stage for the firm survival. If no alternate concepts befit the organizations then it should deal its assets then ante up the shareholders , stakeholders.
Divestment: The method of withdrawal of buying into. Furthermore mentioned to as divestiture, it's created for either economic or communal goals. Divestment is that the converse of buying into. It the tactic of dragging out the assets operational and agreements those to rendezvous the gap within the monetary affairs and so as to liquidate the association divestment is important for any association.
Porter’s Generic Strategy
Michael Porter delineates a scheming that contains 3 general methods that are employed by corporations to achieve the competitive advantage (Kotler, P. and Armstrong, G., 2006). The generic methods are:
1.    Overall Cost Leadership
2.    Differentiation
3.    Focal Point
Overall Cost Leadership
According to the case, the Autoglass Company uses the price leadership approach to enter the market and it's serving to grab a lot of customers than the competitors (Weygandt, J., 2009).
Only price leadership cannot facilitate a company to grow their business. The organizations got to place differentiations (Weygandt, J., 2009). The Autoglass Company differentiated their service by introducing 24/7 client advising operations and therefore the fleet service.
Focal Point
Autoglass is now the market leader and provides the best services to the customers having problem with their windshields in the United Kingdom. They are currently specializing in the client satisfaction and also the services they are providing (Weygandt, J., 2009).
In alignment to perplex the market part Autoglass enterprise needs new notions and new parts which can be cooperative for them to flourish the market. So contemplating future conceive they can enquire their market need and come to to up with some development of the new merchandise to diversify their services and arrest a new market segment.
Autoglass should follow the upright integration conceive to augment their enterprise. They can accelerate with coalition with automakers to arrest the new market segment. Autoglass is in a mighty place and they might be proficient to advance with the coalition with new associations. Because this conceive is befitting for the associations development and their centre capabilities acquiesce with the conceive. Coalition with affiliated associations will endow Autoglass to put more aim on the customer’s fondness and can evolve new merchandise class to fulfill the craves of the customers.
Only beginning new merchandise line and expanding the market will not solely help the Autoglass enterprise to perplex in the market. Autoglass should wholeheartedly reassess the response of the customers so that they might appreciate what the customers look for and to what degree of acceptance customer’s crave.
The Autoglass is at present have a 92% acceptance rate amidst the customers. But for expansion of the enterprise the acceptance rate might vary and Autoglass need to assemble a timescale for the new goals and elongation of the new services. Contemplating the position in the enterprise, Autoglass can supply a 5 quarters conceive that will be ample for Autoglass to argue up with the affray and maintain coalition with the automakers to perplex the enterprise. Autoglass can benchmark next 5 quarters to obey with notions they have taken and fulfill the firm promise to the customers.
Execution of the policy within the organization is incredibly vital and it carries a definite significance for the organization’s profit (Michael A., 1999). Within the implementation of the policies it indicates to the policies that area unit chosen and regarded to earn profit for the organization. Within the plan of action part the policies area unit revised and therefore the practicability of the policies is tested to envision if those policies area unit sensible or not (Ivanauskiene, N. &Auruskeviciene, V., 2009). If the policies fail to achieve important score then it is turned down and regarded as unproductive one. Autoglass is critical to use in depth filtering procedures of the policies to grab and retain the market share.
CEO of a company is to blame for turning the ideas into reality and makes a mark within the business (Schultz, H., 2006). To use economical and effective policies all the teams within the organization area unit united the least bit stages of the dogmas and plan of action call which ends up in a very well coherent arrange and therefore the diversification or modification of the ways area unit potential.
Autoglass administration should compute the trading and sales ways to double-check the best market share and sales. The sales cluster ought to be evolved throughout a means which will continue with the affray interior the market. creative advertisements in relevant localities would likely facilitate an allotment all through this consider. The centre competencies should to be clearly concentrated to attractiveness the shoppers.
In order to attain the targeted market share clear and reliable statements area unit necessary. Communal visualizations area unit needed in indentifying and checking the hypotheses, bases of the policies and propose actions (Michael A., 1999).
Managers have to be compelled to inspire and influence the workers to execute the policies that area unit undertaken with efficiency and effectively. Satisfying the target accomplishment can end in worker satisfaction and coherence in job surroundings.
In order to understand and evaluate the resources of Autoglass, the organization has to decide on for the precise materials and place them within the right departments to provide the services (Michael A., 1999). Autoglass additionally has fleet service stations which needs man power and they are also cautious regarding their workforce. Autoglass has prioritized its human resources as a result it has been the best service supplier of windscreens repairing and replacement and needs a large man power to fulfill the demand of the customers. Therefore Autoglass outlays large quantity in coaching and developing the talents of the workers to produce the most effective service within the trade.
In thought of materials and time allocation Autoglass is that the leading Company within the industry as a result they chose the most effective materials to confirm the sturdiness and safety of the customers and additionally maintaining time in delivering the service (Ivanauskiene, N, & Auruskeviciene, V., 2009).
In the given state of affairs the Autoglass Company is economical in their resource designing and evaluating the resources totally to give the best service.

Evaluation of the benchmark outcomes:
Quarter 1
The company would bring up with the strategies and find  the option of the strategy if the strategy would copy in the likely outcome. They can take the feedback of the clients and find out what else they are look for on the windscreen repairing service. There should be weekly and monthly monitor by the line manager of the division.
Quarter 2
During the time Autoglass should see the buyers feedback and put the desired plan to grow business. The line management should be accountable for collect the feedbacks also drama for it.
Quarter 3
This is a quarter for gathering info and takes study note on the implement strategies. The organization should discover out the hole flanked by the expected ending and actual result. The GAP may occur since of lack of skill or inefficiency on the workers and line manager.
Quarter 4
Management be supposed to organize a education program to fill in the gap. So, the employees can achieve the association objective in preferred manner.
Quarter 5
this quarter the group might attain the desired consequences based on the strategy creation and the completion method. If the organization fails to attain the objectives from side to side the strategies, then they contain to initiate events based on in order like training the workers or as long as support from them.  

Table: Evaluation of the outcomes


The merged company of Autoglass is now a trusted name for replacement to those who have got their windshields broken. For years the company has earned the satisfaction as well as trust of the customers because they were able to realize the need of a customer they always act according to it. Providing the best glasses along with the best service has been the core of their competence in the market which have all the other competitors far behind. The Autoglass Company could initiate required and effective strategies to keep ahead in the race. All these combined efforts have earned much profit along with considerable growth for them. As they are still not satisfied to satisfy their customers in better ways, surely they are going far ahead in business in the coming days.
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