UNIT 01: Business Environment

Division of Business
Course: HND  Level 5  Business
Year: 2013/14
Student Name:
UNIT 01: Business Environment
Lecturers Name: Mr P Justus
Date Issued: 15th of September 2014
Completion Date: 23rd of December 2014
           Fail               Pass             Merit             Distinction
Learning Outcomes:1 Understand the organisational purposes of businesses 2 Understand the nature of the national environment in which businesses operate 3 Understand the behaviour of organisations in their market environment 4 Be able to assess the significance of the global factors that shape national business activities.

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Identify at least four different types of organisations that exist in the U.K. 
Select two organisations those identified and describe them, for example, in terms of their legal structure;
Guidelines:  Your answer should include the following:
                    A description of an organisation;
                    Identification of four different types of organisations in the U.K. This could include defining their legal structure;
                    Selection of two organisations from those identified and describe them, for example, in terms of their legal structure;
                    Identification of the purpose of your selected organisations.

Select two different organisations of your choice and describe the extent to which these organisations meets the objectives of its stakeholders.
Guidelines:  Your answer should include the following:
·         Select two organisations of your choice.
·         Describe the meaning of a stakeholder;
·         Identify the different stakeholders of your chosen organisation and its likely objectives;
·         Describe how your chosen organisationsattempts to meet the objectives of its different stakeholders.
Explain the responsibilities of ONE of the organisations you selected in Q1.2.  In addition, explain the strategies employed to meet these responsibilities.
Guidelines:  Your answer should include the following:
•        Identification of the various responsibilities organisations have to its stakeholders;
•        Explanation of your chosen organisation’s responsibilities to its stakeholders;
•        Explanation of how your chosen organisation meets these responsibilities.

Using countries of your choice explain how economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively.
Your answer should include:
·         An explanation of what is meant by an economic system and identification of the three main economic systems;
·         An explanation of scarcity and resources in the context of economic systems;
·         Selection of a country or countries of your choice, explanation of two economic systems in that country/those countries and how these economic systems attempt to allocate resources.

Using the UK as an example, assess the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on at least two businesses and their activities.
In your answer, you should include the following:
You are required to make a presentation using power points slides including:
·         A brief background of the UK economy, in terms of size, GDP, GNP, growth etc.
·         An explanation of fiscal and monetary policy in the UK;
·         Choose at least two organisations to use as examples to support and reinforce your answer;
·         Identify and explain how the UK’s fiscal and monetary policies could impact on your chosen business organisations and their activities in the UK.
·         Note that this is a compulsory presentation if you FAILURE TO ATTEMPT THIS Presentation  WILL RESULT IN A referral  FOR THE WHOLE UNIT

Q 2.3
Evaluate the impact of competition policy and two other regulatory mechanisms on the activities of a selected organisation.
              Your answer should include the following:
·         A selection of an appropriate organisation;
·         An explanation of competition policy and how this could impact on your chosen organisation’s activities;
·         An evaluation of competition policy in terms of advantages and disadvantages, negative and positive impact on your chosen organisation;
·         Identification and explanation of two other regulatory mechanisms within the UK and an evaluation of these in the context of your chosen organisation. Evaluate the positive and any negative impact on your chosen organisation.

Explain how market structures determine the pricing and output decisions of businesses in the UK
Your answer should include the following:
·         A selection of  two businesses operating in two different industries the UK;
·         Explanation of market structures; this should include examples of at least two types of market structure;
·         Explanation of how market structures could determine the pricing and output decisions of your chosen businesses.

Q 3.2
Illustrate how market forces shape organisational responses using at least twoorganisations as examples and at least 5 market forces.
Your answer should include the following:
  • A selection of twoorganisations which you may have used previously in this paper;
  • A description of market forces with at least 5 market forces identified in the UK. One example of a market force is demand.
·         An illustration of the way in which your identified market forces impact on your chosen organisations and how the organisations attempt to respond to these market forces. At least 5 examples should be used for this question.

You have been appointed as a Virgin Atlantic business executive in the UK. Write a report to the Directors, explaining how the business and cultural environment in the UK can shape the behaviour of this organisation.
Your answer should include the following:
                    A background of Virgin Atlantic
                    A description of culture and an appreciation of its impact on the business ;
                    A description of business environment(political, legal, economic et) and its impact on the business;
                    An assessment of how Virgin Atlantic could adapt its business activities in response to cultural factors.

You are a young entrepreneur willing to expand your business abroad. Discussion on the significance of international trade to UK business organisations.
Prepare this presentation using a format of your choice (if you use power point slides, take a screen shot of them and paste into your answer)

Your answer should include the following:
·         Description of the meaning of international trade;
·         Discussion of the significance of international trade to a selected business organisation operating in the UK.
Your discussion should include the positive as well as negative impact on local businesses.

Q 4.2
Recently the globalisation debate is getting very tense. Analyse the impact of global factors on UK business organisations
Your answer should include the following:
                    A description or definition of globalisation;
                    Identification of two drivers to globalisation;
                    An analysis of at least two global factors which affect or could affect UK businesses.
                    The globalisation debate; the advantage and disadvantage support your answers with constructive argument

Q 4.3
For an organisation or organisations of your choice, evaluate at least two European Union policies and explain the impact of these polices on your chosen organisation(s).
Your answer should include the following;
                    A selection of an organisation or organisations;
                    A brief description of the purpose of the European Union;
                    An identification and description of at least two European Union policies;
                    An evaluation of how these policies impact upon your chosen organisation(s).  This evaluation can cover positive as well as negative impacts to your chosen organisation(s).

Grading criteria:
To obtain a Pass in this assignment you must satisfactorily complete all the 14 tasks as described below.

For Merit and Distinction grading, student must meet all the criteria that show all the evident indicated in this grading sheet.

Merit descriptors

Evidence required
Distinction descriptors
Evidence required


·         Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions
Write an evaluation of the strategies employed to meet the responsibilities of the organisation you chose in Q1.3.  In your evaluation, assess the advantages and disadvantages of these strategies.

·         Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions
Use critical reflection to evaluate your answer to Q1.3 and M1.
In your reflection, critically evaluate your chosen organisation’s responsibilities. Are the responsibilities achievable?
Critically evaluate the strategies the chosen organisation is using; are they appropriate and sustainable? What challenges is it likely to encounter in its attempt to fulfil and mitigate these responsibilities?


·         Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques
The economy of any country is impacted by a myriad of factors. Conduct some research into the factors that impact on the UK economy.  Based on this research, assess the various factors that could impact on the nature of the UK economy. 
Identify the various sources of data which you have consulted to provide you with a better understanding of the UK economy. (2.2)

·         Take responsibility for managing and organising activities
Based on your answer for Q2.2, write a memo to the managing director of one of the businesses selected in your Q2.2 answer. Critically evaluating at least two economic indicators. In addition, critically evaluate the relationship between fiscal policies and monetary policies and assess the issues business organisations might experience as a consequence.  Recommend how this might be overcome.


·         Present and communicate appropriate findings
The report written to the directors should use a professional approach, with clear headings and a coherent and logical approach (3.3)

·         Demonstrate convergent, lateral and creative thinking
Critically evaluate the UK’s changing cultural composition assessing the implications for UK businesses and the overall business environment.
Your evaluation should identify and assess the positive and negative impacts the changing cultural composition has. What are your projections for the UK as a result of these cultural changes?

Sawyer M, (ed) – The UK Economy:A Manual of Applied Economics, 16th
edition (OUP Oxford; 2004) ISBN: 9780199266517
Begg D –Foundations of Economics, 4th edition (McGraw-Hill Higher Education,
2009) ISBN: 9780077121884
Morrison J –International Business Environment: Global and Local Marketplaces
in a Changing World(Palgrave Macmillan, 2006) ISBN: 9781403936912
A & C Black Publishers Ltd– Whitaker's Almanack 2010, 142nd
Revised edition (A & C Black Publishers Ltd, 2009) ISBN: 9781408113646

Harvard Business Review (Harvard Business Publishing)
The Economist (The Economist Newspaper Ltd) 

Submission Guideline

·         Work should be referenced
·         Sources should be acknowledged fully by referenced books, journals used and URL visited
·         All work should be word processed, font size of 12 and font style of Times New Roman/Arial 
·         Subtitles of the assignment should be in the font size of 14
·         Pages should be numbered in the bottom right hand corner
·         Spell check the document and read thoroughly for grammatical errors
·         1.5 Line spacing
·         Reference at the end of the assignment
·         All paragraphs should be aligned in justified mode
·         The guided word limit is between 2500-4000 words

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