Unit 7: Business Strategy

Unit 7: Business Strategy

Q 1.1
Define the terms and state the mission, vision, objectives, goals and core competencies of Toyota.

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Q 1.2
Describe the key issues encountered by Toyota in strategic planning.

Compare and contrast two different planning techniques which you could apply to Toyota.
BCG Matrix: Internal Analysis of Toyota Portfolio
Q 2.1
Conduct an organisational audit by carrying out a SWOT analysis on Toyota. 

Q 2.2
Evaluate Toyota’s business environment by doing a PESTEL analysis.
Define and explain the significance of stakeholder analysis. (Outcome 2.3)

Q 3.1
Define four strategic options available and explain how they may be implemented within Toyota.

Using your analysis from Q3.1 recommend an appropriate future strategy for Toyota

Q 4.1 
Focusing on your recommendation in Q3.2, compare the roles and responsibilities needed to implement the suggested future strategic plan.

Q 4.2
Identify and evaluate resource requirements you will need to implement a new strategy within Toyota.

From your responses in Q4.1 & Q4.2, create a Gantt chart that shows the activities required and timescales for the implementation of your recommended strategy. Discuss the activities and targets to monitor your strategy. 

Submission Guideline

·         Work should be referenced
·         Sources should be acknowledged fully by referenced books, journals used and URL visited
·         All work should be word processed, font size of 12 and font style of Times New Roman/Arial 
·         Subtitles of the assignment should be in the font size of 14
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·         All paragraphs should be aligned in justified mode
·         The guided word count is between 2500-4000 words