UNIT 14: Working with and Leading People

UNIT 14: Working with and Leading People

Task 1

The University of Warwick (TUW) has requirement of Assistant Professor for next coming year. The details can be got on site:
You are part of the recruitment team so recommend the recruitment procedure to be followed to guide the other members of the team and for documentation purpose. You need to select two resumes from the portal or website and analyse which of these is suitable candidate for the job with logical reasons. This example will illustrate the recruitment procedure details which cannot be all written down.   

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1.1  Write the Recruitment Procedure for the above case and document it, show the actual selection pathway followed

1.2. Assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical consideration to the recruitment and selection process for above case

1.3. Make a group and play out the various roles involved in the selection process

1.4. Evaluate your contribution in the above role - play selection process

Task 2
2.1. Explain the skills and attributes needed for leadership

2.2 Explain the difference between leadership and management.

2.3. Compare the leadership styles of Nelson and Thompson

2.4. How do you think the 10 people under Thompson be motivated

Task 3

3.1. Assess the benefits of team work for an organisation like the above Institute.

3.2. You have been selected as Team Leader to make presentation and get business from local companies like Manchester City Council and United Utilities etc. Make a proper plan on how you will do achieve this task and demonstrate the same using proper method.

3.4. Demonstrate how you can consolidate businesses from various government and private companies having lots of competition in the industry.

Task 4

You are the HR Manger of the Institute project and need to make report to the board members regarding the members of the vocational Institute

4.1. Explain the factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance for the above members

4.2. Make a plan to assess the development needs of individuals and how to implement it and how to implement it

4.3. How will you access the success of the assessment process with respect to the goals